FA WSL Continental Cup Matchday 4 & 5 preview

In a bizzare twist, the League takes another break until the 16th of July and we are now looking at the final games for the Continental Cup group stage. Top team from each group qualifies and the best runner-up as well.

Group 1

Arsenal v Chelsea 06/07

London Bees v Reading 06/07

Watford v Millwall 06/07


Arsenal v Bees 10/07


Reading v Watford 12/07

Chelsea v Bees 13/07

Millwall v Arsenal 13/07


Group 2

Durham v Liverpool 06/07

Everton v Doncaster 06/07

City v Sunderland 06/07


Liverpool v Doncaster 12/07

Durham v City 13/07

Sunderland v Everton 13/07


Group 3

Birmingham v Oxford 02/07


Bristol v Villa 05/07

Birmingham v Notts 06/07

Oxford v Yeovil  06/07


Yeovil v Notts 12/07

Villa v Oxford 13/07

Birmingham v Bristol 13/07

Watford Ladies, Millwall Lionesses, Durham Women, Oxford United  and Aston Villa are already eliminated from the competition.

Group tables are here : https://mywomensfootball.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/fa-wsl-conti-cup-group-stage-tables/




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