The FA Women’s Cup Round 5 draw

Those schoolkids in Hornsey decided that Round 5 would be derby day with a Merseyside, Brummie and North London derby. Hopefully games will be competitive on the 19th of March. The draw in full : FA WSL 1 v FA WSL 1 Notts County v Yeovil     Notts County will be huge favourite against promotd team Yeovil asContinue reading “The FA Women’s Cup Round 5 draw”

March 2017 FA WSL/FA WPL international call-ups

For those who are not familiar with the FIFA Women’s International match calendar, there is an international window for teams where they can play up to four games from the 27th of February to the 8th of March. The following tournaments involve players from the FA WSL 1&2  and FA WPL. The club have toContinue reading “March 2017 FA WSL/FA WPL international call-ups”

Millwall Lionesses 1 London Bees 0

It was a very competitive game  as it is always the case between those two teams with a Megan Wynne goal on the 12th minute the difference between the two sides.   Here is the goal courtesy to Millwall’s superfan Dion Farnes : Solid & controlled performance by @millwalllioness in the @WomensFACup today. @MegsWynne withContinue reading “Millwall Lionesses 1 London Bees 0”

Doomsday for some FA WSL franchises sooner or later ?

Fulham, Charlton, Manchester United. Three big names in football that let the women’s team down. Are we going to see the same thing happen with one or two FA WSL sides soon ? Watford Ladies have the constant subject of folding rumours for a while. And they do not seem to get away. I personallyContinue reading “Doomsday for some FA WSL franchises sooner or later ?”