Reading the FA WSL table the alternative way (Part 1 games 1->5)

In order to see the teams real progression, let’s see how many points they got relative to the other teams after each games and the table. (goal difference not taken into account, just alphabetical order) Points scored after 1 game 1. Bristol 3 1. Liverpool 3 3. Birmingham 1 3. Chelsea 1 5. Arsenal 0Continue reading “Reading the FA WSL table the alternative way (Part 1 games 1->5)”

The FA WSL race to Champions League places

While there is a UEFA U19 tournament happening in Wales, the FA WSL is carrying on and last week saw Doncaster Belles battered by the top 2 teams Arsenal (0-6) and Liverpool ( 0-9). As everybody knows, England will have 2 teams in 2014/15 UEFA Women’s Champions League competition ( unless Arsenal or Birmingham winContinue reading “The FA WSL race to Champions League places”

FA WSL 2013 statistics (goals, assists, disciplinary)

Updated for the league games  up to 12/08 Goals 1. Toni Duggan (Everton ) 6 2.  Natasha Dowie (Liverpool), Eniola Aluko, Sofia Jakobsson ( Chelsea ), Natalia Sanchon (Bristol)  5 6. Louise Fors, Nicole Rolser (Liverpool) 4 8. Corinne Yorston, Natasha Harding (Bristol),  Helen Ward ( Chelsea), Jordan Nobbs (Arsenal), Melissa Lawley ( Birmingham), Carla Cantrell ( Lincoln)  Continue reading “FA WSL 2013 statistics (goals, assists, disciplinary)”

The race for the Champions League places is hotting up

There are 3 teams fighting for  2 places.  I think Liverpool made a statement by winning at Bristol on Sunday.  Had they lost, they would have been 6 points behind Bristol, a big gap as it meant 2 extra defeats available to the Vixens. As it stands now, Liverpool and Bristol are level on pointsContinue reading “The race for the Champions League places is hotting up”