Goal controversy at Birmingham v Liverpool

BT Sport – Madness! Two long-distance lobs scored in 30 seconds. Beautiful goal by Fara Williams, but not valid. let’s have a look at the Laws of the Game : Law 8 Definition of kick-off A kick-off is a way of starting or restarting play: • at the start of the match • after a […]

Birmingham City v Arsenal Ladies FA Cup Round 6

I think the best way to describe yesterday’s game is an encounter between a tired team and a team still learning to play together. We saw a bit of wrestling and a bit of judo in the middle of this football game. All this mixed with an inadequate referee who lost control  and you have […]

FA WSL 1 prediction team by team : Birmingham City Ladies

Prediction 3rd to 5th Birmingham City Ladies had a quiet transfer window compared to most teams. 5 players left and 5 arrived, 2 of them coming from the CoE and Development teams. That squad  stability has contributed to the qualification for the UEFA WCL semi-finals. Bassett, Williams and Unitt did not have much playing time […]