The race for the Champions League places is hotting up

There are 3 teams fighting for  2 places.  I think Liverpool made a statement by winning at Bristol on Sunday.  Had they lost, they would have been 6 points behind Bristol, a big gap as it meant 2 extra defeats available to the Vixens.

As it stands now, Liverpool and Bristol are level on points but the reds are ahead with 21-12 on goal difference while Bristol are 21-14. Arsenal are 14-8 on that count.

So let’s have a look at the 3 teams schedule , the first thing that comes to view is Bristol have no game for 3 weeks, while the other two teams are playing many games :

17/08 Liverpool v Chelsea

18/08 Birmingham v Arsenal

21/08 Doncaster v Arsenal

24/08 Doncaster v Liverpool

29/08 Chelsea v Arsenal

Until the end of August Bristol will get 0 point, Liverpool  should get 4 to 6 points and Arsenal should get 5 to 9 points.

By the end of August the scenario could be Liverpool 24 pts, Arsenal 22 pts and Bristol 18 pts or if things go well for Bristol Liverpool 22 pts, Arsenal and Bristol 18 pts.  I don’t expect the top 2 teams to loose a game in that period of time although it can happen.

For those who wonder what happened and why this bizzare schedule, there is a  UEFA competition that the FA did not take into account when they did the season planning. To be fair, they also don’t take into account the Champions League either, hence Arsenal starting their season on Day 3 and playing catch-up since.


01/09 A full 4 games gameday :  Arsenal v Doncaster, Birmingham v Liverpool, Lincoln v Bristol

Arsenal could get a few points on the other 2 teams if they slip up.

04/09 Liverpool v Doncaster

05/09 Arsenal v Lincoln

05/09 Chelsea v Bristol

This time Liverpool could take advantage of the other 2 teams slipping up.

08/09 Arsenal v Bristol

2 teams go head to head Arsenal likely to win as with the previous 3 games this season

12/09 Bristol v Birmingham and Liverpool v Everton

Tough game for Bristol while the Merseyside derby comes to the Halton Stadium.

15/09 Arsenal v Birmingham, Doncaster v Bristol

Bristol could take advantage of an Arsenal slip-up. By the 15th of September, all teams will have played 13 games and therefore we will know where we stand before last Gameday.

29/09 Game Day 14 quite unfortunate to happen 3 days after a WC qualifying period where England will play 2 games in a week.

Everton v Arsenal and LIverpool v Bristol. It is likely to  go to final day for the title and the Champions League place, unless one of team collapse in the run-in.


My predictions for the Champions League places :  Liverpool 40%, Bristol 20%, Arsenal 40%

For the title : Liverpool 40%, Bristol 10%, Arsenal 50% due to the players previous experience.


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