Women’s Champions League Final in Muenchen

50 212 fans, that’s a fantastic figure number. Of course, it was a bank holiday in Germany and there was a German team involved but clearly they love their women’s football there. The game was top quality and you expect it from two full time professional teams. I think it is clear, there is nowContinue reading “Women’s Champions League Final in Muenchen”

Team GB 49 players shortlist, what’s the big secret ?

Players have come out saying the list has been shortened to 49 players. I have asked the FA if they would publish it because it is interesting to know who has a chance and who hasn’t made it. Well only the final 18+4 players will be announced. For some reasons, it is not in theContinue reading “Team GB 49 players shortlist, what’s the big secret ?”

Lincoln 4 Arsenal 3 Conti cup group stage

This is 4th defeat this season and unlike the previous 3, it is difficult to understand why it did happen. First Lincoln had a very good game, their forwards caused a lot of damage and their set pieces were dangerous. Then the referee was randomly giving foul upsetting both side and therefore clearly not favoringContinue reading “Lincoln 4 Arsenal 3 Conti cup group stage”

Bristol v Birmingham Conti Cup group stage

It was really a game of 2 halves yesterday between Bristol and Birmingham with Bristol dominating the first one and birmingham dominating the second one. A fascinating encounter tactically speaking with Bristol having an unusual set-up that Birmingham had trouble dealing for the whole first half and then made a substitution at half time thatContinue reading “Bristol v Birmingham Conti Cup group stage”

More foreign players in the FA WSL this season than last year ?

Current figures I gathered say  35/167 in 2011 and 45/162 in 2012 ie 20.9% and 27.7% The number of players registered in 2012 might be in reality a little bigger  than 162 due to the uncertain status of a few players. One of the parameter to be taken into account is the maximum number ofContinue reading “More foreign players in the FA WSL this season than last year ?”

Women’s Premier League relegation final verdict

Aston Villa 0 Cardiff City 0 Forest 1 Coventry 1 The teams going down are Forest and Reading. Forest ends the season with 15 points, Reading with 16 points and a -18 goal difference. Cardiff finishes with 16 points with a -8 goal difference. Watford finishes with 17 points and makes the greatest escape asContinue reading “Women’s Premier League relegation final verdict”