The FA Women’s Cup Round 5 draw

A few tasty ties between FA WSL 1 side in the Round 5 draw as the “elite” division teams enter the competition. Ties to be played on the 20th of March.


The full draw :



Birmingham City Ladies v Arsenal Ladies

Doncaster Belles v Chelsea Ladies

Liverpool Ladies v Man City Women



Reading Women v Millwall Lionesses

Notts County Ladies v Durham Women

Yeovil Town v Sunderland Ladies



Aston Villa Ladies v Everton Ladies



Brighton and Hove v SC Albion


The FA WPL promotion race to FA WSL 2 ep 7

The promotion race is hotting up with many important games played in the Northern and Southern Division yesterday. Preston dropped two points at bottom of the table Guisely.



Northern Division

Derby 1 Newcastle 0

Guiseley 1 Preston 1

Nuneaton 1 Bradford 2


  1. Preston 36 pts pl 16 +45 (maximum points 54)
  2. Forest 29 pts pl 13 +16 ( mp 56)
  3. Derby 28 pts pl16 +3 (mp46)
  4. Stoke 26 pts pl 12 +20 ( mp 56)
  5. Blackburn 26 pts pl 13 +15 ( mp 53)
  6. SC Albion 21 pts pl9 +13 ( mp 60)
  7. Bradford 18 pts pl 11 +7 ( mp  51)

All to play for in the Northern Divison. The table is a big mess with SC Albion who beat an FA WSL2 side yesterday with seven games on hand over leaders Preston with Forest and Stoke who virtually have more points than the leaders should they win all their remaining games and therefore kind of in the driving seat.


Southern Division

West Ham 0 Coventry 4

Portsmouth 6 Plymouth 0

  1. Brighton 45 pts pl 19 + 32 (mp 54)
  2. Charlton 36 pts pl 16 +33 ( mp 54)
  3. Coventry 34 pts pl 16 + 40 ( mp 52)
  4. Cardiff* 34 pts pl 15 +31 ( mp 55)
  5. Portsmouth 32 pts pl 16 +26 ( mp 50)

*Cardiff are not eligible for FA WSL promotion as they are a Welsh side.

Coventry and Portsmouth wins leave them still trailing Brighton by a huge margin with three games on hand.

Brighton have Portsmouth, Spurs and C&K Basildon as their remaining League games and would probably clinch the title with three wins as Charlton and Coventry will play each other twice in the title run-in.

The FA Women’s Cup Round 4 preview

Round 4 is the last round before the 9 FA WSL 1 side enter the competition.Therefore 7 “lucky” teams are allowed by the FA to compete against the FA WSL 1 sides.

You really do wonder why the FA allows its elite team to come so late in the competition. It is extremely unfair to the lower division teams. It seems like all the lower divisions team are battling for the 7 seats available alongside the 9 FA WSL 1 sides.

A team like Notts County last season reached the FA Women’s Cup final at Wembley without even playing one WSL 1 side. For years and years, the competition was balanced enough but in the last few years, it has become extremely unbalanced against the FA WPL and below sides.


WSL 2 v WSL 2

Bristol City or  v Yeovil Town

An interesting derby with many players that have played for both sides and a few moving this winter from one club to another. It wil also gives us a first indication on the promotion battle as both side will look to go to FA WSL 1

WSL 2 v FA WPL Northern or Southern

Sheffield FC v Sporting Club Albion

The FA WSL 2 side will be wary of Northern Division promotion contender SC Albion and this is defintely a potential banana skin for the WSL side.

Everton v Nottingham Forest

Everton have had a good pre-season playing many games and therefore should be sharp enough. Forest are riding high in the Northern Division and will give a tough game to the Toffees.

Loughborough Foxes  v Millwall Lionesses
Millwall are in the middle of a rebuilding job with 10 new players signed and the Foxes who went through on penalties in the previous round will have to be at their ebst to cause an upset.
Durham v Charlton Athletic
Charlton are on fire at the moment and went far last season in the tournament. Their 2016 results ( 9-0,5-0,9-0, 0-0 !, 10-0,8-0, 5-0) says it all.Durham will need to be at full speed to avoid an upset as Charlton are another strong promotion contender witha  lot of experienced players.
Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa
Spurs have been improving every season in the FA WPL and have recruited well, they are probably short of three players to compete for promotion but will give a game to a Villa side that only won 1-0 in the previous round against Portsmouth

FA WPL Northern/Southern v FA WPL Northern/Southern

Brighton & Hove Albion v Blackburn Rovers

We are guaranteed an FA WPL side in round 5 with Southern Division leaders Brighton at home to Northern Division promotion contender Blackburn who hammered West Ham in the previous round.

So these are my predictions :  obviously we will have one FA WSL 2 side and one FA WPL side in Round 5. I can see up to three underdogs team upset the FA WSL 2 side.
I would say we will have either 4 FA WSL 2 and 3 FA WPL side in Round 5 or 3 FA WSL 2 and 4 FA WPL side in Round 5 in the hat with the 9 FA WSL 1 teams.

Analysing the FA WSL 2016 rules part 3 the Conti Cup

Here is part 3 of the FA WSL 2016 rules’ analysis focusing on the FA WSL Continental Cup


Competition structure :

New format as already  previously announced with no more group stage games :

The FA WSL Cup shall be a knock out competition.

Here is the full ranking used for the 2016 competition :

  1. Chelsea
  2. Manchester City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Sunderland
  5. Notts County
  6. Birmingham
  7. Liverpool
  8. Bristol
  9. Reading
  10. Doncaster
  11. Everton
  12. Yeovil
  13. Aston Villa
  14. Oxford
  15. Durham
  16. London Bees
  17. Millwall
  18. Watford
  19. Sheffield


Clubs will be ranked using their FA WSL finishing position in the previous Playing Season with the team placed first in FA WSL 1 ranked highest (1) followed by all the Clubs in FA WSL 1, then the Clubs in FA WSL 2 and the team (if any) promoted to the FA WSL from the Football Association Women’s Premier League being ranked lowest.


Oxford, Durham, London Bees, Millwall, Watford and Sheffield to play the preliminary round :

A preliminary round of 3 Competition Matches will be played between the six (6) Clubs ranked lowest. In order to determine which Clubs will play each other in the preliminary round, an open draw will take place. The winning Club from each of these matches will progress to the first round proper.

The first round proper will consist of the 3 winning Clubs from the preliminary round and the remaining Clubs


Reading, Doncaster, Everton, Yeovil and Aston Villa plus the three preliminary round winners will be at home and drawn against Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Sunderland, Notts, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.

2 FA WSL 1 teams will therefore be at home while on FA WSL 2 team will be away.

In order to determine which Clubs will play against each other in the first round proper, Clubs ranked nine (9) to thirteen (13) under Rule 15.2 above together with the winners of the preliminary round Competition Matches will be placed in one (1) pot (“Pot A) and Clubs ranked one (1) to eight (8) under Rule 15.2 above will be placed in another pot (“Pot B”). A seeded draw will then take place with all Competition Matches in the first round proper being played between one (1) team from Pot A against one (1) team from Pot B


Open draw for the quarter-finals

The winning Club from each first round proper Competition Match will progress to the quarter finals.

In order to determine which Clubs will play against each other in the quarter finals, all the winning Clubs from the first round proper will be put into one (1) pot and an open draw will take place

The winning Club from each quarter final Competition Match shall progress to the semi-finals.


Open draw for the semi-finals

In order to determine which Clubs will play against each other in the semi-finals, all the winning Clubs from the quarter finals will be put into one (1) pot and an open draw will take place.

The winning two (2) teams from the semi-finals will progress to the final.


The FA introducing a possible neutral venue for the semi-final like they do for the FA Women’s Cup.

The first drawn Club in all the rounds (except for the semi-final and final) will play at home. The semi-finals will be played at the home ground of the first drawn club or a neutral FA WSL ground to be determined by The Management Committee in its absolute discretion. The final shall be played on a neutral ground to be decided by the Board in its absolute discretion.


Extra-time and penalty shoot-out if needed in every round, standard for cup games.

All Competition Matches shall be played to a conclusion with extra time (a period of thirty (30) minutes split into two (2) halves of fifteen (15) minutes) to be played if there is no winner after ninety (90) minutes. If there is no winner after extra time, the winner shall be determined by the taking of penalty kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the procedure adopted by the International Football Association Board




Fielding an ineligible player:

Again the FA is putting on a curious rule about an ineligible player due to not obtaining an international clearance. As far as I know a transfer is not valid at all, if the player does not have an ITC. They also introduce another loophole with ineligibilty due to the player’s status. I feel they actually therefore have introduced an allowance for cheating.

Where a Club is found to have played an ineligible Player in a Competition Match or Competition Matches that Competition Match or Competition Matches shall be awarded to the opposition Club. Notwithstanding the above, the Management Committee shall have the power, in its absolute discretion, not to order that the Competition Match be awarded to the opposition team only in circumstances where the ineligibility is due to the failure to obtain an International Clearance Certificate or where the ineligibility is related to the Player’s status. In such circumstances, the Management Committee shall have the power to impose any sanction that it determines.


Analysing the FA WSL 2016 rules part 2

Here is part 2 of the FA WSL 2016 rules’ analysis


The squad cap

Same rule as last year 40 players including first team and reserves plus two extra on short term loan

Each Club is entitled to register:

a maximum of 40 Players (including Players on Long Term Loan) each Playing Season; and

an additional 2 Players each Playing Season on Short Term Loan (the “Squad Cap”).

The Squad Cap includes Player registrations for the Competition and Player registrations for the FA WSL Development League team.

Subject to Rules 8.54 to 8.58, if a Player is registered with a Club to play in the Competition for the Playing Season, that Player shall continue to count towards the Squad Cap for the remainder of the Season even if that Player stops playing for the Club during the Season for any reason (except if the Player is transferred to another Club).


Another bizzare FA rule, you would think clubs are allowed to move on personnel as they fit, well NO :

During both Transfer Windows, each Club shall be entitled to remove or replace a maximum of three (3) Players (per Transfer Window) which have previously been registered and included in its Squad Cap for that Playing Season by sending a notice to the Competition Secretary stating which Players have been removed. Each Club shall be entitled to select which, if any, six (6) Players it so removes or replaces from its Squad Cap in its sole discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, Clubs shall only be entitled to exercise this right during the Transfer Windows. Once a Player has been removed from Squad Cap, such Player shall no longer be eligible to play in the Competition for the Club.


And then there are exceptions to the rule…

The Management Committee may on a case by case basis and in its sole discretion, upon application by a Club:

approve an increase in the Squad Cap for a Club for the remainder of the Playing Season (such approval will be valid for that Playing Season only); and/or

approve the removal of a Player from a Club’s Squad Cap for the remainder of the Playing Season with that Player no longer counting towards the Club’s Squad Cap.


Non EU players

Each Club is entitled to register a maximum of two (2) non EU/EEA players at any one time within its Squad Cap. Registration of non EU/EEA Players is subject to receipt of a work permit through the necessary points based system.


Homegrown players

Each Club shall ensure that at least fifty (50) percent of Players contained within its Squad Cap are considered to be Home Grown Players.


Playing an ineligible player

It does not make sense to only remove and penalise the team that is guilty of fielding an ineglible player? Even if the team gets 12 points deducted if the other team gets relegated, miss the title or a Champions League place by 1 or 3 points and the game is not replayed well, this is a loophole that penalises honest teams.


Any Club found to have played an ineligible Player in a Competition Match or Competition Matches shall, save in exceptional circumstances, have any points gained from that Competition Match or Competition Matches deducted from its record, up to a maximum of 12 points, and have levied upon it a fine. The Management Committee may also order that such Competition Match or Competition Matches be replayed on such terms as are decided by the Management Committee which may also levy penalty points against the Club in default.

That one below is a cop out close, I mean if a player does not have an ITC, she should not be allowed to play really, the bit on the player’s status clearly comes from last year’s City charge that was found unproven in the end.

The Management Committee may determine not to impose a points deduction in circumstances where the ineligibility is due to the failure to obtain an International Clearance Certificate or where the ineligibility is related to the Player’s status.


Players equipment

The rules are copied from the latest FIFA regulations

Subject to the below electronic performance and tracking system (EPTS) devices may be used during Competition Matches.

EPTS devices must not pose any danger to the Players and/or Match Officials.

Information and data transmitted from the EPTS devices are not permitted to be received or used in the technical area during a Competition Match.

The data collected from any EPTS device may not be used for any commercial activity.

Any branding on EPTS devices must not be visible at any time during a Competition Match.



Interesting to note there is a chapter on player’s agent in this year’s rules :


An Intermediary cannot have any involvement in any Club in an official capacity (as defined by the Board) nor may he or she hold office with the Competition.

All Clubs must comply with The FA regulations concerning Intermediaries


Filming at games

The Home Club shall film the game in its entirety with an uninterrupted view by single camera located as close to half way line as possible and provide to the visiting Club (and the Match Officials (or any assessor of Match Officials) if this is specifically requested), a DVD recording of the Competition Match as soon as reasonably practicable following the end of the Competition Match, but in any event on the day of the Competition Match. The away Club shall not be permitted to duplicate any footage of such DVD for financial gain without first obtaining the written permission of the providing Club and the Competition. Footage can be used for Disciplinary purposes


International call-ups

Postponements due to international call-ups are at the committee’s discretion.  This is just crazy. Clubs must release players as per the FIFA rules but the FA can force the teams to play a game without their international players.

A Club having three (3) or more Qualifying Players or one (1) goal keeper selected for international duty in accordance with Annexe 1 of The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (this does not include Players on standby) by their National Association for senior representative, under 21, under 20 or under 19 national representative matches (or any combination thereof) may request a postponement of any Competition Matches that take place during the period of time in which the Players are called up by their National Association team or within 2 days of their return from international duty provided that at least 10 days’ notice in writing has been given to the Competition Secretary.

The Management Committee shall decide in its absolute discretion whether the postponement shall be granted. The Club requesting a postponement shall, at the same time as making the request to the Competition Secretary, notify the opposing Club of the request and, immediately upon being made aware of the Management Committee’s decision, inform the opposing Club of the decision. For the avoidance of doubt, international call ups for a Thursday, Friday or Saturday shall cover domestic matches played on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Midweek international matches shall not normally affect scheduled Friday, Saturday or Sunday Competition Matches.

Any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a Competition Match on the appointed date shall for each offence be liable to expulsion from the Competition and/or such other disciplinary action the Management Committee may determine, including the deduction of up to a maximum of three (3) points from the offending Club’s record, the payment of any expenses incurred by their opponents and a fine


Part three on the FA WSL Continental Cup to come later

Analysing the FA WSL 2016 rules part 1

Here we are with our annual FA WSL rule analysis. Just a reminder that the FA does not make it available on the FA WSL website or even the FA one for some unknown reason. I am pleased to be able to provide a short analysis of the 68 pages booklet. I have kept the spelling mistakes from the file as well (in red). As the rules and regulations book is quite long I have split the analysis in four parts.


Number of teams

Chapter 2.6 confirms what we already know about two FA WSL 2 clubs promoted to FA WSL 1 at the end of the 2016 season.

Subject to Rule 2.7, the Competition shall allow for up to 19 member Clubs in the 2016 Playing Season and 20 member clubs thereafter. There will be 2 divisions which shall be called FA WSL 1 and FA WSL 2. Again subject to Rule 2.7, in the 2016 Playing Season, there shall be 10 Clubs in FA WSL 2 and 9 Clubs in FA WSL 1 and for each subsequent season 10 Clubs in each division.


Promotion from the FA WPL to FA WSL 2

Cardiff City cannot be promoted if they win the FA WPL play-offs as per article 6.1, 6.3 and 7.1

Notwithstanding any provision of The FA Rules, a Club must be incorporated in England and will not be entitled to participate in the Competition if it is not so incorporated. Any amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Club must be notified to the Competition Secretary in writing within fourteen (14) days of the passing of the resolution together with a copy of the change(s).


A Club must be affiliated at all times to an County Association. Each Club shall notify the Competition Secretary of its affiliation number each year as soon as practicable after it has received the same and in any event, by no later than 1 July each year.


All Clubs shall have Grounds and headquarters situated in England. The Competition Secretary shall send the names and particulars for each Club’s ground to The FA annually by the date appointed by, and in the format required by, The FA.


Type of pitch allowed

Nothing new here, both type of pitches are allowed article 7.16

Competition Matches may be played on a:

Grass Pitch or

Football Turf (3G) Pitch.


Players’ registrations

Chapter 8 is a long one full of information and rules.

As usual no kids allowed to play in the FA WSL

No player shall be registered for the Competition until she reached her sixteenth (16th) birthday

Registration can happen at the last minute: 4 hours before kick-off on a midweek game and 4pm on a Friday for a week-end bank-holiday game

To be eligible to play in the Competition a Player must sign a registration form supplied by the Competition (such signature to be witnessed by a second person) which must then be completed and signed by a Club Official and approved and registered by the Competition and a registration number must have been allotted to the Player

To be eligible to play in a Competition Match, a completed registration form as referred to in Rule 8.3 and the Player’s transfer form or loan transfer form, must have been received by the Competition Secretary not less than four (4) hours before the scheduled kick-off time of the Competition Match in which the Player is required to play or, if the Competition Match is on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, by 16:00 on the Friday before the Competition Match in which the Player is required to play, have been found to be in order and the Player registered. No Player whose registration form, including loan registrations, is received less than four (4) hours before the Competition Match in which she is required to play will be eligible. Any loan registration must also be approved by The FA before that Player can be considered eligible to play.


Registration forms must be sent to the Competition Secretary by email and the original form must be retained by the Club. The Competition Secretary has the power to call for inspection of the original form should she wish to do so. If a Club fails to comply with the provisions of this Rule, the Player shall not be eligible to play in the Competition. The original form, if sent to the Competition Secretary must contain the same information as the registration form that was sent by email. Any Club deemed to have falsified any registration form will be deemed to have played an ineligible player and will be dealt with in accordance with Rule 8.65.


The team that sign a new player is responsible with checking if the player is no longer registered with another team. If the old team does not deregister their player for some reasons, they can actually block a move?

It is the responsibility of the Club to ensure the Player is not registered with any other Club. When the Player was previously registered with another Club it is necessary for that Club to complete the standard Competition transfer form or to have completed the standard Competition cancellation of registration form prior to or at the same as the registration to the new Club.


On the player’s status

The status of a player may be:

Contract Player; or

Non-Contract Player.

A Contract Player must be engaged on the standard player contract as specified by The FA from time to time. All contracts and financial arrangements shall comply with Rule C1 of The FA’s Rules and be in the full name of the Club including the Club’s registered number.

A Non-Contract Player is only entitled to be reimbursed expenses actually incurred in relation to their playing for the Club and shall not be entitled to any other payment in relation to their performance for the Club. Payment of such expenses must be in accordance with Rule C2(b)(iii) of The FA’s Rules. The only exception to this Rule is in the event that a Club appoints a Non-Contract Player as a Youth Club Ambassador in accordance with the Club’s Club Licence in which case such Non-Contract Player may also be paid a sum in connection with her provision of services in her role as Youth Club Ambassador. Rule C2 of The FA Rules in respect of Non Contract Players shall apply to the Competition.


In the event of a Player changing her status with the same Club either from contract to non-contract or from non-contract to contract, that Player must sign a new registration form and be re-registered. If such a Player is not re-registered, the Player will be ineligible to play in a Competition Match and Rule 8.65 will apply in respect of Clubs who play a Player who has changed status without re-registering.


This is the rule that got Manchester City charged last season where the committee voted City not guilty by a majority.

A Contract Player whose registration under contract is cancelled by mutual consent and the same Player is immediately re-registered by the same Club or a different Club on a non-contract basis shall not subsequently be registered as a Contract Player with the Club for which her contract was cancelled, within three (3) months of the date of the cancellation except with the consent of the Management Committee.


Subject to Rule 8.17, the Management Committee shall have the power to apply to the relevant Affiliated Association for the Affiliated Association to refuse or cancel the registration of any Player charged and found guilty of undesirable conduct. Undesirable conduct shall mean incidents of repeated conduct which may deter others (including corporate entities) from being involved in the Competition.



Transfer windows

Nothing unusual here two transfer windows in the FA WSL

The Board shall nominate two (2) periods during each Playing Season in which Contract Player registrations and transfers are permitted. The first of which shall be prior to the commencement of each Playing Season (the “First Transfer Window”) and the second shall be during the Playing Season (the “Second Window”) (together the “Transfer Windows”). The Board shall notify the Clubs of the dates of the Transfer Windows each Playing Season.


Non contract players are free agents and can move at will.

Non Contract Players are permitted to transfer or register with any Club at any point during the Playing Season; transfers and registrations of Non Contract Players are not restricted to the Transfer Windows.

The transfer of a registration of a Non Contract Player from one Club to another can take place at any time, must be in writing, on the Competition transfer form, signed by the Non-Contract Player and the two Clubs, and the form must be forwarded to the Competition Secretary for approval and registration. Such Non Contract Player does not become eligible to play for the Club seeking her transfer until the form has been approved and registered by the Competition Secretary. A Non Contract Player whose registration for a Club is cancelled or transferred for any reason whatsoever cannot, without the consent of the Management Committee, return to her original Club until a minimum of fourteen (14) days has elapsed from the date of the cancellation or transfer

The FA has an exception rule for goalkeepers.

Notwithstanding the above, the Management Committee shall give reasonable consideration to a request from any Club for the transfer and registration of a goalkeeper outside of the Transfer Windows where, as a result of injuries, any Club only has one fully fit goalkeeper available for selection for Competition Matches. Where the Management Committee grants its consent to such a transfer and registration, this shall be subject to such limitations and restrictions as the Management Committee may determine in its absolute discretion and the goalkeeper so transferred and registered shall only be considered eligible to play in the Competition Matches for which permission has been granted by the Management Committee.

An absurd rule put in place by the FA, if a team wants to sign a player why wait for 14 days if they have signed another player from the same club.

Except when specific approval has been given by the Management Committee a Club cannot sign or transfer more than one Player, contract or non-contract, from any other Club at any one time unless a period of fourteen (14) days has elapsed between each signing.


Loans long and short terms

Short Term Loans and Long Term Loans of Contract players shall be allowed to or from Clubs in membership of the Competition or any other league authorised by The FA from time to time.

“Long Term Loan” means a loan transfer in excess of 93 days of a Player.

The maximum number of loans allowed is four, as an example Bristol with 3 players on loan from Chelsea, 2 long term ones and one short term one.

No more than four (4) Players engaged on Short Term Loan or Long Term Loan may join a Club from another Club (or club) in any Playing Season.

A Club can register up to a maximum of two (2) Players on Short Term Loans during a Playing Season.

A Club can register up to a maximum of two (2) Players on Long Term Loans during a Playing Season.

Long Term Loan transfers shall be:

for a full Playing Season; or

from any time prior to 5pm on the last day of the First Transfer Window for the remainder of a Playing Season.

A Player on Long Term Loan may not be recalled, except for a goalkeeper or where the Player is to be transferred permanently by the Club (or club) holding her registration. A Player other than a goalkeeper so recalled shall not be permitted to play for the Club (or club) holding her registration after such recall until the end of the Playing Season. Long Term Loan transfers will not count towards the number of Short Term Loan transfers entered into by a Club.


I will be back with part two, three and four  of the analysis later.

The FA WPL promotion race to FA WSL 2 ep 6

Some important results this week-end in the Northern and Southern Division with Preston scoring the winner in stoppage time and Brighton getting a last minute draw at Coventry.


Northern Division

Nuneaton 0 PNE 1

3 BIG points for PNE, they are now six points ahead of Forest who have two games in hand but PNE far superior goal difference is like an added bonus point.  Still a long way to go with teams still having to play from seven to thirteen games.


1.PNE 35 pts +45 pl 15

2.Forest 29 pts +16 pl 13

3. Stoke 26 pts + 20 pl 12

4. Blackburn 26 pts +15 pl 13

6. SC Albion 21 pts +13 pl 9


Southern Division

Coventry 2 Brighton 2

The last minute free-kick from Sophie Perry might be crucial and decide the title as a Seagulls defeat would have brought every chasing team in the mix. It is a big point for Brighton who have three remaining games and could finish the season with 54 points.

Charlton could also finish with 54 points, Cardiff with a potential 55 points, Coventry with 52 points and Portsmouth with 50 possible points.

  1. Brighton 45 pts +32 pl 19
  2. Charlton 36 pts +33 pl 16
  3. Cardiff* 34 pts + 31 pl 15
  4. Coventry 31 pts +36 pl 15
  5. Portsmouth 29 pts +20 pl 15

*Cardiff are not eligible for FA WSL promotion as they are a Welsh side.