The FA Women’s Championship promotion race

Matchday one has given us a clear indication on the likely team to get promoted. Especially as that team is already fulfilling the criteria for the FA WSL teams, while the other FA WC teams are not guaranteed to be accepted in the fully professional league.

The results

Sheffield U 0 Durham 2

Tottenham 2 Bees 1

Palace 0 Leicester 2

Millwall 0 Lewes 3

Villa 0 United 12 (!)

We have therefore five teams who are currently level on points and ranked by their goal difference. The top two teams are offered the right to ask to be promoted pending financial criteria already fulfilled by Manchester United obviously.


1 Man Utd 3 pts +12

2 Lewes 3 pts +3

3 Durham 3 pts +2

4 Leicester 3 pts +2

5 Tottenham 3 pts +1

6 Charlton 0 pt 0

It is a foregone conclusion that Manchester United will be promoted, as they are the only full time professional team in a semi-pro league.

It will be interesting to see which team will be “allowed” to bid for the second FA WSL spot available, as again there is no automatic promotion to the top League. This second spot is wide open and many teams will think they have a good chance of getting and rightly so.

The big question is will the probable runner-up have enough money to go full-time and get promoted to the FA WSL ?

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