Reading the FA WSL table the alternative way (Part 1 games 1->5)

In order to see the teams real progression, let’s see how many points they got relative to the other teams after each games and the table. (goal difference not taken into account, just alphabetical order)

Points scored after 1 game

1. Bristol 3

1. Liverpool 3

3. Birmingham 1

3. Chelsea 1

5. Arsenal 0

5. Doncaster 0

5. Everton 0

5. Lincoln 0

Bristol and Liverpool early leaders, 4 teams lost their first game.

Points scored after 2 games

1. Bristol 6

1. Liverpool 6

3. Chelsea 4

4. Everton 3

5. Birmingham 2

6. Arsenal 1

6. Lincoln 1

8. Doncaster 0

Bristol and Liverpool still 100% record and solid leaders. Chelsea starting to catch up, Arsenal, Lincoln and Doncaster struggling.

Points scored after 3 games

1. Bristol 9

2. Chelsea  7

3.Liverpool  6

4. Arsenal 4

5. Everton 4

6. Birmingham 3

7. Doncaster 1

8. Lincoln 1

Bristol alone with an 100% record, Chelsea trying to catch up and Liverpool drops points.

Points scored after 4 games

1. Bristol 9

1. Liverpool 9

3. Arsenal 7

3. Chelsea 7

5. Birmingham 6

6. Everton 4

7. Doncaster 2

7. Lincoln 2

Bristol drop points, Liverpool level with them , Arsenal back in the mix trailing the top 2 teams by 2 points, level with Chelsea.

Points scored after 5 games

1. Bristol 12

1. Liverpool 12

3. Arsenal 10

4. Chelsea 7

5. Birmingham 6

6. Everton 5

7. Lincoln 2

7. Doncaster 2

Bristol, LIverpool and Arsenal get away from Chelsea and Birmingham. At the bottom of the table, it is tight for the 8th place.


The FA Women Premier League is back

Last Sunday was the start of the FA WPL Northern and Southern section. For those who did not follow what happened recently and landed on this blog by a random click on a link, here is a short reminder :

The elite women football league plays a summer season from April to September. There are 2 division WSL 1 and WSL 2 (just created), teams were selected on criteria like money and marketing mainly. The 3rd level is the top level in winter football is now the Women Premier League split in 2 regions North and South with 11 teams per League.

There is no promotion from the WPL to the WSL as in the previous seasons ie League winners get their medal but won’t be able to go higher in the pyramid. It is important to notice that some clubs who were in the National Division last year (Level 2) are now at level 3 here there got relegated either because their WSL bid was rejected, or they didn’t bid or were not allowed to bid.

The newly selected WSL 2 teams don’t have an official game until March I believe when they join the FA Cup and therefore some players will go on loan to the WPL or to division below so that they don’t spend 8 months without playing football due to that extended break.

This will be the last season ever for the WPL as a new 3 tier structure will appear in 2015 and the name Women’s Premier League will disappear…

The FA WSL race to Champions League places

While there is a UEFA U19 tournament happening in Wales, the FA WSL is carrying on and last week saw Doncaster Belles battered by the top 2 teams Arsenal (0-6) and Liverpool ( 0-9).

As everybody knows, England will have 2 teams in 2014/15 UEFA Women’s Champions League competition ( unless Arsenal or Birmingham win the 2013/14 edition and do not finish in the top 2 FA WSL 2013 edition).

The current table sees Liverpool with 24 points in 10 with a goal difference of +19, Arsenal with 19 points in 8 with a goal difference of + 14 and Bristol with 18 points in 8 with a goal difference of  +7.

Those were the top 3 team points in the 2 previous FA WSL seasons :

2012 1.Arsenal  34, 2. Birmingham 26, 3. Everton 25

2011 1. Arsenal 32, 2. Birmingham 29 3. Everton 25

So in previous seasons 26 points were enough to secure a Champions League place with 27  and  30 for the title. At the current rate of scoring 30 points might not even secure a Champions League place !

Here is the schedule for the 3 contenders.

Liverpool 24 points

01/09 Birmingham A

04/09 Doncaster H

12/09 Everton H

29/09 Bristol H

Liverpool are very likely to get 10 to 12 points from those 4 games as their form is excellent so they would finish from 34 to 36 points.

Arsenal 19 points

29/08 Chelsea A

01/09 Doncaster H

05/09 LIncoln H

08/09 Bristol H

15/09 Birmingham H

29/09 Everton A

Lincoln, Bristol and Birmingham at home are potential banana skin but if the Gunners carry one their professional performance they will surely get from 12 to 18 points, which would leave them on 31 to 37 points.

Bristol 18 points

01/09 Lincoln A

05/09 Chelsea A

08/09 Arsenal A

12/09 Birmingham H

15/09 Doncaster A

29/09 Liverpool A

Bristol plays the 2 other title contenders away,

It is difficult to see them gaining more than 12 points out of 18 with that very heavy schedule, so that would leave them with 30 points overall.

So my prediction for the Champions League places is Liverpool and Arsenal unless Bristol manages to win 5 out 6 games ie win away at one of the other contender and win every other game bar one. They would then finish around 33 points with Arsenal and Liverpool also around that mark if they also slip up somewhere else.

Liverpool v Chelsea preview

Today at the Halton Stadium, we are looking at a battle between a team that has all its player training every day and the other that has a good number of players training every day. Some Chelsea players have a job and can only train in the evening.  There are advantages with  diurnal training sessions in term of rest and preparation no doubt about it.

In the League Chelsea beat Liverpool 2-1 at home while Liverpool won 4-0 in the Conti Cup fixture played at Tooting and Mitcham. Although it is difficult to pinpoint what is going wrong, Chelsea are very inconsistent this season, as their 3 wins 1 draw and 5 defeat suggests. Both teams were rebuilding this season but the big difference is Matt Beard plays more or less the same 11 at every game. He has rotated in goal, at right back due to injury and at number 8. The other players keep their place at every game except once when Engen was with the US WNT. That consistency in selection has helped the team gel quickly.

Emma Hayes has used more players as starters although there are question marks on certain players who are regulars. I always wonder why Katie Holtham plays at center back ahead of anyone Kylie Davies or Naomi Cole for example or players in midfield and up front not performing consistently at all.

So what can be expected tonight ? a lot of goals from both side as the 2 teams will certainly want to attack and the defenses will be stretched.The big questions is which Chelsea team will turn up ? It makes this game very difficult to predict because it could be another 4-0 defeat for the Blues if the wrong team turns up or an away win if everything falls into place. A Chelsea win would be well received by Champions League places contenders Arsenal and Bristol.

FA WSL Day 9 Statistics

Arsenal v Everton

Goals : Carter x2, Davison, Nobbs, Little

Assists : Carter x2, Davison, White x2

Booking : None

Red card : None


Birmingham v Doncaster

Goal : Lawley

Assist; Bassett

Bookings : Harrop, Moore, Weston, Creswell

Re card : None


Lincoln v Chelsea

Goal  : Horwood, Cantrell

Assist : Horwood

Booking : Coombs

Red card : None


Bristol v Liverpool

Goals :  Quantrill og, Del Rio, Natalia, Fors, Rolser, Omarsdottir, Bonner

Assists : Heatherson, Natalia, Harding, Rolser, Williams,

Bookings : Windell, Matthews, Harding, McCatty, Vega, Fors

Red card ;  none


FA WSL 2013 statistics (goals, assists, disciplinary)

Updated for the league games  up to 12/08


1. Toni Duggan (Everton ) 6

2.  Natasha Dowie (Liverpool), Eniola Aluko, Sofia Jakobsson ( Chelsea ), Natalia Sanchon (Bristol)  5

6. Louise Fors, Nicole Rolser (Liverpool) 4

8. Corinne Yorston, Natasha Harding (Bristol),  Helen Ward ( Chelsea), Jordan Nobbs (Arsenal), Melissa Lawley ( Birmingham), Carla Cantrell ( Lincoln)   3

14. Stephanie Houghton, Gilly Flaherty,  Alex Scott, Danielle Carter, Kim Little ( Arsenal),  Nikita Parris (Everton), Amanda Da Costa (Liverpool),  Nikki Watts, Laura Del Rio (Bristol),  Jess Clarke (Lincoln),  2

24.  Gemma Davison (Arsenal), Kirsty Linnett, Rachel Williams, Jo Potter, Isobel Christiansen, Kerys Harrop ( Birmingham), Annie Heatherson, Jemma Rose,, Lucy Staniforth (Bristol),   Hannah Blundell (Chelsea), Alex Greenwood, Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah, Brooke Chaplen, Jill Scott, Michelle Hinnigan, Kelly Jones (Everton), Bonnie Horwood,  Emily Roberts,  Precious Hamilton (Lincoln), Victoria Williams, Cheryl Foster (Doncaster), Corinna Schroeder, Lucy Bronze, Katrin Omarsdottir, Gemma Bonner (Liverpool)   1


1.  Natasha Harding ( Bristol)  Fara Williams ( Liverpool) 5,

3. Danielle Buet (Chelsea), Danielle Carter, Ellen White (Arsenal), Natalia Sanchon (Bristol) 4

7.  Nicole Rolser, Louise Fors, Corinna Schroeder (Liverpool ), Nikita Parris (Everton), Helen Ward (Chelsea), Annie Heatherson ( Bristol)   3

13. Kim Little, Gemma Davison ( Arsenal),  Eniola Aluko, Dunia Susi ( Chelsea)  , Simone Magill, Vicky Jones (Everton),  Natasha Dowie,  ( Liverpool), Carla Cantrell (Lincoln), Melissa Lawley, Jade Moore (Birmingham),  , Lillie Bilson-Fenlon (Lincoln) 2

25. Jordan Nobbs,  Rachel Yankey ( Arsenal) Laura Bassett, Jo Potter, Emily Simpkins,  Kirsty Linnett, , ( Birmingham),  Laura Del Rio , Lucy Staniforth, Alex Windell, Ellen Curson, Corinne Yorston, (Bristol),  Michelle Hinnigan, Alex Greenwood, Toni Duggan , Jill Scott (  Everton), Precious Hamilton , Bonnie Horwood  (Lincoln),   Amanda Da Costa,  Lucy Bronze,   ( Liverpool), Cheryl Foster, Bethany England, Lindsey Cunningham (Doncaster), Helen Bleazard, Sofia Jakobsson  (Chelsea) 1

Yellow cards

1.  Kate  Longhurst ( Liverpool),  Danielle Buet (Chelsea), Tony Duggan, Jill Scott, ( Everton ), Corinne Yorston, Jasmine Matthews,  Natasha Harding, (Bristol), Chelsea Weston,  Jade Moore, Kerys Harrop ( Birmingham) 2.

11. Danielle Carter , Gemma Davison, Gilly Flaherty, Rachel Yankey, Jennifer Beattie (Arsenal), Laura Bassett, Rachel Unitt,  Isobel Christiansen,  (Birmingham), Alex Windell, Christina Vega , Natalia Sanchon, , Rachel Hignett, Grace McCatty   (Bristol), Olina Vidarsdottir, Sophie Ingle,  Eniola Aluko, Helen Ward, Helen Bleazard, Laura Coombs (Chelsea), Leandra Little, Lauren Cresswell (Doncaster),  Brooke Chaplen,  Amy Kane, Elizabeth Durrack (Everton),  Sophie Walton, Casey Stoney (Lincoln),  Fara Williams , Rebecca Easton, Lillie Billson, Louise Fors (Liverpool) 1

Red cards

1. Grace McCatty (Bristol)
Own Goals

1. Jemma Rose ( Bristol), Bonnie Horwood ( Lincoln), Jill Scott, Billie Murphy (Everton), Sarah Quantrill (Liverpool) 1

The race for the Champions League places is hotting up

There are 3 teams fighting for  2 places.  I think Liverpool made a statement by winning at Bristol on Sunday.  Had they lost, they would have been 6 points behind Bristol, a big gap as it meant 2 extra defeats available to the Vixens.

As it stands now, Liverpool and Bristol are level on points but the reds are ahead with 21-12 on goal difference while Bristol are 21-14. Arsenal are 14-8 on that count.

So let’s have a look at the 3 teams schedule , the first thing that comes to view is Bristol have no game for 3 weeks, while the other two teams are playing many games :

17/08 Liverpool v Chelsea

18/08 Birmingham v Arsenal

21/08 Doncaster v Arsenal

24/08 Doncaster v Liverpool

29/08 Chelsea v Arsenal

Until the end of August Bristol will get 0 point, Liverpool  should get 4 to 6 points and Arsenal should get 5 to 9 points.

By the end of August the scenario could be Liverpool 24 pts, Arsenal 22 pts and Bristol 18 pts or if things go well for Bristol Liverpool 22 pts, Arsenal and Bristol 18 pts.  I don’t expect the top 2 teams to loose a game in that period of time although it can happen.

For those who wonder what happened and why this bizzare schedule, there is a  UEFA competition that the FA did not take into account when they did the season planning. To be fair, they also don’t take into account the Champions League either, hence Arsenal starting their season on Day 3 and playing catch-up since.


01/09 A full 4 games gameday :  Arsenal v Doncaster, Birmingham v Liverpool, Lincoln v Bristol

Arsenal could get a few points on the other 2 teams if they slip up.

04/09 Liverpool v Doncaster

05/09 Arsenal v Lincoln

05/09 Chelsea v Bristol

This time Liverpool could take advantage of the other 2 teams slipping up.

08/09 Arsenal v Bristol

2 teams go head to head Arsenal likely to win as with the previous 3 games this season

12/09 Bristol v Birmingham and Liverpool v Everton

Tough game for Bristol while the Merseyside derby comes to the Halton Stadium.

15/09 Arsenal v Birmingham, Doncaster v Bristol

Bristol could take advantage of an Arsenal slip-up. By the 15th of September, all teams will have played 13 games and therefore we will know where we stand before last Gameday.

29/09 Game Day 14 quite unfortunate to happen 3 days after a WC qualifying period where England will play 2 games in a week.

Everton v Arsenal and LIverpool v Bristol. It is likely to  go to final day for the title and the Champions League place, unless one of team collapse in the run-in.


My predictions for the Champions League places :  Liverpool 40%, Bristol 20%, Arsenal 40%

For the title : Liverpool 40%, Bristol 10%, Arsenal 50% due to the players previous experience.