Algarve Cup line-up disclosed, what’s next for the remaining teams ?

Here are the eight teams invited to the Algarve Cup 2016  Brazil (7), Canada (11), Denmark (14), New Zealand (16), Iceland (19), Russia (22), Belgium (28), Portugal (39)

This is a clear downgrade from last year’s field that looked like a mini World-Cup with also a reduction in number with 8 rather than 12 teams.

The following teams are still available and could end up at the Cyprus Cup or playing each other in International friendlies or tournament.

USA (1), Germany (2), France (3), Italy (13), Spain (18), Ukraine (23), Colombia (25), Mexico (26), Austria (27), Thailand (29), Czech Republic (30), Republic of Ireland (31), Poland (32), Costa Rica (34), Argentina (35), Wales (36), Chinese Taipei (37), Nigeria (38) and so on.

You can expect the Cyprus Cup to have only 8 teams as well, unless the organisers wants to open the field to new teams.  England (5), Scotland (20) and Finland (24) are the tournament hosts.


Edit : USA, Germany, England and Francewill take part in a four nations tournament organised in the USA



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