FA WSL 1 Matchday 5 statistics

Birmingham 0 v Bristol 0

Goals :

Assists :

Yellow Card :

Red Card :

Notts County 4 v Sunderland 2

Goals :

Assists :

Yellow Card :

Red Card :

Chelsea 0 v Arsenal 0

Goal : –

Assist : –

Yellow card : –

Red card : –


FA WSL 1 2015 Champions League places season history

25/03 1. Sunderland 3 pts 2. Arsenal 0 pt

29/03 1 Chelsea 3 pts . 2. Sunderland 3 pts

01/04 1. Manchester City 4 pts 2. Chelsea 3 pts

02/04 1. Chelsea 6 pts 2. Man City 4 pts

15/04 1. Chelsea 6 pts 2. Arsenal 4 pts

18/04 1. Chelsea 6 pts 2. Sunderland 6 pts

19/04 1. Chelsea 9 pts 2. Arsenal 7 pts

26/04 1. Chelsea 12 pts 2. Arsenal 10 pts

29/04 1. Chelsea 12 pts  2. Arsenal 10 pts

30/04 1. Chelsea 13 pts 2. Arsenal 11 pts

Chelsea stays on top, Arsenal stays 2nd

FA WSL 1 2015 relegation place history

Here is the full year recap on the team currently bottom of the FA WSL 1

25/03 Liverpool 0 pt -1

29/03 Notts County 0 pt -1

01/04 Notts County 0 pt -1

02/04 Bristol Academy 0 pt -4

15/04 Bristol Academy 0 pt -6

18/04 Bristol Academy 0 pt -7

19/04 Bristol Academy 0 pt -7

29/04 Bristol Academy 1 pt -7

30/04 Bristol Acady 1 pt -7

First point for Bristol 2 points behind Birmingham

FA WSL 1 Matchday 5 preview

Notts County (5) v Sunderland (4)

Notts recorder their first win this week-end and will now look to climb up the table, while will look to bounce back from their defeat at Arsenal. Both teams will hope that the top two teams both drop points on Thursday.

Birmingham (7) v Bristol (8)

Bottom of the table clash with the only teams without a win so far. Bristol and their new manager cannot really afford another defeat against another relegation threatened team. They need at least to get a point. Birmingham need to kick-start thier season after getting only 2 points from 4 games.

Manchester City v Liverpool P-P

You do wonder why this game is postponed as no explantion has been given. A bit curious that they played each other on Sunday.

Chelsea (1) v Arsenal (2)

The top of the table clash, Chelsea still with an 100% record against a resurgent Arsenal. LAst time round, Chelsea won the Cup game with Arsenal selecting the wrong tactic ( a 4-4-2 with a  midfield diamond). You would not expect them to keep the same system this time. It should be a very interesting game and Chelsea would open a 5 points lead with a win on Thursday.

FA WSL 1 Matchday 4 statistics

Bristol 2 v Notts 5

Goals Ingle, Watts; A Whelan, Williams x2, F Whelan, Greenwood

Assists Watts, Dykes, White, A Whelan x2, Greenwood x2

Yellow Card : L Crichton

Red Card : –

Liverpool 2 v Man City 1

Goals Oshoala, Smorsgard, Parris

Assists Williams, Oshoala, Christiansen

Yellow card :

Red card :

Arsenal 4 v Sunderland 1

Goals : N Sanchon x2, C Humphrey, D Carrter, B Mead

Assists Williamson, Carter, Smith, Stoney, Furness

Yellow Card :

Red : A Holmes

Birmingham 0 Chelsea 1

Goal : Chapman

Assist : –

Yellow : J Moore

Red card : –

FA WSL 1 Matchday 4 preview

Bristol (8) v Notts County (6)

Another relegation six pointer for Bristol. They have sacked their manager this week and need at least a point to keep Notts County at striking distance. Should they win they would overtake their visitors. Notts County willw ant to make sure, they send Bristol on the way to WSL 2.

Arsenal (2) v Sunderland (3)

Surprise package Sunderland will look to consolidate their current place, they managed to win at Liverpool and are capable of doing it again at Arsenal. The Gunners are starting to find form after their disappointing FA Cup exit a couple of weeks ago. This game’s winner might be top of the League on Sunday depending on Chelsea’s result.

Birmingham (7) v Chelsea (1)

Birmingham are still looking for their first League win and need it to get out of the relegation threat zone. Chelsea have the only 100% record in the League and will want to defend it and extend their lead at the top of the table.

Liverpool (5) v Man City (4)

The game is shown live on BT Sport and both side need the 3 points from the win to catch up with League leaders Chelsea and cannot afford a defeat.

FA WSL 2 Winter 2015 transfer window

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts

Everton Ladies :

In :   Danielle Turner 2 years, Ellie Stewart ( Liverpool Ladies), Danielle Lea ( Man City), Megan Alexander ( Liverpool), Danielle Young ( Man City), Jess King  (Trinity Western University Spartans )

Out :  Brooke Chaplen ( Sunderland Ladies) , Amy Kane, Rachel Brown- Finnis ( retirement), Alex Greenwood ( Notts County), Fern Whelan ( Notts County) , Nikita Parris ( Man City -loan), Jody Handley ( Doncaster Belles)

Doncaster Belles

In : Glenn Harris ( Manager), Lauren Cresswell, Bethany England, Reanne Thomas, Ashleigh Mills, Nicola Hobbs, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk, Kasia Lipka, Rhiannon Roberts, Lindsey Cunningham, Amber Lawrence ( Burton Albion), Sophie Barker ( Sheffield FC ), Emily Roberts ( Notts County – loan), Jody Handley ( Everton Ladies), Danielle Hill ( Durham Women)

Out : Gordon Staniforth ( Manager), Millie Bright ( Chelsea), Jessica Sigsworth ( Notts County), Victoria Williams ( Sunderland)

Reading Women

In : Kelly Chambers ( Manager), Fran Kirby, Charlie Estcourt ( Chelsea Dev), Kylie Davies ( Millwall), Emma Follis (Aston Villa), Rachel Rowe ( Swansea City), Molly Bartrip, Lauren Bruton, Melissa Fletcher, Bonnie Horwood, Kirsty McGee, Grace Moloney,Megan Ryan, Laura May Wakley, Helen Ward, Bianca Bragg,

Out : Jayne Ludlow (Manager), Ashleigh Goddard ( London Bees), Alexandra Keown ( Spurs Ladies), Leigh Nicol ( London Bees), Cheryl Williams ( London Bees), Eartha Pond

Aston Villa

In : Katie Wilkinson ( Birmingham City), Abbi Cottam (TNS), Hannah George ( Birmingham – loan), Lauren Haynes ( Bristol), Gwyn West ( Keynsham), Laura Cooper ( Derby County)

Out : Chloe Jones ( Aland United), Carly Davies, Emma Follis ( Reading)

Yeovil Town
In :  Annie Heatherson ( retirement), Corinne Yorston ( Bristol Academy), Alys Hinchliffe, Stephanie Williams ( Cardiff City), Ellie Isaac, Helen Bleazard, Nathalie Haigh

Out : Rachael Edwards ( retirement), Sarah Wiltshire ( Man City), Jemma Tewkesbury ( Southampton Saints) , Laura Bray, Katie Cook

Durham Women

In : Amelia Pereira ( Hartford Hawks), Becky Beech ( Hull City ), Jordan Atkinson, Vic Linsley, Emily Scott, Jemma Purfield, Beth Hepple, Ellie Christon, Jen Jennings, Caroline Dixon, Sarah Wilson, Anna Moorhouse, Julie Nelson ( Glasgow City), Helen Alderson  ( Sunderland), Rachel Lee ( Bradford City – dual signing)

Out : Rebecca Hanratty ( Middlesborough), Zoe Ness ( Mallbackens IF), Danielle Hill ( Doncaster Belles)

Watford Ladies

In : Cherie Rowlands ( London Bees), Lauren Davey ( assistant manager), Dawn Mallett ( Cambridge WFC), Anneka Nuttall ( London Bees), Yasmin Poole ( Lewes),  Ellie Mason ( Chelsea dev )

out : Lauren Davey ( retirement), Emma Beckett ( Amazon Grinstad ), Jo Wilson ( QPR)

Millwall Lionesses

In : Dan Mlinar ( manager), Naomi Cole 1 year, Sarah Quantrill 1 year, Lilli Maple 3 years, Lily Agg, Liz Berkeley ( Chelsea development),  Rinsola Babajide( Crystal Palace), Megan Goss (  London Bees ), Rosella Ayane ( Chelsea – Loan), Danielle Carlton ( Brighton), Ashley Hincks ( Gillingham)

Out : Kylie Davies ( Reading)

Oxford United

In : Kayleigh Hines, Demi Lambourde, Lauren Allison, Kathrine Nutman, Amy Chivers, Holly Pickett, Sahara Osborne-Ricketts, Gemma Simonds, Rosie Lane, Laura Nichol, Katie Stanley, Laura Low, Ella Franklin-Faiture, Hannah Cox, Lindsay Pinker, Helen King, Hannaliis Jaadla

Out : Louise Fellows ( London Bees) Jemma Connor-Iommi ( London Bees )

London Bees

In : Samantha Miller ( West Ham), Ashleigh Goddard ( Reading), Sophie Harris, Billie Brooks, Chontele Lawrence, Aoife Hurley, Paige Wakefield, Rebecca Anderson, Paula Howells, Amber Gaylor, Lucy Loomes, Sydney Hinchcliffe, Dean Selvey ( assistant manager), Jemma Connor-Iommi ( Oxford) , Louise Fellows (Oxford ), Leigh Nicol ( Reading), Cheryl Williams ( Reading Women), Charlotte Benson ( Fulham Foundation), Gemma Fraser ( Fulham Foundation), Jade Dempster

Out : Cherie Rowlands ( Watford ), Dawn Mallett ( Cambridge WFC), Anneka Nuttall ( Watford Ladies), Sophie Fogarty, Samantha Chapell, Amy Cooper, Emily Clements, Taylor O’ Leary, Danielle Oates, Charlotte Herson, Megan Goss ( Millwall Lionesses )