FA Women’s Championship winter 2018 transfer window

The transfer window for the professional contracts is open from the 28th of December to the 24th of January and is now closed.

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals

Manchester United

In :

Out : Ebony Salmon ( Sheffield – loan)



In :  Sara Eggesvik ( Grand Bodo)

Out : Gemma Bryan ( Crystal Palace),



In : Lisa Robertson ( Hibs Ladies)

Out :



In: Emma Beckett ( London Bees)



London Bees


Out : Emma Beckett ( Tottenham Hotspurs)




Out: Maddy Cusack ( Sheffield), Serena Fletcher ( Blackburn)



In: Maddy Cusack ( Leicester), Veatriki Sarri, Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United – loan)

Out: Beth Merrick ( Coventry ), Alex Brooks ( Birmingham)


Aston Villa


Out: Evie Gane ( Oxford City), Amy Burnside ( Stoke City)



In: Fran Alonso ( manager), Sophie Perry ( Brighton – loan), Katie Rood ( Bristol – loan)

Out: Natasha Wells, Rebecca Thompson-Agbro


Crystal Palace

In: Gemma Bryan ( Charlton), Megan McKeag, Lucy Gilett ( Brighton – loan)



Millwall Lionesses

In : Grace Neville ( Oklahoma Cowgirls)

Out : Grace Taylor



The FA Women’s Championship promotion race Matchday 4

League leaders Manchester United dropped their first point of the season with a home draw to Durham, while the chasing teams had mixed results with Spurs winning away, Lewes losing away to Charlton.

Matchday four was marred by two serious injuries to Paula Howells and Leah Galton and we still do not know if the FA has taken disciplinary action against the two players responsible for the injuries.

The Bees’ player is a season ending injury and it is amazing to think that the referee on the day gave a free-kick to the player who badly injured her opponent. You cannot be more incompetent than this.  Full credit to the Leicester staff, they were very quick and helpful to take care of the injured player.

Now you would hope the FA would suspend the players from Durham and Leicester for a long time as other FA do around the world, because protecting the physical integrity of the players should be a number one priority in the game. But it does not look that way as we have seen many time in the men and women game.


Man United 0 Durham 0

Charlton 4 Lewes 1

Crystal Palace 1 Tottenham 2


Spurs are now in the promotion place having taken over from Lewes who drop to the third place.


1 Man United 10 pts + 20 pl 4

2 Tottenham 9 pts + 5 pl 3

3 Lewes 9 pts +2 pl 4

4 Charlton 7 pts +5 pl 3


Matchday 5 will see the top four teams play each other with Man United at home to Charlton and Lewes at home to Spurs. Leicester and Durham currently in fifth and sixth place and playing the bottom two teams away might come back in the promotion race should results go their way tomorrow.

Analyzing the FA WSL and FA WC 2018/19 rules part 2

Here in part 2, we will look at the players ‘regulations and the FA can  spring on us.


One rule that is always used during a season :

8.2.7 Clubs are responsible for all Players being correctly registered and ensuring that they are so registered before any Player is fielded in a Competition Match. Fielding an unregistered Player in a Competition Match shall constitute fielding an ineligible Player and Rule 8.14 shall apply.

The usual contract non contract player status is set

8.3 Player Status
8.3.1 The status of a Player shall be:
(a) Contract Player; or
(b) Non Contract Player.
8.3.2 A Contract Player must be engaged on a Playing Contract. All contracts and financial arrangements shall comply with Rule C1 of The FA Rules and be in the full name of the Club including the Club’s registered number.
8.3.3 A Non Contract Player shall not be entitled to any payment in relation to their playing services for a Club other than the reimbursement of expenses actually incurred in relation to their playing services for the Club. Payment of such expenses must be in accordance with Rule C2(b)(iii) of The FA Rules. Rule C2 of The FA Rules in respect of Non Contract Players shall apply to the Competitions

The transfer window rules, contracted players can only move during the transfer windows. The other players can move freely.

8.4 Registration period
8.4.1 The Board shall nominate two periods for each Playing Season in which Contract Player registrations and transfers are permitted. The first of which shall commence prior to the start of each Playing Season (the “First Transfer Window”) and the second shall commence during the Playing Season (the “Second Transfer Window”) (together the “Transfer Windows”). The Board shall notify the Clubs of the dates of the Transfer Windows for each Playing Season.
8.4.2 Subject to Rule 8.4.3, Contract Player registrations and transfers shall only take place during a Transfer Window

8.4.4 Non Contract Players are permitted to transfer or register with any Club at any point; transfers and registrations of Non Contract Players are not restricted to the Transfer Windows

Players must be 16 years old to take part in the FA WSL / FAWC

8.5.2 A Player may not be registered to play in the Competitions before she has reached her 16th birthday.

There is a bizzare rules about not signing players from the same team before a certain amount of time. I really don’t get that rule at all to be honest.

8.6.9 Except when specific approval has been given by the Management Committee a Club cannot register more than one Player (whether a Contract Player or Non Contract Player) by way of transfer from any other Club within any 14 day period.

Then important rules on squad cap and homegrown players. My guess is certain teams are in breach of the homegrown rule.

8.10 Squad Cap and Home Grown Players
8.10.1 A maximum of:
(a) 23 Players (including Players on Long Term Loan but excluding Players on Short Term Loan); and
(b) two Players on Short Term Loan,
may be registered to play for a Club in the Competitions at any one time during a Playing Season (the “Squad Cap”).
8.10.2 Subject to Rules 8.10.3 to 8.10.6 and 8.11.42, if a Player is registered to play for a Club in the Competitions for the Playing Season, that Player shall continue to count towards the Squad Cap for that Club for the remainder of the Playing Season even if that Player stops playing or is no longer registered for the Club during the Playing Season for any reason.

There is a limited number of transfer allowed in the January transfer window. Another bizzare rule, I mean if a club is short in numbers, they will need players. That rule created a lot of problems last season to Watford when many players left alongside the manager.

8.10.4 During the Second Transfer Window, each Club shall be entitled to remove or replace a maximum of three Players who have previously been registered and included in its Squad Cap for that Playing Season by sending a notice to the Competition Secretary stating which Players have been removed. Once a Player has been removed from the Squad Cap in accordance with this Rule 8.10.4 such Player shall no longer be eligible to play in the Competitions for the Club and will not count towards the Club’s Squad Cap.

The homegrown rule :

8.10.7 At all times during a Playing Season, each Club shall ensure that it has at least the minimum number of Home Grown Players registered to participate in Competition Matches as set out below. Players for the purposes of the table below shall only include those Players who are included in a Club’s Squad Cap.


Interesting rules about the Academy / reserves players, they are allowed to play in the FA WSL/FA WC games but their number is limited to 3. Again another bizzare ruling, if a club has many injured/sick/suspended players, they can only bring 3 players from the reserves.


8.11 Academy/ Reserve Players
8.11.1 Each Club shall be entitled to select and register any number of Academy/Reserve Players during each Playing Season who, subject to the below, may participate in Competition Matches.
8.11.2 If a Club intends to select an Academy/Reserve Player for a Competition Match it must complete a relevant registration form and ensure that it is received and approved by the Competition Secretary in accordance with Rule 8.2.4.
8.11.3 Where registered and subject to Rule 2.4, a maximum of 3 Academy/Reserve Players may be included on a Club’s Team Sheet for each Competition Match.
8.11.4 Where registered, an Academy/Reserve Player may participate in up to 3 Competition Matches without being included in a Club’s Squad Cap. Any Academy/Reserve Player who participates in more than 3 Competition Matches shall be included in a Club’s Squad Cap.
8.11.5 An Academy/Reserve Player will be considered to have participated in a Competition Match if they are included in the starting 11 or appear on the field of play as a substitute in a Competition Match.

The all important rules about playing an ineligible player. Curious to note that the FA does not deal with those breach of rule but an independent tribunal.

8.14 Playing an ineligible player
8.14.1 Any Club found to have played an ineligible Player in a Competition Match or Competition Matches shall be in breach of these Rules and the matter shall be referred to an Independent Tribunal for determination pursuant to Rule 3.6.1(c).
8.14.2 Subject to Rule 8.14.3, the Independent Tribunal may:
(a) order that any points gained from that Competition Match or Competition Matches are deducted from its record up to a maximum of 12 points;
(b) order that any such Competition Match or Competition Matches be replayed on such terms as are decided by the Independent Tribunal; and/or (c) make any such other order that the Independent Tribunal may decide.
8.14.3 The Independent Tribunal may determine not to impose a points deduction only in circumstances where the ineligibility is due to the failure to obtain an International Transfer Certificate or where the ineligibility is related to the Player’s status. 

Point 8.14.3 is really bizzare, if the club has failed to obtain an ITC, the player should actually not be allowed to play as the transfer has basically not come through ? It is a get out of jail free card that makes no sense.


There is the usual salary cap chapter

8.16 Salary Cap
All Clubs, Players and any other Participants who are involved in the Competitions shall ensure that they comply with the provisions of the Salary Cap Regulations (as amended from time to time).

And a new chapter about the GPS tracker that are now allowed in competitions.

8.17 Player Equipment
8.17.1 Subject to Rules 8.17.2 to 8.17.5, electronic performance and tracking system (“EPTS”) devices may be used during Competition Matches.
8.17.2 EPTS devices must not pose any danger to the Players and/or Match Officials.
8.17.3 Information and data transmitted from the EPTS devices are not permitted to be received or used in the technical area during a Competition Match.
8.17.4 The data collected from any EPTS device may not be used for any commercial activity.
8.17.5 Any branding on EPTS devices must not be visible at any time during a Competition Match.
8.17.6 Any breach of Rules 8.17.2 to 8.17.5 shall be referred to an Independent Tribunal for determination pursuant to Rule 3.6.1(c).

Interestingly the FA does not allow the EPTS data to be used live in a game situation unlike FIFA who allowed it during the World Cup



Those are the most interesting points on the players’ regulations. Part 3 to come next week.

The FA Women’s Championship promotion race

Matchday one has given us a clear indication on the likely team to get promoted. Especially as that team is already fulfilling the criteria for the FA WSL teams, while the other FA WC teams are not guaranteed to be accepted in the fully professional league.

The results

Sheffield U 0 Durham 2

Tottenham 2 Bees 1

Palace 0 Leicester 2

Millwall 0 Lewes 3

Villa 0 United 12 (!)

We have therefore five teams who are currently level on points and ranked by their goal difference. The top two teams are offered the right to ask to be promoted pending financial criteria already fulfilled by Manchester United obviously.


1 Man Utd 3 pts +12

2 Lewes 3 pts +3

3 Durham 3 pts +2

4 Leicester 3 pts +2

5 Tottenham 3 pts +1

6 Charlton 0 pt 0

It is a foregone conclusion that Manchester United will be promoted, as they are the only full time professional team in a semi-pro league.

It will be interesting to see which team will be “allowed” to bid for the second FA WSL spot available, as again there is no automatic promotion to the top League. This second spot is wide open and many teams will think they have a good chance of getting and rightly so.

The big question is will the probable runner-up have enough money to go full-time and get promoted to the FA WSL ?

FA Women’s Championship Summer 2018 transfer window

The transfer window opens on the 1st of June and closes on the 9th ( for the pro contracts only)

Last updated 21 Aug

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals


Millwall Lionesses

In 13 : Chris Phillips manager, Gabriela Ravenscroft ( Arsenal), Lia Cataldo ( Arsenal), Chloe Wilkinson ( Brentwood), Annie Rossiter, Yelani Priest ( Arsenal), Kelani Peart ( Arsenal), Beth Lumsden ( Arsenal), Evie Clarke ( London Bees), Chloe Sansom ( Brighton), Grace Taylor ( London Bees), Freya Bailes, Michelle Young, Beth Harford, Lucy Fitzgerald, Bethany Powell, Leanne Cowan, Jordan Butler ( Crystal Palace), Chantelle Mackie ( West Ham), Riva Casley ( Oxford), Ellie Stenning ( Crystal Palace), Georgina Giddings

Out  15 : Lee Burch manager ( Yeovil), Ashley Hincks ( Crystal Palace), Sarah Quantrill ( London Bees), Leighanne Robe ( Liverpool), Megan Wynne ( Tottenham), Amber Gaylor (Yeovil), Billie Brooks ( retirement), Rianna Dean ( Tottenham), Ella Rutherford( Bristol), Charlotte Devlin ( Manchester Utd), Victoria Wotton ( retirement), Jordan Butler ( Crystal Palace), Megan Alexander ( Yeovil), Ellie Mason ( Yeovil), Bonnie Horwood ( Yeovil), Leigh Nicol ( Charlton)


Durham Women

In  2 : Zoe Ness, Nicki Gears, Rachel Lee, Emily Roberts, Beth Hepple, Lauren Briggs, Sarah Wilson, Abby Holmes ( PEC Zwolle), Chloe Nott, Kathryn Hill

Out 5 : Annabel Johnson ( London Bees), Jenny Bitzer ( AS Roma), Nicole Gibson ( London Bees), Jordan Atkinson, Lauren Jordinson


London Bees

In 10 : Sarah Quantrill ( Millwall Lionesses), Katherine Huggins ( Watford -end of loan), Paula Howells, Tricia Gould, Rosanna Lane, Emma Beckett, Ruesha Littlejohn ( Celtic), Lauren Pickett ( Tottenham), Annabel Johnson ( Durham), Nicola Gibson ( Durham), Ocean Rolandsen,  Anne-Laure Davy ( LOSC), Eloise Wilson ( Bristol), Brooke Nunn, Rachel Unitt, Destiny Tousssaint

Out 9 : Nicola Hobbs ( Sheffield United), Chelsea Weston ( retirement), Ashleigh Goddard ( FC Nordsjaelland), Sophie Harris ( Brighton), Katherine Huggins (Watford), Anne Meiwald ( Tottenham), Evie Clarke ( Millwall), Rebecca Anderson ( retirement), Grace Taylor ( Millwall)



In 9 : Rianna Dean ( Millwall), Angela Addison ( C&K Basildon), Megan Wynne ( Millwall), Anne Meiwald ( London Bees), Emma Gibbon ( Arsenal), Coral Haines ( Birmingham), Jessica Naz ( Arsenal), Anna Filbery ( Arsenal), Bianca Baptiste ( Aston Villa), Josie Green, Renee Hector, Lucia Marte Leon, Sophie McLean, Ashleigh Neville, Sarah Wiltshire  

Out 6 : Toni-Anne Wayne ( -), Coral Haines ( Birmingham – end of loan), Katie O’ Leary ( Watford), Hannah McKenzie ( Crystal Palace), Shannon Moloney ( Lewes), Lauren Pickett ( London Bees)


Aston Villa

In 4 : Gemma Davies Manager, Sophie Haywood ( Texas A&M), Nadine Hanssen ( KRC Genk), Hollie Gibson ( Stoke City), Alison Hall ( Coventry United), Elisha N’Dow, Sian Rogers,

Out 7 : Chloe Jones ( retirement), Beth Merrick ( Sheffield United), Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United), Katy Moran ( Coventry City), Elizabeta Ejupi ( Charlton), Amy Goddard ( Yeovil), Natasha Baptiste ( Tottenham)


Charlton Athletic

In 8 : Grace Coombs, Georgia Griffin, Chloe Brunton-Wilde, Harley Bennett, Charley Clifford, Kit Graham, Gemma Bryan ( Crystal Palace), Charlotte Gurr, Hannah Churchill, Amber-Keegan Stobbs ( West Ham), Charlotte Kerr ( Watford), Amelia Ritchie ( Brighton), Ellie Bailes ( Crystal Palace), Lillie Maples ( Crystal Palace) , Katie Startup, Lily Agg ( FFC Frankfurt), Elizabeta Ejupi ( Aston Villa)

Out 3 : Sam Pittuck, Daisy Monagan, Hope Nash ( Crystal Palace)


Manchester United

In 21 : Casey Stoney Manager, Siobhan Chamberlain ( Liverpool), Emily Ramsey ( Liverpool), Fran Bentley ( Manchester City), Martha Harris ( Liverpool), Amy Turner ( Liverpool), Naomi Hartley ( Liverpool), Lucy Roberts ( Liverpool), Kirsty Smith (Hibernians), Aimee Palmer ( Bristol), Mollie Green ( Everton), Katie Zelem ( Juventus FC), Charlotte Devlin ( Millwall), Lauren James ( Arsenal), Elizabeth Arnot ( Hibernians), Millie Turner ( Bristol), Ella Toone ( Manchester City), Jess Sigsworth ( Doncaster Belles), Leah Galton ( FC Bayern), Kirsty Hanson ( Doncaster Belles), Ebony Salmon ( Aston Villa)


Sheffield United

In 16 : Fran Kitching ( Watford), Beth Merrick ( Aston Villa), Samantha Tierney ( Doncaster Belles), Nicola Hobbs ( London Bees), Nicole Kemp ( Sheffield FC), Ellie Gilliat ( Sheffield FC), Althea Paul ( Manchester City), Chloe Dixon ( Doncaster Belles) , Danielle Cox ( Sheffield FC), Lauren Cresswell ( Derby County), Sophie Barker ( Doncaster Belles), Rebecca Rayner ( Doncaster Belles), Jade Pennock ( Doncaster Belles), Jodie Michalaska, Ellie Fletcher ( Liverpool – loan), Georgia Stevens, Lisa Ryan

Out 2 : Jen Pearson ( Brighouse Town), Fran Kitching ( Liverpool)


Leicester City

In 15 : Melissa Johnson, Rosie Axten, Freda Ayisi ( Birmingham), Maddie Cusack, Sophie Domingo, Leigh Dugmore, Serena Fletcher ( Manchester City), Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Oxford), Charlotte Greengrass, Sarah Jackson, Hayley James, Natalie Johnson, Demi Lambourde ( Oxford), Sherry McCue ( Sheffield FC), Taome Oliver ( Oxford),    

Out :


Lewes FC

In 6 : Lucy Somes ( Brighton), Charley Boswell ( Portsmouth), Nina Wilson ( Brighton), Leeta Rutherford, Avilla Bergin, Charlotte Owen, Faye Baker, Amy Taylor, Victoria Carleton, Rebecca Carter, Samantha Quayle, ( Portsmouth) Katie McIntyre, Natasha Wells, Shannon Moloney ( Tottenham), Georgia Robert, Danielle Lane, Rebecca Thompson-Agbro

Out :


Crystal Palace Ladies

In 9 : Ashlee Hincks ( Millwall), Ciara Sherwood, Hannah McKenzie ( Tottenham), Pam McRoberts, Anneka Nuttall ( Watford), Kallie Balfour ( Gillingham), Nikita Whinnett, Leesa Haddock, Jade Keogh, Jordan Butler ( Millwall), Ria Collins, Jade Davenport, Chloe Burr ( West Ham), Hope Nash ( Charlton), Freya Holdoway 

Out 6 : Gemma Bryan ( Charlton), Ellie Bailes ( Charlton), Lillie Maples ( Charlton), Hannah Samuels ( Southampton), Jean Ssenide, Ellie Stenning ( Millwall)