Non eligible player conendrum

Well, for the 2nd year in a row  a team has fielded an ineligble player Reading v Bees this season and Arsenal v Liverpool last season. And for the 2nd year running the winning team has got the 3 points from the victory deducted. Obviously Reading have been kicked out because of the nature of the tournament ie cup, while Arsenal were not kicked out of the FA WSL. There is no doubt teams acted on good faith in both case.

2 things come to mind. First the team that played according to the rules is penalised because they lost the game against a team with an “unfair” advantage. They are also penalised in term of goal difference and for example with Bees loosing by 7, had they been in position to qualify for the semi-finals but lost on goal difference that would have been a very unfair treatment by the FA.

The other problem about not giving the 3 points & the result to the team that has been cheated is it can lead to a huge problem like this :

Team A is ahead of team B by 2 points in the League. A and B meet on final day in the League.
A beat B 3-0 and is therefore crowned Champion but later found guilty of fielding an ineligble Brazilian left footed forward who has a hat trick on the day. Team A gets 3 points deducted later  but still finish top of the League and champion 2 points ahead of B. Team A got an unfair advantage by fielding a top quality player but knowing they only risk a point deduction are “guaranteeing ” their title by cheating…

That rule of deducting 3 points instead of giving the win to the beaten team just favors cheaters in the League…. I think it sends a wrong message to teams.



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