FA Women’s cup Round 5 results

Well there was no real upset this week-end and a half surprise result.

Villa 0 Liverpool 5 well A huge gap in quality resulted in a big scoreline as expected. This was Matt Beard first competitive game with Liverpool’s new look team and they did not disappoint.

Sunderland 4 Man City 0 Again the expected result with the National division leader getting it done and despatching a side that could be one of the major player from 2014.

Leeds 4 Yeovil 0 there was also no surprise and it was the end of the road for the underdog. They had a fantastic run this year playing higher ranked team and are looking to play in the WSL in 2014.

Cardiff 1 Birmingham 3 with the game 1-1 at half time, the welsh side gave a very good game to the WSL side. Credit to them.

Doncaster 0 Bristol 2 Bristol started the game with 5 forwards and  was rewarded with 2 goals against a side that is likely struggle in the WSL this year.

Lincoln 1 Chelsea 0 The  semi-surprise from round 5. Considering the investment and the quality signings, you would have expected a Chelsea win. Both side were depleted with suspension and injuries and the pitch apparently was as good as the one used in the last two seasons.


Forest v Arsenal postponed to next Sunday the 24th . This helped Arsenal giving a breather to the Gunners between the Cyprus Cup and the Champions League tie.

Oxford v Everton postponed to Saturday the 30th of March  This in unfortunate for the underdog because they had a small chance to catch Everton in their first competitive game of 2013. But next Saturday is the live ESPN game Liverpool v Everton, so by the time the tie will be played Everton will have hit the ground running.


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