FA WSL Day 11

Liverpool 1 Everton 2
Chelsea 0 Birmingham 1
Arsenal 1 Bristol 1
Doncaster 2 Lincoln 1

Arsenal drops 2 points and sees Everton and Birmingham close the gap to 6 points in the title race.

Although it was a well earned and hard won point at Arsenal, Bristol drops 2 points in the champions League place race against Birmingham and Everton.

Chelsea like Lincoln can say goodbye to Champions League except for a series of draws/defeat from Everton Birmingham and Bristol together.

Doncaster overtakes Liverpool with that win against Lincoln. Both wins for the Belles this season came against their local rivals.

Arsenal needs 7 points to clinch the title and will play Lincoln, Liverpool and Doncaster at home before finishing the season at Birmingham.

Next are the Conti cup semi-finals with Lincoln at home to Birmingham on Sunday the 2nd of September and Bristol at home to Arsenal on Monday the 3rd of September.


FA WPL National Division Day 2

So far so good 100% game played as planned no postponement, all teams are level. It is a lot easier compared to last year so far. 4 home wins and a  draw this week-end.  Charlton and Man City sharing 8 goals between each other. Leeds beat Coventry  1-0 with a late goal from Huegett. Newly promoted team Portsmouth record their first win over Villa 3-0. Sunderland hammers Barnet 7-0 and Watford maintain their 100% record by beating Cardiff 2-1 with a fantastic 35 free kick from Hills.

We have two early leaders with 6 points in two games : Favorite Sunderland with already a +10 goal difference and Watford who managed a miracle last season to stay up and are carrying on their end of season form.

At the bottom we have the opposite with 2 sides with no points in 2 games Barnet and a -10 goal difference and Aston Villa with -4.

Promoted side Man City is 3rd and unbeaten with 4 points. Coventry, Portsmouth, Cardiff and Leeds have all 3 pts .

Charlton is 8th with a point.

As a reminder we don’t know what will happen in term of relegation / promotion as the FA has not announced yet the new FA WSL Division 2 format and the knock-on effects on the FA WPL.




Catch-up day in the WSL

There are 3 games played this week-end and those are postponed games from Day 2 and Day 3.

Doncaster v Arsenal at 6pm on Saturday

Liverpool v Lincoln at 2pm on Sunday

Birmingham v Bristol at 730 pm on Monday

Everton and Chelsea are not playing and will stay with their respective 15 pts in 9 games and 14 pts in 10 games.

Arsenal has 20 points in 8 games and will try to open a 8 points lead on Everton with 5 games to go. While Doncaster will try to get the 3 points and maybe overtake Liverpool if things go their way.

Birmingham and Bristol are tied on 14 points and games played  8 with Blues ahead thanks to a better goal difference. The eventual winner of this game would overtake Everton in the race for 2nd place that qualifies for the champions league 2013-14. If there is a draw both side will equal Everton’s tally but will overtake the Toffees on goal difference.

Liverpool and Lincoln have nothing to play for in the League but Matt Beard has indicated that all the girls are playing for their place next season although I understand some girls won’t be staying for sure.

FA WSL Summer 2012 transfer window

The transfer window is now closed.


Out : Hayley Ladd ( Kokkola F10)


In : Emily Simpkins ( Coventry city)


In :

Out : Alex Culvin (Liverpool)


In : Emma Hayes (manager ) ,  Adriana Martin ( WNY Flash)

Out : Victoria Williams (Doncaster)


In : Victoria Williams ( Chelsea), Emma Thomson (Boston Breakers), Sara Saxon( Rotherham United), Emily Heckler ( Huddersfield Town), Chelsea Burke

Out : Julie Ann Russell (Peamount), Shelby Hills ( Watford), Lillie Billson (Liverpool)



In : Matt Beard (manager) Lillie Bilson ( Doncaster) Elizabeth Ince ( Blackburn Rovers) Helen Griffiths Sophia Riccio Alex Culvin ( Bristol)

Out : Ruesha Littlejohn ( Glasgow City) , Lynda Shepherd ( Manchester City), Nicola Twohig


Out : Rachel Daly ( St John University USA)

The Women’s Premier League is back.

Although there has not been much publicity surrounding the Women’s Premier League, the competition has restarted last Sunday in the National, Southern and Northern division.

In the national division as usual there are 10 sides in the League and the double holders are Sunderland. Man City and Porsmouth are the two promoted side. The link to the table is below.


It is very important to note that the WSL Division 2 will start in 2014. It means that 10 teams will be selected to form the second level of the Women Super League. Although the FA has not disclosed fully the information yet.

The Northen division has only 9 teams because Rochdale pulled out.


The Southern Division has 10 teams


The WPL teams also compete in the FA Women’s Cup and the FA Premier League Cup.

FA WSL Day 10

Doncaster 0-1 Chelsea – (Coombs)
Bristol 1-0 Liverpool – (Del Rio)
Birmingham 3-1 Lincoln – (Taylor, Weston, Carney) (Horwood)
Everton 2-2 Arsenal – (Williams, Bronze) (Little, Nobbs)

The table looks like this

1. Arsenal 20 pts 8 games +12
2. Everton 15 pts 9 games +2
3. Birmingham 14 pts 8 games +7
4. Bristol 14 points 8 games +3
5. Chelsea 14 points 10 games -3
6. Lincoln 9 points 9 games -1
7. Liverpool 5 points 9 games -10
8. Doncaster 3 points 7 games -10

Arsenal gains a precious point at Everton and keeps the gap to 5 points and 6 over teams who played the same number of games.

There are 4 teams fighting for the 2nd Champions League qualifying place at the moment although Everton and Chelsea have played an extra 1 and 2 games.

Lincoln have more or less abandoned the champions league chances with that defeat at Birmingham.

Liverpool and Doncaster will be fighting for the wooden spoon again this year.

The champions league contenders maximum possible points  Arsenal 38 pts Everton 30 pts Birmingham 32 pts Bristol 32 pts Chelsea 26 pts.

Coming next are postponed games from earlier in the season

Doncaster v Arsenal Saturday 25th 6 pm

Liverpool v Lincoln Sunday 26th 2 pm

Birmingham v Bristol Monday 27th 730 pm Live on ESPN



The FA WSL is back

After the success of the Olympic tournament with 70k+ turning up at Wembley for GB v Brazil and 80 203 for the final Japan v USA. The FA WSL is back and hopefully we will see a positive effect on the attendances from now on.

Yesterday Everton won away at Doncaster closing the gap to 5 points with league leaders Arsenal having now played an extra game. On Sunday, Everton will host…Arsenal and could close the gap to 2 points. With Arsenal playing their final game at Birmingham in a month and a half, well anything could be possible then.

The other games to be played on Day 10 are Bristol v Liverpool with Bristol needing a win to carry on competing for the 2nd place that opens the door to the champions league. Doncaster v Chelsea with the belles trying to grab a few points to get away from the bottm place and Chelsea hopefully parading their new signing Adriana. Birmingham v Lincoln a game with a potential to be explisve with reference to last season ill tempered tie. Both side also need the points to stay in the champions league place race.

The conti-cup semi-final will take place in early  September with Bristol at home to Arsenal and Lincoln v Birmingham.

Division 1 feminine : the arms race is on

The race is on and it looks like the Division 1 feminine will be a very interesting competition to look at when it starts in September. 3 of the big 4 teams are in the process of signing players right left and center with many big players moving round.

Lyon has decided to cut the budget as the men’s team did not qualify for the champions league, hence many players leaving.
PSG has all the QSI money and has bought German and American talent as well as French based quality players.
Juvisy will play in the champions league and has added a few quality French players while Montpellier will use all the girls that came through the youth ranks.
Those 4 teams will fight for the 2 champions league place with PSG now a clear contender for the title.

The website footofemin has a full recap for the 12 clubs :



Is it the end of the road for Hope Powell ?

After the heroics of the Group stage, yesterday’s defeat and the lack of reaction from the manager at half time and in the second half, questions must be asked.

There is absolutely no doubt the girls gave everything they had and were superb throughout the tournament. But the problem was obviously somewhere else.

Let’s go back to the game : 2 goals conceded due to defensive individual mistakes. We all make mistake it happens, all was needed was a quick reaction to going 1 then 2 nil down. I certainly believe the England/Team GB mentality is well suited to a team level on score or even better with a lead to defend. We have seen it many times, taking the lead nearly guarantees a win every time for England. But what about going behind ? How many times did England manage to come back from 2-0 down ? Twice against Spain and Russia. How many times in a knock out game at a tournament since 2005 ?

So back to the quarter final. You are 2-0 down, it is half time. You want to energise a team that is chasing the game, get a more attacking set up to have a more attacking creative platform as Canada are defending well. Feeding off second ball scrap and chasing diagonal ball down the wing does not work at top top level, where the opposition rarely makes silly mistakes.

So how about sending Fishlock or Chapman to press higher in midfield, put Beattie, Sanderson or Dowie up front to add a physical presence to disturb Canada’s defence or send a flying winger like Davison ? Well none of them got selected for reasons no one knows about. Fail.
Strange squad choices will come back to haunt you.

White and Little being substituted, Yankey and Rachel Williams introduced too late. Need I say more ? Was it a recipe to make a fighting comeback ? Granted the referee didn’t help and forgot a penalty and it could have changed everything but…

We know that the England staff is at the top of the class in term of sport science and investment. Players fitness is well monitored, defensive work is an important feature in training. The basics are right and well taken care of. It is all good to be able to work hard and do everything right when you don’t have the ball but what about when players are on the ball ?

Where is the work on creativity ? Offensive play, off the ball movement, technical skill. I read that quote : “hard work beat talents when talent doesn’t work hard.” So when talent works hard, hard work needs to reach a new level ? Where is that new level ?
Why does the decision making process seem to be blurred when in ball possession ? Why can’t players express themselves and seem to have stifled creativity ?

If you look at the gameplans developped by teams like Japan or France, they seem to think it is easier to win games with ball possession same with Barcelona or Spain in men’s football. I undersand Chelsea won the champions league this season with defensive football and Mourinho won many trophy with a defensive mentality. But that defensive mentality has not served England right through the years alongside picking players who failed in important games on regular basis. So time to ditch the defensive football and philosophy surely ?

So what do I know, being just a fan I don’t have much credibility for sure 😉 except from those who value my judgement lol I am sure if those question were put to her, the usual “who are you” trademark would come out.

Anyway, no one should blame the girls, they have done their best. The FA should really get their act together now. Keith Boanas or Emma Hayes would be good candidates for England.

Olympic games Group stage completed

Group stage is now finished and we can review what happened in each group.

Group E

Great Britain tops the group by defeating Brazil in the final game. A big and unexpected upset as Brazil was of course one of the favourite. New Zealand finish 3rd with a win and Cameroon bottom with no points

Group F

Sweden tops the group with Japan level on point. Canada finish 3rd and South-Africa got a point off world champions Japan in special conditions.

Group G

A very straightforward group USA won 3 games France 2 North Korea 1 and Colombia none.

The top 2 from each group qualified plus the best 3rd place team :

Canada with 4 points and New Zealand with 3 points and 0 goal difference go through while North Korea, Cameroon, South Africa and Colombia go home.

Below is the knock-out stage program

Friday the 3rd

GB v Canada Coventry
USA v NZL Newcastle
Brasil v Japan Cardiff
Sweden v France Glagow

Monday the 6th

Sweden or France v Brasil or Japan Wembley
GB or Canada v USA or NZL Old Trafford

Thursday the 9th

Final at Wembley

The goalscoring table (as ranked by FIFA)

1. Tancredi Canada 4

2. Wambach USA 3

3. Houghton GB 3

4. Thomis France 2

5. Morgan USA 2