Year 2014 review games 61-70


61. Reading v London Bees 26th July

Game played at the Madejski, easy win for Reading, great free-kick from Billie Brooks for Bees.

62. Chelsea v Bristol 27th of July

Another League win for Chelsea, good entertaining game.


63. Yeovil v Watford 2nd of August A big 3-0 win for Wafotd with an exceptional performance by Emma Beckett

64. London Bees v Villa 3rd of August a well contested game won by Villa

65. Reading res v US high school team 9th of August

pre season friendly for reading reserves in a random location

66. Watford v Reading 10th of August

4-0 win from Reading with an excellent performance from Fran Kirby including a splendid 30 yards top corner shot

67. Bayern Munich v PSG 15th of August

A top quality pre-season friendly played in Germany that ended up 1-1. Superb physical battle and intensity.

68. Wales v England 21st of August

WC Qualifiers with Wales shooting themselves in the foot resulting in a heavy defeat.

69. Reading v Sunderland 23rd of August

Reading said sayonara to their promotion chance on the night as they did not manage to beat Sunderland despite being 1-0 up at half time and coasting. Sunderland came back with a strong physical battleplan and Reading just folded…

70. Chelsea Birmingham 24th of August

First League defeat and the beginning of the end of the title challenge for Birmingham. They never came back from the 2nd one month break in the competition that killed their momentum.


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