Who might play at the Algarve and Cyprus Cups 2016 ?

With so many teams not available to play in March 2016 annual tournaments due to Olympics qualifiers. Let’s have a look at the available teams.

We can wonder if the two main tournaments will keep their 12 teams format in 2016 or reduce the numbers to 8 and two groups of 4.

Should both tournament stay on 12 teams and three groups, 16 teams need to be found : 7 for the Algarve Cup  and 9 for the Cyprus Cup. Organisers would have to dig deep into the Top 40 and invite new teams. That would be an interesting propect.

Should both tournament reduce to 8 teams the Algarve would only need to find 3 teams and the top 3 FIFA ranked teams would be perfect candidates but that would leave a team like Iceland out.

The Cyprus Cup would obviously pick-up the top teams not invited at the Algarve as they usually do.

It will be certainly interesting to see who will be invited and if we will see more teams from CAF, Concacaf and Conmebol turn up for those tournaments.


Algarve Cup (5 so far)

Tournament organisers Portugal will obviously compete. Twitter sources tell us that New Zealand, Brazil, Danemark, and Belgium will compete in the tournament as well.


Cyprus Cup ( 3 so far)

Tournament organisers England, Scotland and Finland will obviously compete.


Not available (10)

Japan, Korea DPR, China, Korea Republic, Vietnam and Australia will take part in the AFC Olympics qualifiers

Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland will compete in the UEFA Olympics play-offs.


Available Top 20 teams (7)

USA, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Iceland


Available Top 20-40 teams (15)

Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Mexico, Austria, Thailand, Czech Republik, RO Ireland, Poland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Wales, Chinese Taipei, Nigeria, Hungary


Lower ranked teams who played in Cyprus/Istria last year (7)

Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Bosnia.


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