Arsenal Ladies squad for the Nestle Cup

The Arsenal Ladies are taking an 19 players squad to Japan and news has come that Yael Averbuch and Rachel Brown will join the team for the duration of the tournament.

1. Brown, 15. Chamberlain,

2. Scott, 5. Stoney, 18. Mitchell,  19. Fahey, 26. Sampson

4. Kinga, 6. Averbuch, 7. Ohno, 8. Nobbs, 14. Williamson, 16. Murray, 20. Weir, 25. Bailey

9. Carter, 10. Sanderson, 24. Ayisi, 27. Humphrey,

Byrne, Smith and Yankey miss the tournament


The tournament will be played from the 30th of November to the 6th of December.  Arsenal Ladies will enter the tournanent as the semi-final level  and will the play the winner of the Okayama Yunogo Belle v Melbourne Victory game. The game will be played on the 3rd of December at 19.05 local time  10.05 UK time.  The finals will be played on the 6th of December with the 3rd place play-off at 11.35 am ie 2.35 am UK time the championship game at 3.10 pm ie 6.10 am UK.

Arsenal Ladies are playing a friendy on Sunday against Musashigaoka College


For more information on the tournament, the full bloom guidebook website is the place to be :



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