Can France win Euro 2013 without some of the best players ?

With 4 months to the Euro 2013, there is a lot of supporter anger and some articles in the press that are criticising Bruno Bini’s management method.

The team is on a current run of 6 draws and many fans think the team underachieved at World Cup 2011 and Olympics 2012 with a 4th place. Some even consider the Euro 2009 quarter final as a failure. Football fans are a bit fickle or they simply have no memory.

As of today, two excellent players Henry and Bompastor are not selected due to non disclosed reasons that are known to everyone around women’s football in France but not made public. It is certainly weakening the team on the pitch because those 2 girls would solve a lot  recurrent problems.

Anyone who has been following football for years knows a football game is not only won on the 105×68 rectangle. Otherwise football management would be easy. I mean everyone can name the best 11 players but it does not mean it makes a team. History in many country has shown that putting the best players together does not guarantee winning  anything. If the players cannot spend a month together without argueing or creating problems to one another, you can’t really have a team harmony and players who play for each other. Saying that, those problem do not seem to exist inside the Lyon team where those two players are based.  So who will be in the squad ?


Out of the 23 places in the squad for the Euros, there are  17 guaranteed places really :

Bouhaddi, Deville,

Renard, Franco, Georges, Boulleau, Delannoy, Houara

Abily, Soubeyrand, Bussaglia (if fit), Catala, Necib,

Delie, Thiney, Le Sommer, Thomis


Then the players who will probably be there :

Tonazzi, Makanza, Bretigny, Soyer


And those who could be there as they have been called up in 2012 or for the B team :

Benameur, Hamraoui, Meilleroux, Morel, Phillipe, Plaza, Vigieur, Gadea,  Butel, Dali


So can France win the Euros without Bompastor and Henry ? It is very unlikely unfortunately but, everybody knows that they won’t come back.


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