FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions

Games to be played on the 31st of March except when noted

Nottingham Forest or Arsenal v Birmingham City

Bristol Academy v Oxford United or Everton (Sun 14 Apr)

Sunderland v Liverpool

Lincoln v Leeds United

The top 2 teams from the Women’s Premier League National division will be up against 2 FA WSL teams.

Sunderland v Liverpool. Upset probability 15% We have seen last week that Liverpool is very much a work in progress and that is expected.
Can Sunderland take advantage of this situation. I would say there is a lot of quality in that team although injury have created some problems recently.
Sunderland at home will certainly give Liverpool a very good game and things might happen on the day.

Lincoln v Leeds. Upset probability 10% The first question is will be pitch be in good shape? Can Leeds contain and battle a side that boast so many of their former players and managers?

Round 5 postoned games.

Oxford v Everton upset probability 3%
2 weeks ago, Oxford would have been able to catch Everton cold. But now the Toffees have hit the ground running and showed a lot of skill in the Merseyside derby It will be a sensational effort if Oxford manages to qualify.

Forest v Arsenal upset probability 5%
Arsenal will be fresh from the Champions League qualification to the semi-finals. On a high, will a very mature and solid game early in the season. Forest will do well to disrupt the Gunners rhythm if they can.


2 thoughts on “FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions

  1. hang on, this is not the WSL Cup, though the F A no doubt want it to be all about the WSL clubs. Come on Forest, Oxford Utd Sunderland and even Leeds.


    • Oops indeed, wrong title, any competition when team are allowed to enter in the 16 while others have to fight many round is a bit dodgy.
      And come on Oxford, Leeds and Sunderland.


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