Short guide for England fans for the U-20 World Cup in Brittany

Here is a short guide for the England fans who intend to attend the U-20 WWC in Brittany next Summer. FIFA and the FFF LOC have decided to organise the U-20 tournament in one specific region Brittany rather than spread it all over France which makes it much easier to travel around and more costContinue reading “Short guide for England fans for the U-20 World Cup in Brittany”

The English women’s football 2016 calendar

Here are some of the dates that are already known for the 2016 calendar for the FA WSL & the England teams:   18/01 -> 26/01 FIFA international period 07/02 FA Cup R3 FA WSL 2 sides enter 28/02 FA Cup R4 29/02 ->09/03 Four nations tournament USA -/03 La Manga U19 tournament 20/03 FAContinue reading “The English women’s football 2016 calendar”

Football games attended so far in 2014

So far 61 games attended since January 2014, country visited : England, Cyprus, Sweden, France, USA, Roumania, Norway   January 05/01 Southampton Saints v Univeristy of Portsmouth 12/01 Chesham v Larkhall Athletics 18/01 OL v PSG 19/01 Montpellier v Soyaux   February 01/02 Arsenal U17 v Liverpool U17 01/02 Arsenal v Oxford 02/02 Enfield vContinue reading “Football games attended so far in 2014”

Yeovil Town v Aston Villa

So today was my first visit to Yeovil’s ground at Sherbone. I set off from home in Ealing early to go Earl’s Court and pick up, l’Equipe and France Football before getting on the train to Basingstoke where I met Patrick and off we went to Sherbone. Being French my English geography knowledge is veryContinue reading “Yeovil Town v Aston Villa”

Nani’s red card v Madrid

For once this will be a post about men’s football. This was the defining moment of the game and it clearly contributed to United’s elimination from the champions league. Was it really the wrong decision ? I believe so IF you are refereeing the game in the Premier League. We all know that the refereeContinue reading “Nani’s red card v Madrid”

Refereeing and protecting the players physical integrity.

I went to a game yesterday, I tend to watch football at every level and I did not even last the full game ! Because : 1 it was cold 2 the game was over with a 4-0 lead 3 there was only a train every 30 min towards London. Also the main reason IContinue reading “Refereeing and protecting the players physical integrity.”

My 2012 football games schedule

Games attended in 2012 (87) January (5) 08/01 Gillingham v Colchester United FA Cup 15/01 Haringey v Arsenal res London FA Cup 22/01 Bristol res v Arsenal res WPL reserves cup 28/01 Middlesex U17 v Everton U17 COE cup 29/01  Chelsea res v Arsenal res WPL Southern February (7) 12/02 Keynsham v Gillingham FA CupContinue reading “My 2012 football games schedule”