FA WSL Day 14

Final day in the FA WSL season 2012

Arsenal finish the season unbeaten with a 1-1 away draw at Birmingham. Congratulations to Hannah George on her debut for Blues. Lincoln wins away at Chelsea 3-2 in a game full of incidents ( swearing, alledged bad behaviour, red card for violent conduct apparently). Everton end up on a positive with a well changed team against Bristol 1-0, and Doncaster Belles wins the bottom of the League contest at Liverpool 2-0.

Arsenal and Birmingham in the Champions League 2013-14. No relegation as usual. One very interesting thing is for the season 2013 nothing will change 8 teams as usual but EVERY team will have to reapply for the 2014 season so anyone can be relegated to the FA WSL division 2 although I would be surprised if Birmingham and Arsenal would be relegated after coming 1st and 2nd 2 years in a row.

I think the FA WSL season might see some changes in term of final team positioning in 2013 as many players will move during the transfer window and this will be good news for Liverpool fans. Not sure if the Everton and Birmingham fans will be happy though.


The FA WSL Conti cup final Wed 10 Oct

The big final between the best 2 teams in England should be a very good contest. Something is just not right though :

First it is played midweek at 7pm making it difficult to attend for many people who have to work.

Second the location Barnet is not neutral at all. Underhill has seen Gunner’s men reserves for years and makes it a home game for Gunners fan and players as Arsenal Ladies played there a few times over the years.

Third price increase, someone suggested that was driven by the view that Olympics tickets were at least 20 pounds and no one complained about it. It is the first final that I have seen where the price is not 5 pounds but 10.

Fourth this will be the 6th game for Arsenal in 2 weeks including tough champions league games. With the 2 sides playing a no worthless league game next Sunday, let’s hope they rest their best players for the big final.

Why not play on a Sunday afternoon giving both side a 7 day rest and preperation time. Quality might suffer in the end and you don’t want bad quality to be broadcast live on ESPN surely.

All the best for the 2 teamS and let’s hope for the best possible entertaining game.

Arsenal Ladies win the FA WSL 2012

33 points in 13 games and a better record than last season when the title was won with 32 points from 2 draws and 2 defeats.  The Arsenal Ladies are still unbeaten in the  2012 edition.


Everton H 3-2

Chelsea H 3-1

Liverpool A 2-0

Lincoln A 3-3

Bristol A 3-0

Birmingham H 4-2

Chelsea A 4-2

Everton A 2-2

Doncaster A 4-0

Bristol H 1-1

Lincoln H 2-1

Liverpool H 4-1

Doncaster H 3-2

Birmingham A ?

10 wins 3 draws so far.  A season that reached the highest standard despite a few hiccups in the various cups with 5 defeats in 2012.

The players used in those 13 League games :

Kim Little 13(11)

Jordan Nobbs 12+1 (5)

Katie Chapman 12+1(4)

Emma Byrne 12

Gemma Davison 11+2 (2)

Steph Houghton 11+2 (1)

Rachel Yankey 11+1(1)

Gilly Flaherty 11+1

Alex Scott 11+1

Ciara Grant 11

Niamh Fahey 10+1

Danielle Carter 4+3(1)

Jayne Ludlow 4+1

Jennifer Beattie 3+7(3)

Ellen White 3+6(2)

Kelly Smith 3+3(4)

Sophie Harris 1

Bianca Bragg +1

Yvonne Tracy +1