My reaction to the FA WSL 1 going full time professional teams only

So there it is, the FA have announced that the  FA WSL1 has now become the rich boys/girls club and therefore decided demote to FA WSL 2 all the part-time semi-professional teams.   Now, this is NOT the fist time that the FA has demoted a side on non sporting merit, they did it backContinue reading “My reaction to the FA WSL 1 going full time professional teams only”

FA WSL licence application for 2018/19 extended

The news came about a month ago following the demise of Notts County Ladies and the restructure of the WSL1 and WSL2 with Everton promoted to make it ten teams in each division. But as usual questions remain as there are some grey areas in the announcement. The most curious point is actually when theContinue reading “FA WSL licence application for 2018/19 extended”

FA Women’s Premier League season 2017/18

    The 2017/18 season will start on Sunday the 20th of August 2017 and supposed to finish with the play-off game on Sunday the 27th of May 2018. The play-off winner should be replaced the team finishing at the bottom of the FA WSL2. New 17/18 Season constituted and confirmed with 105 teams! Kick off SundayContinue reading “FA Women’s Premier League season 2017/18”

Watford Ladies v Spurs Ladies

I went to Vicarage Road on Wednesday to watch an interesting friendly between Watford currently in FA WSL 2 and Spurs Ladies who have just won the FA WPL Southern Division and will contest the FA WSL promotion play-off against Blackburn Rovers. Unfortunately for fans, the game was played behind closed door and I guessContinue reading “Watford Ladies v Spurs Ladies”

March 2017 FA WSL/FA WPL international call-ups

For those who are not familiar with the FIFA Women’s International match calendar, there is an international window for teams where they can play up to four games from the 27th of February to the 8th of March. The following tournaments involve players from the FA WSL 1&2  and FA WPL. The club have toContinue reading “March 2017 FA WSL/FA WPL international call-ups”

The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, analysis part 2

In part 2, I will speak about certain things that don’t make sense to me in the FA information published yesterday This is part of the FA WPL 2016/17 regulations published by the FA  a few months ago “For Season 2016/17 the Champion Club as determined by the Championship Play-Off Final match outlined at paragraphContinue reading “The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, analysis part 2”

The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, a short analysis

The FA have finally announced the opening of the licensing for the FA WSL from 2018/19 and as usual it is quite surprising to read. The first line come as a shock as : “Applications will only be open to current FA WSL clubs – with 20 licences available (10 for each division).” Basically any Continue reading “The FA open the FA WSL licensing from 2018-19, a short analysis”

FA WSL 2018 licensing what could happen next ?

Back in 2013, licensing was given to clubs for the 2014-2018 period, so we are now getting close to the  bidding reopening soon. hopefully next year but teams are surely preparing their application especially the potential new entrants. The 2017-18 season will see a return to the winter season and we will have the followingContinue reading “FA WSL 2018 licensing what could happen next ?”

The FA Women’s Premier League starts on Sunday

The FA WPL is back on Sunday the 21st of August and the season will end with the now traditional promotion to FA WSL 2 play-off game.   Promotion/relegation rules : For the 2016/2017 season only, the club crowned champion of The FA Women’s Premier League at the end of The FA Women’s Premier LeagueContinue reading “The FA Women’s Premier League starts on Sunday”