FA WSL Division 2 Summer 2014 moves

Aston Villa In : Katie Wilkinson ( Birmingham City – loan), Jess Myers ( Birmingham City) Out : Doncaster Rovers Belles In : Courtney Sweetman-Kirk ( Notts County) Out : Durham WFC In : Emily Scott ( Middlesborough), Sarah Wilson ( Newcastle united) Out :   London Bees In : Rebecca Anderson ( Coventry), Paula Howells ( Brighton), Amy Copper ( Spurs) […]

Bristol awarded 3 points for their away game to Notts County

There is a lengthy statement here from Notts County : http://www.nclfc.co.uk/news/fa_award_bristol_three_points.html I find some of the stuff very interesting and you do wonder what is happening behind the scene and other stuff totally irrevelant. Anyway, the FA has artificially made the relegation race more interesting and the champions league place race as well. Killing two […]

FA WPL fixtures disclosed for the 2014/15 season.

We have 12 teams in the Northern Division : Blackburn, Bradford, Coventry, Derby, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Forest, PNE, Sheffield FC, Sporting Albion, Stoke, Wolves Fixtures are here : http://full-time.thefa.com/ListPublicFixture.do?divisionseason=12545623&league=872938 12 teams also in the Southern Division :  Brighton, Cardiff, Charlton, Copeswood ( Coventry) Gillingham, Keynsham, Lewes, Plymouth, Portsmouth, QPR, Spurs, West Ham Fxitures are here : […]