Foreign players in the FA WSL 1 from 2011-2015

Here is an update on the statistics on foreign players in the FA WSL since the competition started in 2011.


I have split the foreign players in three categories :

A Neighbours : Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland

B EU/EEA citizens


Note from the FA WSL 2015 regulations :

Each Club may only register a maximum of two non EU /EEA players at any time, any such registration to be subject to receipt of a Work Permit through the necessary Points Based System.

Each Club must ensure that at least 50 percent of Players registered within its Squad Cap are considered home grown players under the Home Grown Player Rule (as per Appendix F), as updated from time to time.

The UEFA  Women’s football across the associations 2015/16 report states that :

Professional and foreign players :
No. of professional players 152
No. of foreign professional players 41
At how many clubs are there professional players? 8
Restriction on number of foreign players? Yes

There are some category C players who hold an English or EU/EEA passport so probably were not counted as a category B/C player by the FA.


2011 A 30 B 2 C3 total 35 percentage of foreign players 20.96%

2012 A35 B2 C7 total 44 percentage of foreign players 26.03%

2013 A35 B8 C6 total 49 percentage of foreign players 25.52%

2014 A22 B4 C11 total 42 percentage of foreign players 23.78%

2015 A25 B19 C9 total 53 percentage of foreign players 31.90%




2 thoughts on “Foreign players in the FA WSL 1 from 2011-2015

  1. Hi. Great informative site btw!
    Are there any statistics re whether the FAWSL clubs comply with the ” 50% Home grown” player rule?


    • There are no stats but I am sure no one has less that 50% homegrown players. Mainly because a lot of British non english players are considered homegrown having played in england for years


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