The FA Women’s Championship promotion race Matchday 4

League leaders Manchester United dropped their first point of the season with a home draw to Durham, while the chasing teams had mixed results with Spurs winning away, Lewes losing away to Charlton.

Matchday four was marred by two serious injuries to Paula Howells and Leah Galton and we still do not know if the FA has taken disciplinary action against the two players responsible for the injuries.

The Bees’ player is a season ending injury and it is amazing to think that the referee on the day gave a free-kick to the player who badly injured her opponent. You cannot be more incompetent than this.  Full credit to the Leicester staff, they were very quick and helpful to take care of the injured player.

Now you would hope the FA would suspend the players from Durham and Leicester for a long time as other FA do around the world, because protecting the physical integrity of the players should be a number one priority in the game. But it does not look that way as we have seen many time in the men and women game.


Man United 0 Durham 0

Charlton 4 Lewes 1

Crystal Palace 1 Tottenham 2


Spurs are now in the promotion place having taken over from Lewes who drop to the third place.


1 Man United 10 pts + 20 pl 4

2 Tottenham 9 pts + 5 pl 3

3 Lewes 9 pts +2 pl 4

4 Charlton 7 pts +5 pl 3


Matchday 5 will see the top four teams play each other with Man United at home to Charlton and Lewes at home to Spurs. Leicester and Durham currently in fifth and sixth place and playing the bottom two teams away might come back in the promotion race should results go their way tomorrow.

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