The FA Women’s Championship promotion race Matchday 4

League leaders Manchester United dropped their first point of the season with a home draw to Durham, while the chasing teams had mixed results with Spurs winning away, Lewes losing away to Charlton. Matchday four was marred by two serious injuries to Paula Howells and Leah Galton and we still do not know if the […]

Analyzing the FA WSL and FA WC 2018/19 rules part 2

Here in part 2, we will look at the players ‘regulations and the FA can  spring on us.   One rule that is always used during a season : 8.2.7 Clubs are responsible for all Players being correctly registered and ensuring that they are so registered before any Player is fielded in a Competition Match. […]

The FA Women’s Championship promotion race

Matchday one has given us a clear indication on the likely team to get promoted. Especially as that team is already fulfilling the criteria for the FA WSL teams, while the other FA WC teams are not guaranteed to be accepted in the fully professional league. The results Sheffield U 0 Durham 2 Tottenham 2 […]

FA Women’s Championship Summer 2018 transfer window

The transfer window opens on the 1st of June and closes on the 9th ( for the pro contracts only) Last updated 21 Aug This week’s transfers Confirmed transfers Extended contracts Possible deals   Millwall Lionesses In 13 : Chris Phillips manager, Gabriela Ravenscroft ( Arsenal), Lia Cataldo ( Arsenal), Chloe Wilkinson ( Brentwood), Annie Rossiter, […]