The FA WSL Continental Cup 2016 returns to its original knock-out format

Following criticism of the 2015 format that delivered a lot of blow out and dead rubbers, the FA has decided to revert back to the original format. Back in 2011, the original format was a knock-out tournament with eight teams. Ties were decided on the final league placement as follows : 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5. […]

Algarve Cup line-up disclosed, what’s next for the remaining teams ?

Here are the eight teams invited to the Algarve Cup 2016  Brazil (7), Canada (11), Denmark (14), New Zealand (16), Iceland (19), Russia (22), Belgium (28), Portugal (39) This is a clear downgrade from last year’s field that looked like a mini World-Cup with also a reduction in number with 8 rather than 12 teams. […]