Lincoln 4 Arsenal 3 Conti cup group stage

This is 4th defeat this season and unlike the previous 3, it is difficult to understand why it did happen.

First Lincoln had a very good game, their forwards caused a lot of damage and their set pieces were dangerous. Then the referee was randomly giving foul upsetting both side and therefore clearly not favoring anyone. The pitch was not very good but it is the same for both side. That’s it for the non control-parameters.

The 4 goals :

#1 I believe the ball entered directly from the corner making it a valid goal. If the ball has not gone totally over the line, well it is another problem. Sophie Harris in goal was charged ans slightly injured in the process while clearing the ball and therefore unable to defend her goal. According to the law of the games it is actually dangerous play and a booking. We saw in the Bolton Stoke yesterday that charging the goalkeeper seems to be allowed these days. Why the referees in this countries take regular liberties with the laws of the game never fail to astonish me. Same with the lack of punishment for breaking the leg/ankle/knee of an opponet but that’s anothere debate lol.

#2 cheap free kick given away and an own goal.

#3 clear penalty given away

#4 defense a bit asleep on the right side, clearance went to the middle on the edge of the penalty area. Superb volleying technique by Megan Harris. Goal of the year contender.

The other problems, considering Lincoln had a makeshift back 4, well there wasn’t many chances created. This is due to quality problem in the ball possession. Restricted space, poor pitch, lack of solutions for the ball holder. Still not sure why and what happened there to be honest ?

The players were up for it and gave a good fight there so there was nothing wrong on that side. Game was physical with a lot of fouling from both side, but random whistling for fouls made it complicated.

Invidual performances : they range from good to poor via average. Some players have not been has good as expected recently and really should be rested but injuries doesn’t allow it to happen.

Team selection : some surprising choices in defense and up front.

Overall a very perplexing performance on the day. A draw would have been a fair result.


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