The FA Women Premier League is back

Last Sunday was the start of the FA WPL Northern and Southern section. For those who did not follow what happened recently and landed on this blog by a random click on a link, here is a short reminder :

The elite women football league plays a summer season from April to September. There are 2 division WSL 1 and WSL 2 (just created), teams were selected on criteria like money and marketing mainly. The 3rd level is the top level in winter football is now the Women Premier League split in 2 regions North and South with 11 teams per League.

There is no promotion from the WPL to the WSL as in the previous seasons ie League winners get their medal but won’t be able to go higher in the pyramid. It is important to notice that some clubs who were in the National Division last year (Level 2) are now at level 3 here there got relegated either because their WSL bid was rejected, or they didn’t bid or were not allowed to bid.

The newly selected WSL 2 teams don’t have an official game until March I believe when they join the FA Cup and therefore some players will go on loan to the WPL or to division below so that they don’t spend 8 months without playing football due to that extended break.

This will be the last season ever for the WPL as a new 3 tier structure will appear in 2015 and the name Women’s Premier League will disappear…


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