Nani’s red card v Madrid

For once this will be a post about men’s football. This was the defining moment of the game and it clearly contributed to United’s elimination from the champions league.

Was it really the wrong decision ? I believe so IF you are refereeing the game in the Premier League. We all know that the referee are very tolerant with regards to physical and sometimes dangerous play because it is part on the culture. The “get stuck in” or “go hard or go home” are part of the culture and British football. Foreign players have to adapt to this, How many tackles that are allowed in England end up with bookings or red card in UEFA competitions ? I am sure you can find examples without problems.

In UEFA competitions, refereeing is strict in general. Referees are applying the law of the game with regards to booking and sending off in a very different way that in England. It is up to the players to adapt their game. The notion of a player “in danger of injuring his opponent” is very much an alien concept in England to be honest, otherwise we would see many more red card. While this is applied in UEFA competitions and many other countries actually.

For me, this is typical example of a cultural difference between Europe and Britain, no wonder English people want to leave the EU :p


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