My reaction to the FA WSL 1 going full time professional teams only

So there it is, the FA have announced that the  FA WSL1 has now become the rich boys/girls club and therefore decided demote to FA WSL 2 all the part-time semi-professional teams.   Now, this is NOT the fist time that the FA has demoted a side on non sporting merit, they did it back […]

The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, analysis part 2

In part 2, I will speak about certain things that don’t make sense to me in the FA information published yesterday This is part of the FA WPL 2016/17 regulations published by the FA  a few months ago “For Season 2016/17 the Champion Club as determined by the Championship Play-Off Final match outlined at paragraph […]

The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, a short analysis

The FA have finally announced the opening of the licensing for the FA WSL from 2018/19 and as usual it is quite surprising to read. The first line come as a shock as : “Applications will only be open to current FA WSL clubs – with 20 licences available (10 for each division).” Basically any  […]

FA WSL 2018 licensing what could happen next ?

Back in 2013, licensing was given to clubs for the 2014-2018 period, so we are now getting close to the  bidding reopening soon. hopefully next year but teams are surely preparing their application especially the potential new entrants. The 2017-18 season will see a return to the winter season and we will have the following […]