FA WSL 1Team by team mid-season form guide

We have now reached the halfway point in the league and the table looks a bit clearer than at the mid season break in June.

Everton Ladies

Bottom of the league with 2 points. They seem to be strong contender for the potential relegation place.  They really need to pick up their frist win and big  points quickly in the 2nd half of the season as they currently trail Notts County by 4 and Arsenal by 5. Notts County have a game in hand as well.

Notts County Ladies

They were unbeaten in the League in the first 4 games, then lost 2 in a row and now sit in 7th place. This is how quickly things can go wrong. Their main problem is the same as last season when they were under Lincoln. Lack of goals, they got 3 in 6 all scored by Jess Clarke. They have a game in hand so will look to get the 3 points out of it to climb the table and get away as far as possible from Everton.

Arsenal Ladies

Still rooted to the 2nd half of the table following the awful start of the season with 1 point in 4 games. They came away with the win in the relegation battle 6 pointer at Everton and will be looking to consolidate a middle table position in the second part of the season as Champions League is unrealistic with Chelsea 7 points ahead of them.

Bristol Academy

In 5th place after a good start but having lost the last 2 games as seen them go down from the 2nd place to their current position. They have a game in hand and are playing a different type of football under the new coach.

Manchester City

Currently 4th and the only team not to draw a game so far. They are getting stronger and stronger as the season goes on and play some good attacking football. Might challenge for a top 3 place as they are 3 points behind Liverpool but 5 behind Chelsea  and 8 behind the leaders Birmingham.


In 3rd place in the first season defending their title they managed to ride the injury storm and are currently 2 points behind the runner-up position. They looked good in their last game and will surely push up for a title run should Birmingham start loosing points in the 2nd half of the season.


Solid showing this season, with a strong squad and many leaders in the side. They are trailing the unbeaten leaders by only 1 points and will be champions league places contenders and even title contenders if they carry on winning games with their attacking football


Unbeaten and top of the League. 3 points ahead of Chelsea. Looking to win the title that evaded them in the first 2 seasons of the FA WSL. They are solid and resilient and can score goals, being top scorers in the league. The main problem will be avoiding injuries to the regulars from the starting 11 as they are really a settled side.

The table at the halfway point

1. Birmingham 17 pts

2. Chelsea14 pts

3. Liverpool 12 pts

4. Man City 9 pts

5. Bristol* 7 pts

6. Arsenal 7 pts

7. Notts County* 6 pts

8. Everton 2 pts

Bristol and Notts County with a game in hand

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