FA Women’s Championship Summer 2018 transfer window

The transfer window opens on the 1st of June and closes on the 9th ( for the pro contracts only)

Last updated 21 Aug

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals


Millwall Lionesses

In 13 : Chris Phillips manager, Gabriela Ravenscroft ( Arsenal), Lia Cataldo ( Arsenal), Chloe Wilkinson ( Brentwood), Annie Rossiter, Yelani Priest ( Arsenal), Kelani Peart ( Arsenal), Beth Lumsden ( Arsenal), Evie Clarke ( London Bees), Chloe Sansom ( Brighton), Grace Taylor ( London Bees), Freya Bailes, Michelle Young, Beth Harford, Lucy Fitzgerald, Bethany Powell, Leanne Cowan, Jordan Butler ( Crystal Palace), Chantelle Mackie ( West Ham), Riva Casley ( Oxford), Ellie Stenning ( Crystal Palace), Georgina Giddings

Out  15 : Lee Burch manager ( Yeovil), Ashley Hincks ( Crystal Palace), Sarah Quantrill ( London Bees), Leighanne Robe ( Liverpool), Megan Wynne ( Tottenham), Amber Gaylor (Yeovil), Billie Brooks ( retirement), Rianna Dean ( Tottenham), Ella Rutherford( Bristol), Charlotte Devlin ( Manchester Utd), Victoria Wotton ( retirement), Jordan Butler ( Crystal Palace), Megan Alexander ( Yeovil), Ellie Mason ( Yeovil), Bonnie Horwood ( Yeovil), Leigh Nicol ( Charlton)


Durham Women

In  2 : Zoe Ness, Nicki Gears, Rachel Lee, Emily Roberts, Beth Hepple, Lauren Briggs, Sarah Wilson, Abby Holmes ( PEC Zwolle), Chloe Nott, Kathryn Hill

Out 5 : Annabel Johnson ( London Bees), Jenny Bitzer ( AS Roma), Nicole Gibson ( London Bees), Jordan Atkinson, Lauren Jordinson


London Bees

In 10 : Sarah Quantrill ( Millwall Lionesses), Katherine Huggins ( Watford -end of loan), Paula Howells, Tricia Gould, Rosanna Lane, Emma Beckett, Ruesha Littlejohn ( Celtic), Lauren Pickett ( Tottenham), Annabel Johnson ( Durham), Nicola Gibson ( Durham), Ocean Rolandsen,  Anne-Laure Davy ( LOSC), Eloise Wilson ( Bristol), Brooke Nunn, Rachel Unitt, Destiny Tousssaint

Out 9 : Nicola Hobbs ( Sheffield United), Chelsea Weston ( retirement), Ashleigh Goddard ( FC Nordsjaelland), Sophie Harris ( Brighton), Katherine Huggins (Watford), Anne Meiwald ( Tottenham), Evie Clarke ( Millwall), Rebecca Anderson ( retirement), Grace Taylor ( Millwall)



In 9 : Rianna Dean ( Millwall), Angela Addison ( C&K Basildon), Megan Wynne ( Millwall), Anne Meiwald ( London Bees), Emma Gibbon ( Arsenal), Coral Haines ( Birmingham), Jessica Naz ( Arsenal), Anna Filbery ( Arsenal), Bianca Baptiste ( Aston Villa), Josie Green, Renee Hector, Lucia Marte Leon, Sophie McLean, Ashleigh Neville, Sarah Wiltshire  

Out 6 : Toni-Anne Wayne ( -), Coral Haines ( Birmingham – end of loan), Katie O’ Leary ( Watford), Hannah McKenzie ( Crystal Palace), Shannon Moloney ( Lewes), Lauren Pickett ( London Bees)


Aston Villa

In 4 : Gemma Davies Manager, Sophie Haywood ( Texas A&M), Nadine Hanssen ( KRC Genk), Hollie Gibson ( Stoke City), Alison Hall ( Coventry United), Elisha N’Dow, Sian Rogers,

Out 7 : Chloe Jones ( retirement), Beth Merrick ( Sheffield United), Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United), Katy Moran ( Coventry City), Elizabeta Ejupi ( Charlton), Amy Goddard ( Yeovil), Natasha Baptiste ( Tottenham)


Charlton Athletic

In 8 : Grace Coombs, Georgia Griffin, Chloe Brunton-Wilde, Harley Bennett, Charley Clifford, Kit Graham, Gemma Bryan ( Crystal Palace), Charlotte Gurr, Hannah Churchill, Amber-Keegan Stobbs ( West Ham), Charlotte Kerr ( Watford), Amelia Ritchie ( Brighton), Ellie Bailes ( Crystal Palace), Lillie Maples ( Crystal Palace) , Katie Startup, Lily Agg ( FFC Frankfurt), Elizabeta Ejupi ( Aston Villa)

Out 3 : Sam Pittuck, Daisy Monagan, Hope Nash ( Crystal Palace)


Manchester United

In 21 : Casey Stoney Manager, Siobhan Chamberlain ( Liverpool), Emily Ramsey ( Liverpool), Fran Bentley ( Manchester City), Martha Harris ( Liverpool), Amy Turner ( Liverpool), Naomi Hartley ( Liverpool), Lucy Roberts ( Liverpool), Kirsty Smith (Hibernians), Aimee Palmer ( Bristol), Mollie Green ( Everton), Katie Zelem ( Juventus FC), Charlotte Devlin ( Millwall), Lauren James ( Arsenal), Elizabeth Arnot ( Hibernians), Millie Turner ( Bristol), Ella Toone ( Manchester City), Jess Sigsworth ( Doncaster Belles), Leah Galton ( FC Bayern), Kirsty Hanson ( Doncaster Belles), Ebony Salmon ( Aston Villa)


Sheffield United

In 16 : Fran Kitching ( Watford), Beth Merrick ( Aston Villa), Samantha Tierney ( Doncaster Belles), Nicola Hobbs ( London Bees), Nicole Kemp ( Sheffield FC), Ellie Gilliat ( Sheffield FC), Althea Paul ( Manchester City), Chloe Dixon ( Doncaster Belles) , Danielle Cox ( Sheffield FC), Lauren Cresswell ( Derby County), Sophie Barker ( Doncaster Belles), Rebecca Rayner ( Doncaster Belles), Jade Pennock ( Doncaster Belles), Jodie Michalaska, Ellie Fletcher ( Liverpool – loan), Georgia Stevens, Lisa Ryan

Out 2 : Jen Pearson ( Brighouse Town), Fran Kitching ( Liverpool)


Leicester City

In 15 : Melissa Johnson, Rosie Axten, Freda Ayisi ( Birmingham), Maddie Cusack, Sophie Domingo, Leigh Dugmore, Serena Fletcher ( Manchester City), Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Oxford), Charlotte Greengrass, Sarah Jackson, Hayley James, Natalie Johnson, Demi Lambourde ( Oxford), Sherry McCue ( Sheffield FC), Taome Oliver ( Oxford),    

Out :


Lewes FC

In 6 : Lucy Somes ( Brighton), Charley Boswell ( Portsmouth), Nina Wilson ( Brighton), Leeta Rutherford, Avilla Bergin, Charlotte Owen, Faye Baker, Amy Taylor, Victoria Carleton, Rebecca Carter, Samantha Quayle, ( Portsmouth) Katie McIntyre, Natasha Wells, Shannon Moloney ( Tottenham), Georgia Robert, Danielle Lane, Rebecca Thompson-Agbro

Out :


Crystal Palace Ladies

In 9 : Ashlee Hincks ( Millwall), Ciara Sherwood, Hannah McKenzie ( Tottenham), Pam McRoberts, Anneka Nuttall ( Watford), Kallie Balfour ( Gillingham), Nikita Whinnett, Leesa Haddock, Jade Keogh, Jordan Butler ( Millwall), Ria Collins, Jade Davenport, Chloe Burr ( West Ham), Hope Nash ( Charlton), Freya Holdoway 

Out 6 : Gemma Bryan ( Charlton), Ellie Bailes ( Charlton), Lillie Maples ( Charlton), Hannah Samuels ( Southampton), Jean Ssenide, Ellie Stenning ( Millwall)


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