Millwall Lionesses dev 4 Arsenal Ladies dev 3

A first defeat for the young Arsenal Ladies development team. As people say: you always learn more from the defeats than the wins.

The team was even younger as usual as three of the 5 senior players (born in 96) were either in Japan with the first team or injured. That left team captain Fran Steele as the main senior players playing alongside mainly 17 years old girls.

The starting 11 had players shuffled grom their previous game positions :
Morgan, Slater Steelle Harbour-Brown Cowley, Kiely Hassall Stojko-Down, Mills Kelly Clarke . The sub used was Fatuga and unused was Augustus.

I have to say I would have preferred to see Fran in midfield and Kelsey at center back.

So what are the factors explaining the defeat ?

First the team was not compact enough defensively. There was too much space between the differents lines. There was also a problem in midfield where the 3 players did not seem to cover each other as expected.

Then the opposition imposed a physical game with a lenient referee, the girls did not manage to adapt the opposition + referee style. To counter this kind of play there are two ways. Respond with your own physicality and escalate the fight for the ball or simply outpass the opposition. Well nothing like this happened or only by sequences.

The 3 goals were quality shots by Stojko-Down and Kelly and there were at time some great pass and move. But I find disappointing that none of the players used the diagonal ball to the opposite winger to stretch Millwall defense and create space for players to run at.

Overall, the defending under pressure was not the greatest especially on set pieces. The girls do not concede 4 goals very often in the reserves. But it was an overall team defending problem.

And finally finishing was ok but there were at least 4 clear chances that could have ended in the back of the net

So it will be a good lessons and things to learn to take into 2015. This young team can do the double like the previous generation did. Although last year’s team had a lot of 3rd and 4th year reserves player early in the season.

So far the 2014/15 has been good and that defeat is surely a simple accident on the road to success and a good lesson in term of players individual development. After all the aim is not only to win game but to prepare the girls for the 1st team and the gap between 1st team and reserves is huge.
I have no doubt a couple of girls will step up to the 1st team in the neat future joining Vyan and Carla.


France WNT the road to Canada WC 2015 : players’ statistics (November update)

2015 World Cup qualifiers group 7

Bulgaria H 14-0

Bulgaria A 10-0

Austria A 3-1

Kazakstan A 4-0

Hungary H 4-0

Austria H 3-1

Kazakstan H 7-0

Hungary A 4 -0

Finland A 2-0

Finland H 3-1


W10 GF 54 GA 3, France qualify for the World Cup with a near perfect record having conceded 3 goals in the process.



Czech Republik H 2-0

Poland H 6-0

Sweden H 3-0

Scotland N 1-1

Australia N  3-2

Netherlands N 3-0

England N 2-0

Brazil H 0-0

USA A 0-1

USA A 2-2

Germany A 2-0

New Zealand H 2-1

Brazil  H 2-0


Coach Bergeroo has decided to play friendlies against  top quality teams in order to prepare properly for the WC tournament.

The record against top 6 teams ( USA, Germany, Japan, Sweden and Brazil) is W3 D2 L1 GF 9 GA 3

The record against below top 6 teams is W6 D1 GF 19 GA 4


Players stats since Phillipe  Bergeroo took over from Bruno Bini :

Bergeroo has managed 23 games overall over the Sep 13 – Nov 14 period


There are 17 core players who are more or less guaranteed to go to the World Cup if they don’t get a long term injury in the next 6 months  :

Louisa Necib 20+2

Wendie Renard 19+1

Jessica Houara 18+1

Sarah Bouhaddi 18

Gaetane Thiney 17+6

Elodie Thomis 17+1

Eugenie Le Sommer 16+3

Amandine Henry 16+2

Laura Georges 16+1

Elise Bussaglia 15+8

Sabrina Delannoy 14

Marie-Laure Delie 13+6

Camille Abily 13+5

Laure Boulleau 9+1

Celine Deville 5

Griedge M’Bock Bathy 4+3 *

Amel Majri 4+1


There are 4 back-ups who are regularly called up and are likely to be on the plane to Canada providing they keep a good club form :

Kenza Dali 4+1

Kheira Hamraoui 3+9

Marina Makanza 2+9

Anaig  Butel 1+1


The fringe players :

Julie Soyer 2 not called up recently

Laetitia Tonazzi 1+7 not called up recently

Viviane Asseyi 1+5 not called up recently

Marine Dafeur 1 not called up recently

Sandie Toletti*  +3

Camille Catala +2 not called up recently

Aurelie Kaci +2

Claire Lavogez +3

Rose Lavaud + 1 not called up recently

Kaddidiatou Diani +1


A player that has been more or less put to international retirement by the coach ( not called up since the Cyprus Cup)

Corinne Petit 4


A few players have been called up but not capped during those 22 games :

Karima Benameur (GK), Pauline Crammer, Ines Jaurena,  Meline Gerard (GK),  Laetitia Phillipe (GK) and Amandine Guerin


*Griedge M’Bock Bathy and  Sandie Toletti were preparing for the U20 WC so missed a lot of call ups from January to July 14


Goalscorers under Phillipe Bergeroo

Thiney  16 goals

Le Sommer 11 goals

Delie 10 goals

Necib  10 goals

Renard  8 goals

Bussaglia  6 goals

Abily 5 goals

Thomis 4 goals

own goals 4

Henry 2 goals

Delannoy 1 goal

Dali 1 goal

Diani 1 goal

Tonazzi  1 goal

Georges 1 goal

Majri 1 goal


Arsenal Ladies squad for the Nestle Cup

The Arsenal Ladies are taking an 19 players squad to Japan and news has come that Yael Averbuch and Rachel Brown will join the team for the duration of the tournament.

1. Brown, 15. Chamberlain,

2. Scott, 5. Stoney, 18. Mitchell,  19. Fahey, 26. Sampson

4. Kinga, 6. Averbuch, 7. Ohno, 8. Nobbs, 14. Williamson, 16. Murray, 20. Weir, 25. Bailey

9. Carter, 10. Sanderson, 24. Ayisi, 27. Humphrey,

Byrne, Smith and Yankey miss the tournament


The tournament will be played from the 30th of November to the 6th of December.  Arsenal Ladies will enter the tournanent as the semi-final level  and will the play the winner of the Okayama Yunogo Belle v Melbourne Victory game. The game will be played on the 3rd of December at 19.05 local time  10.05 UK time.  The finals will be played on the 6th of December with the 3rd place play-off at 11.35 am ie 2.35 am UK time the championship game at 3.10 pm ie 6.10 am UK.

Arsenal Ladies are playing a friendy on Sunday against Musashigaoka College


For more information on the tournament, the full bloom guidebook website is the place to be :


Year 2014 review games 81-90


81. Chelsea development v Arsenal development  19th of October

Cup game played at Cobham with a strong wind. 5-1 win for the Arsenal reserves

82. Germany France 25th of October

France 2-0 win for the first time ever in Germany. International friendly in preparation for the World Cup 2015.

83. Bristol development v Arsenal development 26th of October

2-0 win for the Arsenal reserves played on a very narrow pitch. Bristol goalie sent-off for handballing outside the penalty area.

84. Herts University v Gloucester University 29th of October

A midweek uni game with a big win for Herts Uni.



85. Arsenal development v Reading development 2nd of November

League game won 4-0 by the Arsenal reserves.

86. PSG Lyon 8th of November

Champions League Round of 16 1st leg between the 2 French heavyweight, ended up 1-1

87. Bristol v Barcelona 13th of November

Champions League Round of 16 second leg

Bristol go through with a 1-1 draw after winning 1-0 away in Spain.

88. Arsenal U17 v Chelsea U17 15th of November

1st round Cup game won 1-1 and 5-3 on penalties by Arsenal

89. Arsenal development v London Bees development 16th of November

Cup game won 4-0 by the Arsenal reserves

90. England v Germany 23rd of November at Wembley


Year 2014 review games 71-80


71. Reading v Doncaster 30th of August

Easy win for Reading, too little too late after failing to ebat Sunderland in the previous week.

72. London Bees v Millwall 31st of August

1-0 big win for the Bees thanks to a rocket from Amber Gaylor



73. Arsenal Chelsea 4th of September

Huge win for Chelsea in the title race. Game’s turning point is a penalty for Arsenal as they were 1-0 up but it ended up as a conversion by Casey Stoney. Chelsea scoring a late winner following a misskick by Emma Byrne.

74. Bristol v Arsenal 20th of September

First game for Pedro Losa and first masterstroke subbing Kelly Smith in for Casey Stoney after Arsenal were 2 -0 down. Smith subsequently scoed a hat trick and Arsenal won 4-3

75.  Arsenal development v Millwall development 21st of September First League game for the new look Arsenal reserves team, a big 5-1 win.

76. Arsenal development v Reading development 28th of September Cup game for the Arsenal reserves won 5-0



77. Arsenal v Liverpool 5th of October

Liverpool keeps their title hope alive with a last minute goal by former Gunner Gemma Davison, a very entertaining 3-3 draw.

78. Reading v Millwall 11th of October

Another Reading win in quite a one sided game.

79. Arsenal v Everton 12th of October

The only dead rubber in FA WSL 1 on title decider day. Bad referee, some good goals and the first home win in the League for the Arsenal

80. Bristol v Raheny 16th of October

2nd leg of the Champions League 1st round, easy win for Bristol in control after winning the first leg away


Year 2014 review games 61-70


61. Reading v London Bees 26th July

Game played at the Madejski, easy win for Reading, great free-kick from Billie Brooks for Bees.

62. Chelsea v Bristol 27th of July

Another League win for Chelsea, good entertaining game.


63. Yeovil v Watford 2nd of August A big 3-0 win for Wafotd with an exceptional performance by Emma Beckett

64. London Bees v Villa 3rd of August a well contested game won by Villa

65. Reading res v US high school team 9th of August

pre season friendly for reading reserves in a random location

66. Watford v Reading 10th of August

4-0 win from Reading with an excellent performance from Fran Kirby including a splendid 30 yards top corner shot

67. Bayern Munich v PSG 15th of August

A top quality pre-season friendly played in Germany that ended up 1-1. Superb physical battle and intensity.

68. Wales v England 21st of August

WC Qualifiers with Wales shooting themselves in the foot resulting in a heavy defeat.

69. Reading v Sunderland 23rd of August

Reading said sayonara to their promotion chance on the night as they did not manage to beat Sunderland despite being 1-0 up at half time and coasting. Sunderland came back with a strong physical battleplan and Reading just folded…

70. Chelsea Birmingham 24th of August

First League defeat and the beginning of the end of the title challenge for Birmingham. They never came back from the 2nd one month break in the competition that killed their momentum.

Lucy Bronze move from Liverpool to Manchester City : quick statistical analysis for FA WSL 2014

All the data from this post come from the latest edition of shekicks magazine via Opta

Lucia Bronze has made 21 appearance overall in the FA competitions ( FA WSL, Conti Cup and FA Women’s Cup) scoring 2 goals.

She has started all 14 league games for Liverpool either at CB or RB or RWB.

She has made 2 appearances in the UEFA WCL as well totalling 180 minutes 1 assist, 1 shot, 3 fouls commited and 5 fouls suffered.


Her contribution in the League title  win has been fantastic as seen in the following  Top 10 statistics :


On the attacking side :

She is the number 1 player in the touches per game with 88.43 number 1 also with touches per game and minutes per touches with 1.018

She is the number 6 ranked player in the touches in the opposition half with 44.14. Basically 50% of her  ball touches happen in the opposition half.  She is number 8 in the touches per opposition half in 90 and also number 8 in minutes per touch in opposition half at 2.08

She is number 5 in the passes received per game statistics with 37.64  as well as number 5 for passes received per 90 minutes. And number 5  for minutes per passed received at 2.391

She is also number 4 in the passes per game ranking  with 49.5 4th in the passes per 90 minutes and 4th in the minutes per passes with 22.105


On the defensive side :

She is number 2 for the interception per games with 4.14, ranked number 3 for interception per 90 minutes and number 3 at minutes per interception with 21.724 ( the reason she is not number 2 everywhere, is the player in 3rd places in interception per games came on as a sub in one of her game)

She is number 2 in the tackles per game ranking with 4.07 , ranked number 4 tackles per 90 minutes and number 4 as well in the minutes per tackle with 22.105


Overall, the numbers show that she has had a fundamental role in Liverpool ‘s title charge with her runs down the right wing. She is the typical modern full back with pace and attacking quality, very similar to Phillipe Lahm at Bayern Munchen imo ( before he was moved to pivote by Pep Guardiola) .