Bristol awarded 3 points for their away game to Notts County

There is a lengthy statement here from Notts County :

I find some of the stuff very interesting and you do wonder what is happening behind the scene and other stuff totally irrevelant. Anyway, the FA has artificially made the relegation race more interesting and the champions league place race as well. Killing two birds with the same stone. So now the table is properly set at the halfway break with no game in hand and the picture is clear.


1. Birmingham 17 pts 10-3

2. Chelsea 14 pts 9-5

3. Liverpool 12 pts 6-3

4. Bristol 10 pts 7-8

5. Man City 9 pts 5-7

6. Arsenal 7 pts 5-9

7. Notts 6 pts 3-3

8. Everton 2 pts 3-10


Bristol now chasing Chelsea as they are now 4 pts behind them and will play each other on Sunday. Chelsea, Liverpool, Bristol and City will all try to gain points on Birmingham on matchday 8 and 9 while Blues are on holidays.

At the bottom of the table, Notts have been dumped into the relegation battle alongside Everton  and Arsenal. So that’s another relegation 6 pointer at Borehamwood on Sunday between Arsenal and Notts.

Notts will appeal so the table may change again.


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