Teams already eliminated from the Continental Cup

Due to the bizzare qualification mode with 4 teams out of 18 qualifying for the competition’s semi-finals, here is a quick recap of all the teams already out of the competition.

Teams will probably need 10 points out of 15 minimum to qualify as best runner-up as seen in the WSL Development League Cup, so all teams that cannot reach that points total are likely to be out of the competition.

Group 1

Millwall Lionesses 2 pts max 8
Watford Ladies 3 pts max 9

Group 2

Durham Women 0 pt max 9

Group 3

Aston Villa Ladies 0 pt max 6
Oxford United 0 pt max 6


FA WSL Continental Cup Matchday 4 & 5 preview

In a bizzare twist, the League takes another break until the 16th of July and we are now looking at the final games for the Continental Cup group stage. Top team from each group qualifies and the best runner-up as well.

Group 1

Arsenal v Chelsea 06/07

London Bees v Reading 06/07

Watford v Millwall 06/07


Arsenal v Bees 10/07


Reading v Watford 12/07

Chelsea v Bees 13/07

Millwall v Arsenal 13/07


Group 2

Durham v Liverpool 06/07

Everton v Doncaster 06/07

City v Sunderland 06/07


Liverpool v Doncaster 12/07

Durham v City 13/07

Sunderland v Everton 13/07


Group 3

Birmingham v Oxford 02/07


Bristol v Villa 05/07

Birmingham v Notts 06/07

Oxford v Yeovil  06/07


Yeovil v Notts 12/07

Villa v Oxford 13/07

Birmingham v Bristol 13/07

Watford Ladies, Millwall Lionesses, Durham Women, Oxford United  and Aston Villa are already eliminated from the competition.

Group tables are here :




FA WSL 1 Maych Day 5 statistics and table

Liverpool – Arsenal 0-1

Goal : Stoney

Assist Carter


Birmingham – Man City 2-0

Goal : Linnett, Harrop

Assists : Potter, Weston

Yellow card Linnett

Red card

Everton – Chelsea 1-2

Goal : Parris, Aluko, Borges

Assists Blundell George

Yellow card Blundell, Spence


1 Birmingham 11 pts +5

2 Chelsea 8 pts +2


3 Bristol (-1) 7 pts +2

4 Notts County (-1) 6 pts +2

5 Liverpool 6 pts 0

6 Man City 6 pts -2

7 Arsenal 4 pts -4


8 Everton 2 pts -5


1st League win for Arsenal

1st League defeat for Liverpool

Arsenal out of the relegation zone

Chelsea in the champions league place


FA WSL 2 match day 6 stats and table

Sunderland – Yeovil 2-0

Goals : Holmes Ramshaw

Red card : Brazell

Reading – Villa 3-1

Goals : Bruton x 2, Cox, Robinson

Red card : Moran

Durham – Oxford 1-2

Goals : Scott , Hines, Connor- Iommi

Millwall – Doncaster 0-0

London Bees – Watford 4-5

Goals Mallett x2, Nuttall x2, Beckett, Hector, Natkiel X3

1 Sunderland 18 pts +11

2 Doncaster 16 pts + 11

3 Reading 10 pts +5

4 Millwall 9 pts +3

5 Watford  8 pts -2

6 Yeovil 7 pts -2

7 Villa 5 pts -5

8 Bees 4pts -3

9 Oxford 4 pts -8

10 Durham 3 pts – 10

Sunderland top of the table for the 1st time this season

1st win for Oxford no longer bottom of the table

1st points dropped by the Belles

Reading 3 Villa 1

It was a bizzare game yesterday evening. The pitch was not in good shape, not helping to play fluent attacking football. The teams were a bit rusty after the break, that was more or less expected to be fair. The match was full of fouling, kicking, probably with the highest number of fouls I have seen in a long time. The funniest thing is the referee did not whistle everything otherwise the count would have been even worse.

Both side tried really hard to create something but did not manage to in the 1st half, so the game was really flat. A couple of bookings due to the previously mentionned problems and a red card to entertain us. One Villa player was booked on an attacking free kick probably for hitting or pushing a Reading defender and 3 minutes, she just kicked a player running past her to stop her. Second booking early shower and Villa to play 50 minutes with 10 v 11.

Villa played very well with 10 girls and should probably have gone home with a point. They frustrated Reading for a long time but got let down by the lack of discipline by giving away silly free kicks and penalty. The game had 0-0 written all over it with Reading unable to get behind or around the Villa defense and also in danger with counter attacks. Then with around 10 minutes to go, Bruton was found unmarked on the left wing and managed to lob the goalkeeper 1-0.
Most of the spectators thought that would be it, but Villa did not agree and equalised very quickly with a screamer from 20 yards that went top corner. We then entered injury and 1-1 was a fair result.

Unfortunately for Villa they gave away a couple of free kicks on the edge of the penalty area. The first one of the left went nowhere, but the second one on the right near the edge penalty area was perflectly set -up for a let footed player and Shelley Cox duly delivered and placed it top corner at the far post. 2-1, this was wll into injury time and then the referee gave even more time and Reading got a penalty for a foul inside the penalty area. Lauren Bruton dispatched it for a double and it ended 3-1.

Reading definitely missed Fran Kirby and found it difficult to create chances without her. They had to win to keep chasing Sunderland who won earlier in the day and are therefore 7 points behind the leaders.

FA WSL 2 Matchday 6 preview

FA WSL 2 restart with a full program unlike in FA WSL  1

2 games played on Saturday:  Sunderland v Yeovil and Reading v Aston Villa and 3 games played on Sunday :  Durham v Oxford, London Bees v Watford, Millwall v Doncaster.

At the top of the table. Sunderland and Doncaster will try to keep their 100% record intact and their promotion hope on the right track. The chasing pack of Millwall, Yeovil and Reading will certainly hope for one or both leaders to slip up this week-end and the gap is currently 7 and 8 points already.

At the bottom of the table, Oxford are the only winless team so far and it will be an intrigguing contest for them against 2nd from bottom Durham who registeed their first win away at London Bees just before the break.

FA WSL 1 matchday 5 preview

The FA WSL is back and with the table being tight at the top and at the bottom of the League, all 6 teams will be looking to gain 3 valuable points.

Bottom of the table Arsenal under temporary manager John Bayer will be searching for their 1st win to kickstart their League season. Liverpool could be top of the table with a win as they are trailing Birmingham by 2 poimts and are kicking off first at 1215 live on BT Sport.

Then at 2pm Birmingham will host Manchester City and the unbeaten leaders will surely try to extend their lead and increase the gap against a side that showed a lot of improvement towards the end of the 1st half of the season.

At 3.15pm 2nd from bottom and FA Cup runner-up Everton will try to get their first win against a Chelsea side that need to close the current 3 points gap on League Leaders Birmingham. This game is also shown live on BT Sport

With Notts County v Bristol postponed, we won’t have a clear picture on the title race as usual I should say. It seems that having all 8 teams having played the same number of games is an impossible feat to achieve in the FA WSL.

This week-end will give us a small indication on who will fight for the champions league places and who will try to avoid relegation but the road is long. What we know for sure is the League is very different from the 3 previous seasons where 1 or 2 teams got away early from the main pack and never got caught up. There are many draws this season and wins are even more valuables and decisive between big teams.