FA WSL schedule and postponements

So we are a few days away from the competition restart and there are question marks about potential game postponements. We all know there is a problem with the FA WSL 1&2 calendars, after all having the mid-season break when 4/5 League games out of 14/18 played have been played makes absolutely no sense.

We all know what it means. As usual, the FA WSL 1 will be a fitness competition and not a football one. I am just amazed that year after year after year, the FA WSL schedule is just a mess. This is the 4th year in a row when things are going wrong from the start. You’d think having 14 week-end set around the international calendar avoiding clashes would be easy to do. It does not seem so.

Remember last season when Bristol and Everton did not have a game for a full month in the middle of the 2 nd half of the competition. Then having to play all the backlog of games in September ?

So far only Notts County v Bristol has been postponed due to venue availability ??
You can bet many games will be called off in the near future as there are 2 international competitions in the Summer 2014. The UEFA U19 euros in 15th to 27th of July with England and Scotland involved. FIFA U20 WC in 5th to 24th of August with England involved. The FA WSL rules say that a team can request to postpone a game when 3 players are selected for those tournaments or if they have a goalkeeper selected.

18 players must be selected in the U19 squad and 21 for the U20, so the chances of having 1 team or 2 postponing games in July is real and it could be 2 or 3 in August.

Who is looking forward to another end of season with teams weakened as players are exhausted or unavailable due to injury? The FA WSL 1 should be a fair competition, a football competition first and foremost, not a fitness competition. I think it is sad that in year 4 and in a League with 14 games only, that kind of mess is still happening.


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