FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions

Games to be played on the 31st of March except when noted

Nottingham Forest or Arsenal v Birmingham City

Bristol Academy v Oxford United or Everton (Sun 14 Apr)

Sunderland v Liverpool

Lincoln v Leeds United

The top 2 teams from the Women’s Premier League National division will be up against 2 FA WSL teams.

Sunderland v Liverpool. Upset probability 15% We have seen last week that Liverpool is very much a work in progress and that is expected.
Can Sunderland take advantage of this situation. I would say there is a lot of quality in that team although injury have created some problems recently.
Sunderland at home will certainly give Liverpool a very good game and things might happen on the day.

Lincoln v Leeds. Upset probability 10% The first question is will be pitch be in good shape? Can Leeds contain and battle a side that boast so many of their former players and managers?

Round 5 postoned games.

Oxford v Everton upset probability 3%
2 weeks ago, Oxford would have been able to catch Everton cold. But now the Toffees have hit the ground running and showed a lot of skill in the Merseyside derby It will be a sensational effort if Oxford manages to qualify.

Forest v Arsenal upset probability 5%
Arsenal will be fresh from the Champions League qualification to the semi-finals. On a high, will a very mature and solid game early in the season. Forest will do well to disrupt the Gunners rhythm if they can.

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2 thoughts on “FA Cup quarter-finals draw and predictions

  1. hang on, this is not the WSL Cup, though the F A no doubt want it to be all about the WSL clubs. Come on Forest, Oxford Utd Sunderland and even Leeds.


    1. Oops indeed, wrong title, any competition when team are allowed to enter in the 16 while others have to fight many round is a bit dodgy.
      And come on Oxford, Leeds and Sunderland.


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