Football games attended so far in 2014

So far 61 games attended since January 2014, country visited : England, Cyprus, Sweden, France, USA, Roumania, Norway



05/01 Southampton Saints v Univeristy of Portsmouth

12/01 Chesham v Larkhall Athletics

18/01 OL v PSG

19/01 Montpellier v Soyaux



01/02 Arsenal U17 v Liverpool U17

01/02 Arsenal v Oxford

02/02 Enfield v Chichester

02/02 Arsenal dev v London Bees dev

08/02 Arsenal U17 v Villa  U17

09/02 C&K Basildon v West Ham

11/02 Reading v Chelsea

15/02 Arsenal U17 v Norwich U17

23/02 Arsenal dev v Reading dev



01/03 Arsenal U17 v Birmingham U17

02/03 Arsenal dev v Chelsea dev

10/03 England v Canada

10/03 France v Netherlands

12/03  Scotland v South Korea

12/03 Netherland v Switzerland

12/03 France v England

16/03 Watford dev v Arsenal dev

23/03 Chelsea v ….

24/03 Birmingham v Arsenal

30/03 Arsenal v Birmingham



02/04 Roumania v France B

03/04 Millwall v Chelsea

13/04 Chelsea v Bristol

16/04 Reading v Yeovil

19/04 Birmingham v Tyreso

20/04 Chelsea v Liverpool

27/07 Tyreso v Birmingham



01/05 London Bees v Millwall

04/05 Birmingham v Arsenal

07/05 Arsenal dev v London Bees dev

11/05 Chelsea v Arsenal

14/05 Chelsea v Millwall

15/05 Reading v Arsenal

17/05 Yeovil v Aston Villa

18/05 Arsenal v Man City

20/05 London Bees dev v Arsenal dev

21/05 Arsenal v Birmingham

25/05 London Bees v Durham

28/05 London bees dev v Reading dev

31/05 Arsenal dev v Liverpool dev



01/06 Liverpool U17 v Everton U17

01/06 Arsenal v Everton

07/06 Watford tournament

14/06 USA v France

28/06 Reading v Villa



02/07 Birmingham v Oxford

05/07 Bristol v Villa

06/07 Arsenal v Chelsea

10/07 Arsenal v London Bees

12/07 Yeovil v Notts County

13/07 Millwall v Arsenal

15/07 England U19 V Sweden U19

16/07 Chelsea v Arsenal

19/07 Bristol v Liverpool

20/07 Chelsea v Man City

26/07 Reading v London Bees

27/07 Chelsea v Bristol






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