FA WSL Round 1 review

Season 2019/20 has started with a bang with many fans attending the games and a lack of goals. We will see if that defensive trend will carry on in round 2, but it might signal a new era where defenses prevail over attack?

All the games ended in a draw or with a win by a goal margin. There was also only one game in six that produced more than one goal which is a pretty poor return for the forwards. I think it is quite obvious that having full time teams has brought the defensive side of the game to a higher level with better fitness, organisation and preparation to the opposition strength and weaknesses.

The attack will know have to react and improve the same way in the future. It is the usual improvement cycle between attack and defense. There was a 0-0 draw between Bristol and Brighton, four 1-0 wins Chelsea v Spurs, City v United, Reading at Liverpool and Everton at Birmingham. Arsenal beat West Ham 2-1 in the only game with two plus goals.

The two promoted teams did very well against the title contenders and as mentioned where particularly well organised on the defensive side. The third contender Arsenal did the job could have won by a bigger margin as they had many 3-0 chances but ended up very close to a 2-2 draw as West ham hit the crossbar late in the game.

For the relegation battle, there are obviously five teams currently in the danger zone with the two promoted teams currently there alongside Liverpool, Birmingham and West Ham. As it is early days many of those are not likely to stay in the relegation battle in upcoming weeks as they make their way up to mid-table safety.

Everton’s win at Birmingham is an important  one should they both end up in the relegation battle at some points. Bristol and Brighton battled for a good point that launched their season well.

Round 2 will give us more information on the teams’ strength as the FA WSL is a League with only 22 games and not much margin for errors as seen last season. Chelsea never recovered from a disastrous start even if they were unbeaten and not conceding goals at the time. While City were unbeaten until the last 3 minutes of the season but still did not win the League.

Momentum is everything is a short season League.



FA WSL Summer 2019 transfer window

The transfer window for professional players will be opened from the 14 June to the 05 Sep

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In  5 : Leonie Maier (FC Bayern), Jill Roord(FC Bayern), Manuela Zinsberger (FC Bayern), Louise Quinn, Jennifer Beattie (Man City), Kim Little, Fran Stenson ( Manchester City)

Out 4 :  Sari Van Veenendaal ( Athletico Madrid),  Dominique Bloodworth ( Wolfsburg), Janni Arnth ( Fiorentina), Fran Stenson ( Blackburn Rovers -loan)


Manchester City

In 6 : Ellen White ( Birmingham City), Karen Bardsley, Ellie Roebuck,Megan Campbell, Matilde Fidalgo ( SC Braga), Laura Coombs ( Liverpool), Aoife Mannion ( Birmingham), Lee Geum-min (Gyeongju KHNP), Tyler Toland ( Sion Swift)

Out 7 :  Nikita Parris (Olympique Lyonnais), Abbie McManus (Manchester United), Claire Emslie ( Orlando Pride), Melissa Lawley (Liverpool) , Jennifer Beattie (Arsenal), Fran Stenson ( Arsenal), Esme Morgan ( Everton Ladies – loan)


Birmingham City

In 6 Emma Follis, Claudia Walker ( Everton), Connie Scofield, Rachel Williams, Abbi Grant ( Anderlecht), Harriet Scott, Brianna Visalli ( West Ham), Heidi Logan, Rebecca Holloway ( Nashville Rhythm), Lucy Whipp ( St John’s U), Adrienne Jordan ( Atlanta), Hannah Hampton

Out 10 Ellen White ( Manchester City), Meaghan Sargent ( Bristol), Charlie Wellings ( Bristol), Hayley Ladd (Manchester United), Lucy Quinn (Tottenham Hotspur) , Aoife Mannion ( Manchester City), Marisa Ewers ( Aston Villa), Shania Hayles (Aston Villa), Paige Williams, Emma Follis ( Aston Villa)



In 2 : Guro Reiten ( LSK), Sophie Ingle, Jade Bailey ( end of loan – Reading), Ji So-Yun

Out 5 :  Hedvig Lindhal ( Vfl Wolfsburg), Jade Bailey ( Liverpool), Elizabeth Durack ( retirement), Ali Riley ( FC Bayern), Karen Carney ( retirement) 



In 4 : Rachel Rowe, Fara Williams, Kristine Leine (Roa), Angharad James ( Everton), Mayumi Pacheco, Sophie Howard, Molly Bartrip, Lily Woodham, Amalie Eikeland (Sandviken), Maxine Bennink ( PEC Zwolle)

Out 6 : Rebecca Jane (Liverpool), Kirsty Pearce ( retirement), Jade Bailey ( end of loan – Chelsea), Gemma Davison ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Charlie Estcourt ( Charlton – loan), Lily Woodham ( Charlton – loan), Rachel Furness ( Tottenham – loan)



In 7 : Gemma Evans, Abi Harrison, Sophie Baggaley, Meaghan Sargent ( Birmingham), Charlie Wellings ( Birmingham), Loren Dykes, Frankie Brown, Carla Humphrey, Florence Allen, Yana Daniels ( Liverpool), Jamine Matthews ( Liverpool), Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United),  Vita Van Der Linden ( Ajax), Eartha Cummings, Carla Humphrey, Olivia Chance ( Everton)

Out 8 : Julie Biesmans ( PSV Eindhoven), Danique Kerkdijk ( Brighton), Juliette Kempi ( London City Lionesses), Alicia Johnson ( Sheffield United), Lucy Graham ( Everton), Rosella Ayane ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Heather Payne (FSU), Ella Rutherford ( Crystal Palace – loan)


West Ham

In 7 : Esmee de Graaf, Anna Moorhouse, Kate Longhurst, Tessel Middag, Laura Vetterlein ( SC Sand), Martha Thomas ( Le Havre), Jacynta Galabadaarachchi ( Perth Glory), Kenza Dali (FC Dijon), Cecilie Redisch Kvamme ( Sandviken), Katharina Baunach (VfL Wolfsburg),  Courtney Brosnan ( Le Havre)

Out 8 : Lucienne Reichardt ( retirement), Claire Rafferty ( retirement), Rosie Kmita ( London Bees),  Brianna Visalli ( Birmingham), Rebecca Spencer ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Jane Ross ( Manchester United), Ria Percival ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Vyan Sampson ( London City Lionesses- loan)



In 3 : Sophie Bradley, Rebecca Jane (Reading) Melissa Lawley ( Man City), Jade Bailey ( Chelsea), Anke Preuss, Fran Kitching

Out 4 : Laura Coombs (Manchester City), Leandra Little (Sheffield United), Yana Daniels ( Bristol), Jasmine Matthews ( Bristol)



In  4 : Danique Kerkdijk ( Bristol), Matilde Skovsen ( VSK Aarhus), Megan Walsh ( Yeovil), Amanda Nilden, Ini Umotong, Fern Whelan, Emily Simpkins, Jodie Brett, Kirsty Barton, Laura Rafferty, Victoria Williams, Fliss Gibbons, Kate Natkiel, Sophie Harris, Aileen Whelan, Beth Roe, Danielle Buet, Kayleigh Green, Megan Connolly, Lea Le Garrec ( Guingamp)

Out 4 : Lucy Gillett ( Crystal Palace), Sophie Perry, Marie Hourihan ( SC Braga), Chloe Peplow ( Tottenham Hotspurs)



In 6 : Kika Van Es ( Ajax), Tinja-Riikka Korpela (Valarenga), Gabby George, Georgia Brougham, Megan Finnigan, Taylor Hinds, Hannah Cain, Simone Magill, Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah, Lucy Graham ( Bristol), Molly Pike ( Chelsea Academy), Maeva Clemaron ( FC Fleury), Elise Hughes, Esme Morgan ( Man City -loan)

Out 7 : Dominique Bruinenberg (PEC Zwolle), Siri Worm (Tottenham Hotspurs), Olivia Chance, Rebecca Flaherty ( Sheffield Utd) ,Emma Brownlie, Claudia Walker ( Birmingham),  Angharad James (Reading)


Manchester United

In 6 : Jackie Groenen ( 1. FFC Frankfurt), Abbie McManus (Manchester City), Hayley Ladd ( Birmingham), Jane Ross (West Ham), Mary Earps ( Wolfsburg), Lotta Okvist ( Hammarby ), Aurora Mikalsen ( Kolbotn)

Out 5 : Charlotte Devlin (Charlton), Naomi Hartley ( Sheffield United), Lucy Roberts (USF), Ebony Salmon ( Bristol), Alex Greenwood ( Olympique Lyonnais)



In 9 : Rebecca Spencer ( West Ham), Ria Percival ( West Ham), Siri Worm ( Everton), Chloe Peplow ( Brighton), Rosella Ayane ( Bristol), Gemma Davison ( Reading), Lucy Quinn ( Birmingham), Chloe Morgan, Jenna Schillaci, Lucia Leon, Ashleigh Neville, Josie Green, Anna Filbey, Sophie McLean, Coral Haines, Jessica Naz, Angela Addison, Rianna Dean, Hannah Godfrey (Pensacola FC), Megan Wynne, Kit Graham ( Charlton), Rachel Furness ( Reading – loan)

Out 9 : Emma Beckett ( Watford),  Renee Hector (Charlton), Sarah Wiltshire ( Yeovil), Bianca Baptiste ( Crystal Palace), Anne Meiwald ( Watford), Wendy Martin ( retirement),  Ryah Vyse (Watford), Maya Vio ( retirement), Emma Gibbon (Crystal Palace) 



FA WC Summer 2019 transfer window

The transfer window for professional players will be opened from the 14 June to the 05 Sep

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In 3 : Megan Bell ( Linfield), Iris Achterhof ( Old Dominion Uni), Molly Sharpe ( Barry University), Hannah Reid, Kathryn Hill, Lisa Robertson, Sarah Wilson, Sarah Robson, Beth Hepple, Nicki Gears, Megan Borthwick, Becky Salicki, Ellie Christon, Emily Roberts, Lauren Briggs, Abby Holmes, Rachel Lee, Jordan Atkinson

Out 3 : Abi Cottam ( Sunderland ), Chloe Knott, Zoe Ness ( Lewes)



In 12 : Charlotte Kerr, Riva Casley ( Millwall Lionesses), Georgia Evans ( Yeovil Town), Ellie Leek ( Le Havre), Lois Euchan ( Le Havre), Maddie Phillips ( Chelsea Academy), Alice Griffiths ( Cardiff met), Jaime Gotch ( Reading Academy), Rachel Newborough ( Boston College), Lily Woodham ( Reading – loan), Charlie Estcourt ( Reading – loan), Renee Hector ( Tottenham), Charlotte Devlin ( Manchester United), Shanell Salgado ( Crystal Palace), Jenna Legg ( unattached)

Out 10 : Ellie Bailes, Chloe Brunton-Wilde, Amelia Ritchie, Hayley West, Amber Stobbs ( retirement), Lilly Agg, Harley Bennett, Charlotte Gurr, Elizabeth Ejupi ( London City Lionesses), Kit Graham ( Tottenham)


Sheffield United

In 9 : Katie Wilkinson ( London Bees), Naomi Hartley ( Manchester United), Leandra Little ( Liverpool), Olivia Fergusson ( Yeovil), Kerri Matthews ( York City RTC), Rebecca Flaherty ( Everton), Emily Batty, Alicia Johnson ( Bristol), Aimee Palmer ( Manchester United – loan), Kasia Lipka, Ellie Fletcher ( Liverpool – loan)

Out 8 : Sophie Jones ( retirement), Ellie Gilliat ( Derby County), Tania Marsden, Danielle Cox, Nikki Davies, Nicole Kemp, Georgia Stevens ( Fylde AFC), Jodie Hartley, Rebbeca Rayner ( Notthingham Forest) 


Aston Villa

In 8 : Marisa Ewers ( Birminhgam), Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Leicester), Melissa Johnson ( Leicester), Emily Syme ( Yeovil), Charlotte Greengrass ( Leicester), Shania Hayles ( Birmingham), Nathalie Haigh, Emma Follis ( Birmingham)

Out 6 : Aja Aguirre, Alison Hall, Ashlee Brown, Hayley Crackle ( Coventry), Hollie Gibson, Tanisha Smith, Aoife Hurley ( Crystal Palace) 



In 7 : Aime Everett ( Liverpool), Lachante Paul ( Arsenal Academy), Annabel Blanchard ( Liverpool Academy), Paige Bailey-Gayle ( Arsenal Academy), Lia Cataldo ( London City Lionnesses), Grace Riglar ( Bristol), Anneka Nuttall ( Crystal Palace), Nat Johnson, Hayley James, Leigh Dugmore, Demi Lambourne, Holly Morgan, Lucy Johnson

Out 5 : Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Aston Villa), Melissa Johnson ( Aston Villa). Rosie Axten ( Coventry), Charlotte Clarke ( Stoke City), Charlotte Greengrass ( Aron Villa)


London Bees

In 11 : Lee Burch ( manager – Yeovil),Sarah Quantrill, Merrick Will, Bonnie Horwood ( Yeovil), Megan Alexander ( Yeovil), Amelia Hazard ( Arsenal Academy), Georgina Giddings ( Millwall Lionesses), Georgia Roberts ( Lewes), Brooke Nunn, Rosie Kmita ( West Ham), Courtney Ward-Chambers ( QPR), Billie Brooks ( unattached), Hayley West, Lauren Pickett, Nikita Whinett ( Crystal Palace), Nicola Gibson, Taylor O’Leary, Mollie Dench, Lucy Loomes, Megen Lynch ( Crystal Palace), Flo Gamby

Out 10 : Rachel Yankey ( manager), Paula Howells, Katie Wilkinson ( Sheffield United), Destiny Toussaint, Annabel Johnson (Crystal Palace), Rachel Unitt, Daisy McLachlan ( Oxford United), Rosanna Parnell ( Southampton FC), Kelsey Gibson ( Luton Town), Tricia Gould, Ruesha Littlejohn, Ocean Rolandsen ( Watford)



In 9 : Katie McIntyre, Amy Taylor, Danielle Lane, Samantha Quayle, Caitlin Hayes ( Barcelona FA), Ella Powell ( Georgia State University), Ellie Noble ( Oxford United), Faye Baker, Emma Jones ( Cardiff City), Rhian Cleverly ( Le Havre), Jess King, Sophie O’Rourke, Emily Donovan ( Yeovil), Annie Timoney (Marine Academy ), Charley Boswell, Ava Rowbotham, Filippa Savva ( Liverpool Feds), Molly Peters ( Enfield), Issy Foster ( Southampton FC), Zoe Ness ( Durham)

Out 5 : Rebecca Carter (Crawley Wasps), Leeta Rutherford (Crystal Palace), Nina Wilson (Watford) , Charlotte Owen ( Crawley Wasps), Georgia Roberts ( London Bees)


Crystal Palace

In 9 : Leeta Rutherford ( Lewes), Amy Goddard  ( Yeovil), Cherelle Khassal ( Chichester), Freya Holdoway, Jordan Butler, Lucy Gillett ( Brighton), Ashley Hincks, Ciara Watling, Andria Georgiou, Nicole Pepper, Lily Stevens, Magda Mosengo ( Carson Newman), Annabel Johnson ( London Bees), Emma Gibbon ( Tottenham), Lizzie Waldie, Bianca Baptiste ( Tottenham), Ashleigh Goddard ( Appollon Ladies), Reat Laudat ( Totthenham), Aoife Hurley ( Aston Villa), Ella Rutherford ( Bristol – loan)

Out 1 : Anneka Nuttall ( Leicester), Nikita Whinett ( London Bees), Megen Lynch ( London Bees), Shannel Salgado ( Charlton)


London City Lionesses

In 14 :  Poppy Wilson ( Bristol ), Ellie Mason ( Yeovil), Hannah Short ( Yeovil, Elizabeth Ejupi ( Charlton), Lily Agg ( Charlton), Amber Gaylor ( Yeovil), Juliette Kempi ( Bristol), Annie Rossiter, Leanne Cowan, Lucy Fitzgerald, Gabby Ravenscroft, Ylena Priest, Evie Clarke, Florence Fyfe ( Oxford), Vyan Samspon ( Charlton), Freda Ayisi ( Leicester), Lucy Thomas ( Oxford), Chantelle Mackie, Kallie Balfour, Eden Bailey, Harley Bennett ( Charlton), Grace Neville

Out 3: Riva Casley ( Charlton), Lia Cataldo ( Leicester), Beth Lumsden ( Enfield) , Georgina Giddings ( London Bees)



In 2 : Kayleigh MacDonald, Natasha Flint, Serena Fletcher,Jessica Holbrook, Kelsey Pearson, Saffron Jordan, Ellie Stewart, Natasha Fenton, Alex Taylor, Lauren Davies  Rhema Lord- Mears ( Anderlecht), Sophie Charlton, Danielle Hill, Lauren Thomas ( Liverpool)

Out 4 : Lynda Shepherd ( retirement), Danielle Gibbons, Charlotte Stuart, Lagan Makin



In 7 : Helen Dermody Beth Merrick Jade Formaston, Maz Gauntlett, Nikki Miles, Erin Riden, Shannon O Brien. Katie Morris ( Chorley FC), Rosie Axten( Leicester), Jodie Bartle ( Loughborough Foxes), Rebecca Anderson ( unattached), Erin Smith ( Leafield), Susan Wood, Sian Johnson, Yasmine Kluckis, Hayley Crackle ( Aston Villa)

Out 4 : Rosie McDonnell, Natasha Merritt, Lois Jefferies ( Wolves), Georgina Presswell



D1 Feminine Matchday 1 recap

It’s only Matchday 1 and we get the feeling that it is Groundhog Day at the top of the table.  The fixture list  was not offering any duel between teams from last season’s top 5 and the new season shows already there is continuity in term of the teams’ hierarchy.


OL in full control mode, PSG goes to 7 heaven

The fenottes were at home to promoted side Marseille at a near capacity Groupama Training centre with close to 2 000  fans. With a successful preseason with two wins in the IWCC under their belt, there was no surprise to see a win against OM with six goals scored. The opener came in the third by one of the new signing Nikita Parris. Without their captain Wendie Renard who was put on substitute’s bench because of a virus or Amel Majri who was injured, the Captain for the day Eugenie Le Sommer was getting the second goal after some good work from Ada Hegerberg. The Norwegian had to wait a little bit to open her account, as she missed a cross from Alex Greenwood for Dzsenifer Marozsan to finish the move for the 2-0.

In the second half, OM went down to 10 after a red card, Cascarino got her goal on a turnover concluded by a nice solo move. And Hegeberg got a brace from two set pieces from Maroszan, the second goal was actually a follow through from an M’Bock shot that hit the crossbar. It was a large victory and coach Vasseur acknowledged it but also noted there was a lot of work to be done: “we are here to get better in everything that we do. Everything is not perfect, but the score line is good. We really wanted to start the season well. We created a lot of chances and could have scored a lot more goals

A work in progress after that first game was also the word for the Marseille coach Christophe Parra “It was important to have a good quality of work today against the Champions League holders. The players learn a lot by playing those kinds of games. We have a lot of young players and it will be important to analyse what went right and wrong and to think on how to improve things “Guingamp is up next for Marseille in two weeks after the international break.


It’s only the first game of the season, we have to put things in perspective

Lyon was top of the League on Saturday; PSG overtook them on Sunday following their victory against Soyaux on the new artificial pitch at Stade Jean-Bouin. Like at the Lyon game, there was no need to wait very long to see the opener, as Marie-Antoinette Katoto opened her account less than a minute into the game. Last season’s top scorer took advantage of the space between Soyaux’s defensive lines to get a double. Hannah Glas then scored PSG’s third goal straight after the second one (3-0 35’). Unfortunately for her, Katoto would not add more goals to her tally as she had to be substituted with an injury in the 51st minute. Huitema checked in and was involved on the fourth goal from a corner, as her ball hit Diani before going in. Geyoro took advantage of a defensive mistake to get her goal, and Nadim also got on the scoresheet. Finally the new signing Däbritz scored with a toe-poke to make it seven and go top of the League. She was happy with the team’s performance: “ it was a perfect game, it is nice to have scored so many goals, I am very happy with this. We are really satisfied and hope to carry on this way

A positive day for Olivier Echouafni” we got the victory, this is the most important point, you always have some doubts before the opening game. We did what was needed to open the score quickly, and we made the game easy to play by doing it.  We managed to score a lot of goals without conceding. It is only the season’s first game, we have to put things in perspective”

Even if Soyaux’s squad had not changed much during the close season and with only Tandia missing through suspension, coach Sebastien Joseph was bemoaning the lack of basics implemented during the game. “ We did not play football today, there is a lot of disappointment. We made too many errors  and presented them with goal scoring opportunities. We were too passive to get anything from that game. We need to rectify all those problems if we want to do something this season” There is certainly a lot to do for the team at the bottom of the league.


Bordeaux’s attack firing on all cylinders

As a team coming with new ambitions, the Bordeaux girls have started the season well against Fleury.  They were the first team to score this season, thanks to a misunderstanding between Sevecke and her goalie. With a clear intent on an attacking style, Pedro Losa’s team carried on attacking and Asseyi’s shot was well stop by Gignoux-Soulier (12’). The first chance for Fleury came from Corboz but he shot lacked any power to surprise Nayler (18’). A few minutes later, Shaw powered past Sevecke but hit the crossbar (18’). She was rewarded later in the game when she headed in a corner from Jaurena (2-0 75’). Makanza brought the game back to 2-1 as she took advantage of an error by Thibaud, but a handball from Gadea allowed Asseyi to score a penalty ( 3-1 82’) with Shaw finishing off the game ( 4-1 90’)


Dijon collapse in ten minutes against PFC

PFC seems to be Dijon’s nemesis and Saturday’s game was no different from the previous ones. Dijon had started the game well, Barbance hitting the crossbar from long range (13’). The last minutes of the first half were all PFC with the German left-back Savin pushing forward to help with the overload and give two assists. First for Thiney, who finished with a great volley ( 1-0 38’) and then for Soyer with a powerful shot ( 2-0 42’).  Then just before the half-time whistle Mateo found Catala for the (3-0 45+1’). An air pocket before the break according to the Dijon coach that left the players struggling to react during that ten minutes stint. He was still happy with his team’s second half performance. PFC managed the game in the second act, Dijon finally found an opening thanks to Carage after a good work from Bouillot ( 3-1 85’) but it was too little to late.


Le Bihan unlocks Reims’s defence,

Clarisse Le Bihan put her team on the right track by unlocking the Reims defence with a fantastic long range left footed shot that ended up under the crossbar (1-0 44’). Montpellier had not shown enough movement off the ball to so far in the game to surprise a well organised newly promoted team Reims. Their new goalie Schmitz hand to make an important save against Feller (29’), while Phillipe had a penalty shoot after a dubious contact with Karchaoui (42’).  At the start of the second half, Simon fouled Mondesir and with the penalty converted by Le Bihan, Montpellier could breathe a lot better (2-0 47’). “we did more combination play and developed our game more “said the coach Frederic Mendy after the game. But the score line would not evolve even with a Petermann shot from 20 m going close to the top corner. The result was the main take from the Montpellier team while Amandine Miquel the Reims coach thought the performance and the dedication to the tasks shown during the game from her side were positives. “they fought with all their available weapons and competed well” A performance that will need to be repeated if they want to stay up.


Guingamp get some most needed points early in the season

Even if it was matchday 1, the game looked like a key relegation battle game. Both sides had to wait until the very end of the season to see their place in D1 Feminine confirmed and the winner on the day would have a big psychological boost. The head to head record is the tiebreaker in D1 Feminine. The game did not really allow us to gauge the real strength of FC Metz because of the early red card from their captain Melissa Godart for a foul on her opposite number Desire Oparanozie. A seemingly innocuous free-kick allowed Faustine Robert to surprise Justine Lerond and Guingamp to take the lead (1-0 30’) . FC Metz replied by Gordon who tried to lob Durand from 28 yards, but the goalie managed to clear the ball (34’). The game stayed open and could have gone both way right until the end when Louise Fleury on the play of the game scored the second and winning goal past Lerond (2-0, 90+4)

The original post can be found in French here on footofeminin.fr


FA WSL Winter 2018 transfer window

The transfer window will be open from the 28th of December  to the 24th of January and is now closed


This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In :  Ann-Katrin Berger ( Birmingham), Jade Bailey

Out : Jade Bailey ( Reading – loan), Libby Smith ( Leicester)


Manchester City

In :

Out : Nadia Nadim ( PSG), Mie Jans ( FC Rosengard)



In : Janni Arnth ( Linkopings), Lisa Evans, Anna Miedema, Katrin Veje (MHSC)

Out :



In : Rakel Hönnudóttir (IF LB07)

Out :



In : Hannah Hampton, Claudia Walker ( Everton -loan), Alex Brooks ( Sheffield)

Out : Ann-Katrin Berger ( Chelsea)



In : Jemma Purfield ( Arizona State Uni)

Out :


Bristol City

In : Abi Harrison ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Katie Rood ( Lewes- loan)



In : Emma Brownlie ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Claudia Walker ( Birmingham – loan)



In : Rachel Mclauchlan ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Leah Burridge ( Plymouth), Shannon Albuery ( Portsmouth – loan), Chloe Lloyd ( Cardiff – loan)



In : Megan Connolly ( FSU)

Out : Lucy Gillett ( Crystal Palace – loan), Sophie Perry ( Lewes – loan)


West Ham

In : Cho So-Hyun (Avaldsnes IL), Adriana Leon ( Seattle Reign)

Out :


FA Women’s Championship winter 2018 transfer window

The transfer window for the professional contracts is open from the 28th of December to the 24th of January and is now closed.

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals

Manchester United

In :

Out : Ebony Salmon ( Sheffield – loan)



In :  Sara Eggesvik ( Grand Bodo)

Out : Gemma Bryan ( Crystal Palace),



In : Lisa Robertson ( Hibs Ladies)

Out :



In: Emma Beckett ( London Bees)



London Bees


Out : Emma Beckett ( Tottenham Hotspurs)




Out: Maddy Cusack ( Sheffield), Serena Fletcher ( Blackburn)



In: Maddy Cusack ( Leicester), Veatriki Sarri, Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United – loan)

Out: Beth Merrick ( Coventry ), Alex Brooks ( Birmingham)


Aston Villa


Out: Evie Gane ( Oxford City), Amy Burnside ( Stoke City)



In: Fran Alonso ( manager), Sophie Perry ( Brighton – loan), Katie Rood ( Bristol – loan)

Out: Natasha Wells, Rebecca Thompson-Agbro


Crystal Palace

In: Gemma Bryan ( Charlton), Megan McKeag, Lucy Gilett ( Brighton – loan)



Millwall Lionesses

In : Grace Neville ( Oklahoma Cowgirls)

Out : Grace Taylor


The English girls taking part in the NCAA 2018 tournament

There will be many English players a taking part in the 2018 NCAA women’s soccer tournament. 64 teams will try to become the national champions.

The 2018 DI women’s soccer tournament kicks off the weekend of Nov. 9-11. Second and third rounds continue the following weekend from Nov. 16-18. The four national semifinalists will be determined in the quarterfinals on Nov. 23-24.

The Women’s College Cup will then be hosted by WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina on Nov. 30 (semifinals) and Dec. 2 (championship game). And in the end there was one English winner Anna Patten with FSU


Players out in the first round

Seattle U : Laura Hooper M, previously at Arsenal

Boston College : Rachel Newborough DF, previously at Doncaster Belles

Louisville Mollie Rouse M,  U-20 WC bronze medal, previously at Aston Villa

Bowling Green :  Ruby Linton M,

Loyola Chicago :  Freya Glen M, previously at Millwall, Arsenal and Chelsea

Clemson  Tigers : Sandy McIver  GK U-20 WC bronze medal, previously at Man City


Players out in the second round

Hofstra :  Jordan Littleboy M, previously at Arsenal, London Bees and Watford  Miri Taylor M, previously at Arsenal and Chelsea, Lucy Porter M previously at Aston Villa, Lucy Shepherd  F/M previously at Aston Villa

West Virginia : Lois Joel D, previously at Chelsea, Isabella Sibley F previously at Chelsea, Grace Smith D previously at Aston Villa

South Carolina : Grace Fisk D U-20 WC bronze medal ( captain), previously at Millwall

LSU : Lucy Parker D previously at Arsenal , Shannon Cooke D previously at Arsenal , Tinaya Alexander F  previously at Arsenal , Chiara Ritchie-Williams D previously at Arsenal

South Florida: Katie Kitching M

 Kansas University : Ceri Holland M, previously at Manchester City

Players out in the quarterfinals

Southern California : Ashleigh Plumptre M, previously at Notts County, Derby County and Birmingham City


UNC : Alessia Russo F, U-20 WC bronze medal previously at Brighton and Chelsea, Lotte Wubben-Moy D previously at Arsenal

Championship winner

FSU : Anna Patten D U-20 WC bronze medal, previously at Arsenal,














Physical integrity not at the centre of the refereeing thoughts in another game.

Another game and another frustrating afternoon marred by confusing refereeing.

It was a very good and even contest between Cambridge City and Cambridge United that ended up with the underdog winning 2-1 aet.  So why do I ended up being frustrated by the refereeing? I accept that I spent way too much time moaning about them, but the same errors happen too often.

I also accept that I should put myself in their shoes. And I did ref a game or two at Sunday League level. Guess what, the safety is absolutely not guaranteed there, especially when the players’ mates are threatening you on the touchline. We all remember all those videos of referees being chased o the pitch by players and fans and it is scary enough to prevent anyone from trying to become a referee.

I am also not saying the referees are cheating or being biased. I leave this to the Premier League clubs who can actually show the FA and the PGMOL that some of them have a clear statistical bias against certain teams, but it is another long story.

So what riled me today? The referee not recognizing a game changing moment and not acting on it.

With both goalkeepers being in excellent form during the game. A Cambridge City forward took out the United in the typical late charging on the goalie that get barely penalized.  While the goalie was lying on the floor in pain, the referee spent a lot of time remonstrating a player who was complaining about his decision.

Why not wave the physio in straight away instead of lecturing the player for a long time?  There was nothing wrong with booking the player for dissent. You cannot have a game, when players spend their time moaning at the referee. But the United goalie was severely incapacitated and actually had to be replaced before extra-time because she was unable to continue.

So the referee only gave a free-kick to the goalie and no card was issued. This is something that I find unacceptable. Protecting the physical integrity of the players should be a refereeing priority.  As we have seen in the recent FA WSL and FAWC incident, it is not the case and it happened again today.

To me it was really clear. It was a yellow card at least for dangerous play, then would have been changed into red for serious foul play, once we would the severity of the injury for the goalkeeper.

Cambridge City got a competitive advantage out of it and scored one goal with the injured goalie and another one with the sub goalie on the pitch and unable to catch the ball. It was an excellent strike, but you feel the main goalie would have been able to save it.

The big question is why the referee allow Cambridge City to get such an advantage unpunished. Answer on a postcard, please. Clearly this was unfair on United and I am baffled that the referee did not recognize and act on a key moment of the game.  You really do wonder what the FA actually tells the referees because the Law 12 seemed to be ignored too often.

On the side note, the game will be replayed as the pitch was not at the right size and the FA decided to replay it.

The 95-97 generation the forgotten girls for England? Part 2

Here we have a look at the players born in 95-97 that are playing in the FA WSL, FA WC in the lower division and at University in the USA.

Again it is important to note, this is not the full list of players born in those years, it is a list of players who were called up before by England at youth level. It means some late blossomer with a lot of qualities would not be not on that list.


The players currently in the FA WSL (12)

Jade Bailey (95) Chelsea

Paige Williams (95) Birmingham

Abbey-Leigh Stringer ( 95) Everton

Carla Humphrey (96) Bristol

Jodie Brett (96) Brighton

Mollie Bartrip (96) Reading

Rosella Ayane (96) Bristol

Vyan Sampson (96) West Ham

Georgia Brougham (96) Everton

Claudia Walker (96) Everton

Sarah Mayling ( 97) Birmingham

Jenna Legg (97) Brighton

Kirstie Levell (97) Everton


All those players are full time professional and therefore have the right profile for the FA scouts. It is a mix of players who suffered long term injuries and therefore did not manage to establish themselves for their team ( Bailey, Sampson, Legg). Someone like Ayane went abroad to rediscover her love of football.

Clearly all would benefit from playing U-23 international football as the step up to the Senior squad is a tough one and they will need to improve to reach the required level and closing the door to them probably means the end of the road the majority of them in an England shirt.


The players currently in the Championship (12)

Millie Turner (96) Manchester United

Katie Zelem (96) Manchester United

Ashlee Brown (96) Aston Villa

Taome Oliver (96) Leicester

Elisha N’Dow (96) Aston Villa

Coral-Jade Haines (96) Spurs

Mollie Green (96) Manchester United

Demi Lambourne (96) Leicester

Evie Clarke (97) Millwall

Eloise Wilson (97) London Bees

Alice Hassall (97) Aston Villa

Lucy Loomes (97) London Bees

Paula Howells ( 97) London Bees

So the majority of the Championship players are student or have a full time job, they are semi-professional, so the odds of a Championship player being called up for the Senior team are very low unless you play in professional environment in the Championship ie for Manchester United.

When you see that Phil Neville calls up Chioma Ubogagu because he has a lack of left footed winger, you would think that England would have tried to see if Paula Howells in the same position could step up by giving her games in the U-23 set-up. But if the staff consider that Rinsola Babajide is a better prospect as a left sided winger, then it makes sense in that position to select the Liverpool player.

And the same can apply to every player in the FA WSL/ FA WC list that can be compared to a U-21 player.  For example, Georgia Stanway v Katie Zelem or Carla Humphrey in the number 10 role.


The players studying in the USA and playing in the NCAA (5)

Karin Muya ( 95) University of Notre Dame

Lucy Whipp ( 95) St John’s

Maisie Baker (96) University of Miami Hurricanes

Jemma Purfield (97) Arizona Sun Devils

Atlanta Primus (97)  Cal State Fullerton


Jemma Purfield was called up for the U-23 team and is an option either at left-back or as a left-winger. She is now a senior at University and you would expect her to go to the NWSL draft and maybe be drafted. And from there a potential senior call-up. The transition to the senior side for a player with a potential like her would have been facilitated by the U-23 team.


The players who play below the top two tiers in England (6)

Ellie Stewart (96) Sunderland FA WNL North

Natasha Flint ( 96) Blackburn Rovers FA WNL North

Caitlin Leach (96)

Tyler Dodds (96) Middlesborough  FA WNL North

Sophie Stamp (97) Leeds

Emma Kelly (97) Middlesborough  FA WNL North


There was a call-up for one of those player at U-23 level and is clearly a loss for her as there is no real chance the England senior  staff to be watching third tier football as they have already many games to scout in the top tier and sometimes in the second tier.

It is obvious that the 95-97 generation players that are not called up to the Seniors are not world beater, but there was certainly a potential development for five or six of them towards the senior team. Again the U-21 squad selected by Mo Marley  is really strong and you would expect a good number of them to transition to the seniors like Roebuck and Stanway have already done.

It is up to those girls who will miss out on England to improve their game quickly and show Phil Neville they are up for it. Probably not for the World Cup as the squad seems very settled and the opportunity seems gone, but more likely for the Euros 2021.

The 95-97 generation the forgotten girls for England? Part 1

Another reform for the team playing below the Senior side, it has now become the U-21 team, there is question mark about the girls born between 95 and 97, as they won’t be able to play international games unless they get selected for the full squad.

Historically the second team was the U-23 team and it was created to transition the players who were competing with the U-19 side and then had to wait for years in the international wilderness before a senior call-up. I mean not many girls are ready to step up age 19 or 20 to the full squad.

When the U-23 team started to get overage players on regular basis, it got changed to the Next Gen team name to reflect the fact that 24 and 25 years old players were selected.

Now we are going down to a U-21 team, which means the girls aged 21 to 24 in for the season 2018/19 have no international prospect any more, unless they get to the Senior squad and therefore it will be harder for them to reach that level.

We know that Phil Neville and his staff are either scouting live at games or watching the videos and therefore they know the players, but nothing replaces seeing them in training camp and match day situation.

The first thing that comes to mind is the 98-2000 generation has a few diamonds, they have competed in a U-17 and a U-20 World Cup and there are many high potential players. Therefore looking at the 2021 Euros and the 2023 World Cup, the FA has decided to go with them and develop that potential.

There is nothing wrong with that concept. The FA stated they aim to win the World Cup in 2023 and if they feel those generation are well equipped to do it, it is a fair call.

Here, I am going to have a look at the generations that played at the U-19 Euros in 2014, 15 and 16 ie the girls born from 95 to 97 to try to understand why those ones have been “abandoned”, and if there are players with potential among those “forgotten” generations. It is important to note that some players from that generation are regulars with the senor team already and will be mentioned.

Note as usual with the FA website, it is hard to track down the information about the old squads and therefore I will only get a sample of the names selected in that period. You can have an  idea of those squads by looking on the UEFA websites, wikipedia and other FA’s website. Shame the FA website is not easy to navigate and does not archive old data.

The players from that generation that are regulars with England seniors (3)

Leah Williamson (97) Arsenal, FA WSL

Gabrielle George (97) Everton, FA WSL

Keira Walsh ( 97) Man City FA WSL


Interestingly the three regulars with England from that generation are all younger players. They are all defensive players with two centre-backs and one defensive midfielder.

The players on the fringe / close to be selected for the Senior squad (3)

Aoife Mannion (95) Birmingham, FA WSL

Sophie Baggaley ( 96) Bristol, FA WSL

Jessica Carter (97) Chelsea, FA WSL


Mannion has a lot of competition at centre-back with Houghton, Bright, Williamson, George and McManus ahead of her in the pecking order. Does she perform better on regular basis that some of her competitors.  Now only someone who has access to the full games would have a proper idea if this is true or not, because highlights only show certain moments.

One key point for me is Mannion is smaller in height than her competitors and I remember under Hope Powell one U-23 player being told, she would not make it to the Seniors because she was too small as a centre-back. At the end of the day, the centre back pairing is a question of finding a partnership and a balance. For example, you can have a slow centre-back if you have a quick one alongside her.

Baggaley also has a lot of competition with Telford, Earps, Bardsley, Chamberlain and now Roebuck who has been called up. With Telford, Chamberlain and Bardsley who is currently injured, experience is on their side to justify their selection. Earps has performed consistently well for a couple of season at least in the FA WSL and now plays, not very often, for the second best team in Europe.  Her  performance level is very high this season and would deserve a call-up on current form.  Was it as good last year?

Now why would Roebuck would have overtaken her in the pecking order. We have to remember that strangely enough, she did not get a game at the U-20 World Cup and in all logic, she should be behind that goalie.Saying that Sandy McIver is probably not available due to the NCAA tournament taking place soon.

But, it is obvious that Roebuck has a big potential and the England coaches value the games she played with Manchester City in the League and in the Champions better than the ones played by Baggaley with Bristol in the League.

It is like an equation with multiple parameters where rating = intensity x performance x potential x behavior x factor X and it ends up with Roebuck > Baggaley for Phil Neville. Factor x could be anything like the player’s height for the centre-backs.

Carter seemed to have much more credit as a right-back under Mark Sampson and is behind Bronze and  Blundell and maybe even McManus in the pecking order. Obviously no English player is a better right-back that Bronze, you cannot find me player i the world that is as good as her actually. Why Blundell is preferred to Carter, it is all in the strength and weaknesses and what the manager thinks the player can offer in his system and football style.


The players currently playing abroad

Jenna Dear (96) Valarenga,  Topserien

The playmaker has played for numerous team after starring in Chelsea’s youth team and now plying her trade at the top level in Norway. U-23 games would certainly players like her who are not on regular basis in the manager’s mind as they could see how she is developing over there.


Now, we have to remember that the U-21 team is a tool for the Senior squad. As we are talking about international football, it is different from club football and the England manager is looking for players with potential that fit his idea of football.  International football squads are never about taking all the best football players together.

The number of non football parameters like social interaction, players personality etc are important in a squad, because a fractured squad is a guarantee of failure in a football tournament. Off the pitch time is so much greater than to on the pitch time. And I am not even going to try to mention the squad hierarchy stuff because it is another long subject.

There are certainly a number of talented players among those born in 95-97 that could do with playing U-23 games to carry on developing their game, but they will probably have to do this with their club. Champions League football  is one way to confront themselves with the highest football level, but not many players get access to it.

In Part 2, we will look at the players who are not close to being selected for the Seniors so far and are playing in the FA WSL, in the championship and at  University in the USA.




























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