FA Women’s Premier League clubs are to be considered for entry into FA WSL from 2016

There has been an update on the changes in the women’s football pyramid below the FA WSL 1&2. The FA WPL brand will not disappear following a well documented fight from clubs against changes implemented by the FA. The article on the FA WSL website is here  : http://www.fawsl.com/news/fa_wpl_to_get_entry_into_fa_wsl.html

Let’s have a quick look at the main points :

For the start of the 2016 season, one FA WPL club will join FA WSL 2, providing they meet licencing requirements, with an additional club entering in 2017. No FA WSL 2 club will be relegated from The FA WPL, as their licences protect them from relegation until 2017.

FA WPL clubs will compete for entry, based on league position and meeting off-field licencing criteria, in the forthcoming season. The new 72-club strong WPL will include six regional divisions – Premier League Northern and Southern divisions, Division One South West, Division One South East, Division One Midlands and Division One Northern.

So the winner of the play-offs between the play-offs between the Northern and Southern divisions winners will be allowed to apply for WSL 2 at the end of the  2014-15 season ? The FA WSL 2 would therefore have 11 teams in 2016 and 12 in 2017. Again, teams have to meet minimum requirements for WSL 2, the current one according to the FA documents is to match the £30,000 given by the FA.

Licensing for WSL 1 & 2 will reopen for the season 2018. Anyone coming with enough money and marketing could access directly to WSL 1  as seen this season. The mega rich men’s Premier League teams could spare 1%of their revenue stream and give a £500,000 budget to their Ladies team without any problem, especially with the recent new tv deal.

Just to recap :

Step 1 in women’s football FA WSL 1 summer league open to franchises

Step 2 FA WSL 2 summer league

Step 3 FA WPL Northern and Southern winter leagues

Step 4  FA WPL Division One South West, Division One South East, Division One Midlands and Division One Northern. winter leagues

Step 1 & 2 are only open to franchises ( clubs)  that comply with minimum money and marketing requirements from the FA. The access to the highest level of women’s football pyramid on sporting merit  ended in 2009/10.


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