The FA WSL race to Champions League places

While there is a UEFA U19 tournament happening in Wales, the FA WSL is carrying on and last week saw Doncaster Belles battered by the top 2 teams Arsenal (0-6) and Liverpool ( 0-9).

As everybody knows, England will have 2 teams in 2014/15 UEFA Women’s Champions League competition ( unless Arsenal or Birmingham win the 2013/14 edition and do not finish in the top 2 FA WSL 2013 edition).

The current table sees Liverpool with 24 points in 10 with a goal difference of +19, Arsenal with 19 points in 8 with a goal difference of + 14 and Bristol with 18 points in 8 with a goal difference of  +7.

Those were the top 3 team points in the 2 previous FA WSL seasons :

2012 1.Arsenal  34, 2. Birmingham 26, 3. Everton 25

2011 1. Arsenal 32, 2. Birmingham 29 3. Everton 25

So in previous seasons 26 points were enough to secure a Champions League place with 27  and  30 for the title. At the current rate of scoring 30 points might not even secure a Champions League place !

Here is the schedule for the 3 contenders.

Liverpool 24 points

01/09 Birmingham A

04/09 Doncaster H

12/09 Everton H

29/09 Bristol H

Liverpool are very likely to get 10 to 12 points from those 4 games as their form is excellent so they would finish from 34 to 36 points.

Arsenal 19 points

29/08 Chelsea A

01/09 Doncaster H

05/09 LIncoln H

08/09 Bristol H

15/09 Birmingham H

29/09 Everton A

Lincoln, Bristol and Birmingham at home are potential banana skin but if the Gunners carry one their professional performance they will surely get from 12 to 18 points, which would leave them on 31 to 37 points.

Bristol 18 points

01/09 Lincoln A

05/09 Chelsea A

08/09 Arsenal A

12/09 Birmingham H

15/09 Doncaster A

29/09 Liverpool A

Bristol plays the 2 other title contenders away,

It is difficult to see them gaining more than 12 points out of 18 with that very heavy schedule, so that would leave them with 30 points overall.

So my prediction for the Champions League places is Liverpool and Arsenal unless Bristol manages to win 5 out 6 games ie win away at one of the other contender and win every other game bar one. They would then finish around 33 points with Arsenal and Liverpool also around that mark if they also slip up somewhere else.


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