Liverpool v Everton the armchair view

Well done to the 1000+ fans who went yesterday in that freezing weather. It was nice to watch the game at home. The 1-1 result was a fair one as both side created chances and can say the refereeing decision could have gone their way. Sian Massey was very much in control yesterday booking DugganContinue reading “Liverpool v Everton the armchair view”

My FA WSL 2013 predictions (updated)

Updated 20/03 The FA WSL 2013 edition will be extremely open. Although a recent facebook poll by the fans makes Arsenal favorite, it is not likely to be a repeat of last year’s unbeaten season for the Gunners. Why ? because  a revolution is coming to the FA WSL. Full time football has entered women’sContinue reading “My FA WSL 2013 predictions (updated)”

Arsenal Ladies : looking into the future

I was reading in a magazine about the way men’s teams are preparing their recruitment drive for the future seasons. One staff member was saying, it is very simple you look at your players position by position in the first team, reserves and U19 level. I will now have a look at this with theContinue reading “Arsenal Ladies : looking into the future”

FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions

Games to be played on the 31st of March except when noted Nottingham Forest or Arsenal v Birmingham City Bristol Academy v Oxford United or Everton (Sun 14 Apr) Sunderland v Liverpool Lincoln v Leeds United The top 2 teams from the Women’s Premier League National division will be up against 2 FA WSL teams. SunderlandContinue reading “FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions”

Can France win Euro 2013 without some of the best players ?

With 4 months to the Euro 2013, there is a lot of supporter anger and some articles in the press that are criticising Bruno Bini’s management method. The team is on a current run of 6 draws and many fans think the team underachieved at World Cup 2011 and Olympics 2012 with a 4th place.Continue reading “Can France win Euro 2013 without some of the best players ?”

FA Women’s cup Round 5 results

Well there was no real upset this week-end and a half surprise result. Villa 0 Liverpool 5 well A huge gap in quality resulted in a big scoreline as expected. This was Matt Beard first competitive game with Liverpool’s new look team and they did not disappoint. Sunderland 4 Man City 0 Again the expectedContinue reading “FA Women’s cup Round 5 results”