UK & Ireland teams in the UEFA WCL 2014/15

The 2014/15 edition has seen 54 teams enter the competition. 22 teams go through to the round of 32 directly and 32 go through the qualifying round with 8 pools of 4 teams.  The eight qualifying group winners, plus the two runners-up with the best record against the teams first and third in their section, proceed to the  round of 32. So it is 22 teams going direct + 10 teams via the qualifying round.

Here is the tournament calendar :

Qualifying round draw: 14.00CET, 26 June
Qualifying round: 9–14 August
Round of 32 & 16 draw: 22 August
Round of 32: 8/19 & 15/16 October
Round of 16: 8/9 November & 12/13 November
Quarter-final & Semi-final draw: 19 November
Quarter-finals: 21/22 & 28/29 March
Semi-finals: 18/19 & 25/26 April
Final (Olympiastadon, Berlin): 14 May

Here are the UK&I  teams and their club coefficients

Qualifying Round

Glentoran WFC NIR 2.660

Raheny United  IRL 3.640

Glasgow City SCO 29.260

Round of 32

Liverpool  Ladies ENG 19.305

Bristol Academy ENG 23.305

Holders Wolfsburg have a 78.249 coefficient and top coefficient team are Olympique Lyonnais 127.905

Seeding for the Round of 32 draw

Should Glasgow City qualify for the Round of 32, they will be seeded as they would be the 13th ranked team.

Bristol Academy are currently 14th in the coefficient list and Liverpool are 16th. The top 16 teams are seeded for the round of 32 draw and therefore guaranteed to avoid : Lyon, Wolfsburg, PSG, Rosengard, Frankfurt etc… Glasgow City with 29.260 and FC Zurich with  23.600 are in the qualifying round and have a coefficient that is bigger than Bristol. Should both teams qualify, Bristol would end up in 16th position and would still be seeded.

Standard de Liege with 22.270 and Apollon Ladies with 21.280 are also in the qualifying round and have a coefficient that is superior to Liverpool Ladies‘s one. Should any of the 4 teams previously named qualify to the round of 32, Liverpool would end up at least in 17th position and therefore not seeded.

Liverpool could end up drawing a big team in the 1st round of the competition. The same problem happened last season when Tyreso was unseeded and drew PSG and ended up runner-up in the competition. So not being seeded is not such a bad omen when you have world class players in your team.

For those who wonder why Bristol who finished 2nd in the League last year have more points than Liverpool who won the League, the explanation is simple. The coefficient is calculated on the last 5 seasons points gathered by the teams + 33% of the country coefficient. Liverpool have 19.305 points ie 33% of the England coefficient while Bristol have 23.305 has they played in the 2011/12 competition and scored 4 points that season ( 3 points for reaching the Round of 32 plus a point for the draw against the Russian team )


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