The promotion battle – WPL Southern

Southern division winner gets promoted to the National division. There are 3 teams still in it. Colchester United, Porstmouth and West Ham. Colchester United lead the division with 35 points and a +16 goal difference but has already played the whole schedule. West Ham is second with 31 points a _15 goal difference and 2Continue reading “The promotion battle – WPL Southern”

Team GB center backs

Casey  Stoney : Experience, reading of the game, intelligence. She has everyhting that you would want from a senior and seasoned international player. Gilly Flaherty : She would complement perflectly Stoney, excellent passer, can tackle as well and has vast experience at top level for 3 seasons including Champions League Kylie Davies :  A veryContinue reading “Team GB center backs”

The Cardiff City Ladies conumdrum (part 2)

The Cardiff  team has started to catch up with other teams in term of game played and has now 9 games to complete the season while others have 3,4, 5 or 6 to do so. Mathematically they could still catch up Sunderland by winning all their remaining games. So let’s have a look on theContinue reading “The Cardiff City Ladies conumdrum (part 2)”

Team GB players Goalkeepers

With the good news that Hope Powell has selected Welsh players in her pre-squad for her 2012 Olympics. Let’s have a look at the potential candidates starting with the goalkeepers. Carly Telford  : a fantastic athlethe, clearly the best English goalkeeper, the only question mark is her fitness with her recurrents shoulder problem. Karen BardsleyContinue reading “Team GB players Goalkeepers”

Team GB players, right back

Alex Scott  A world class player, the typical modern full back who has all the skills needed for the job. Dunia Susi Scott’s usual deputy, very versatile can also play on right wing and left wing. Lucy Bronze coming back from many injuries a great prospect Chelsea Weston a solid defender excellent crosses and powerfulContinue reading “Team GB players, right back”

My Team GB shortlist for the Olympics

GK: 4 Telford Chamberlain Bardsley Spencer RB: 2 Scott Susi LB: 2 Rafferty Harrop CB: 6 Stoney Flaherty Davies Bassett Bradley Corsie DM: 3 Chapman Asante Williams CM: 3 Scott Nobbs Ludlow AM: 4 Little Carney Smith Buet RW: 2 Davison Fishlock LW: 2 Yankey Clarke CF: 4 White Dowie Williams Sanderson Multi-task: 2 BeattieContinue reading “My Team GB shortlist for the Olympics”

Colchester United v West Ham Ladies

I went to that game yesterday mainly to watch 2 players that I like Kelley Blanchflower and Kate Longhurst. The weather was freezing cold and it was the most unusual game as the home team scored all the girls and ended up loosing the game 2-1.  As I said to my friend during the game,Continue reading “Colchester United v West Ham Ladies”

League season finished by tomorrow ? Col U

After highlighting Cardiff City bizzare schedule with many games to play until May, let’s have a look at Colchester United League schedule. The U play in the WPL Southern Division and will complete their league season tomorrow against West Ham. As incredible as it seems for a season that started at the end of August,Continue reading “League season finished by tomorrow ? Col U”