FA WSL Summer 2012 transfer window

The transfer window is now closed. Arsenal Out : Hayley Ladd ( Kokkola F10) Birmingham In : Emily Simpkins ( Coventry city) Bristol In : Out : Alex Culvin (Liverpool) Chelsea In : Emma Hayes (manager ) ,  Adriana Martin ( WNY Flash) Out : Victoria Williams (Doncaster) Doncaster In : Victoria Williams ( Chelsea),Continue reading “FA WSL Summer 2012 transfer window”

The Women’s Premier League is back.

Although there has not been much publicity surrounding the Women’s Premier League, the competition has restarted last Sunday in the National, Southern and Northern division. In the national division as usual there are 10 sides in the League and the double holders are Sunderland. Man City and Porsmouth are the two promoted side. The linkContinue reading “The Women’s Premier League is back.”

Division 1 feminine : the arms race is on

The race is on and it looks like the Division 1 feminine will be a very interesting competition to look at when it starts in September. 3 of the big 4 teams are in the process of signing players right left and center with many big players moving round. Lyon has decided to cut theContinue reading “Division 1 feminine : the arms race is on”

Is it the end of the road for Hope Powell ?

After the heroics of the Group stage, yesterday’s defeat and the lack of reaction from the manager at half time and in the second half, questions must be asked. There is absolutely no doubt the girls gave everything they had and were superb throughout the tournament. But the problem was obviously somewhere else. Let’s goContinue reading “Is it the end of the road for Hope Powell ?”

Olympic games Group stage completed

Group stage is now finished and we can review what happened in each group. Group E Great Britain tops the group by defeating Brazil in the final game. A big and unexpected upset as Brazil was of course one of the favourite. New Zealand finish 3rd with a win and Cameroon bottom with no pointsContinue reading “Olympic games Group stage completed”