Bristol v Arsenal

An easy win for Arsenal by 3 goals to nil with Gemma Davison the star of the show.

Having seen Bristol play well against Birmingham and most of the time against Doncaster, it was definitely a disappointing performance for the Vixens. For some reason they didn’t create much, I think they had 2 chances for the whole game. They played the usual 3-4-3 system but it didn’t seem to trouble Arsenal.
The starting line-up was : Chamberlain, James Rose Matthews, Dykes Windell Fishlock Yorston, Lawley Heatherson Watts.
The early injury to Windell pushed James in midfield and McCatty came on at right back. Harding came on later up front for Heatherson and Green for James.
Overall a very average performance for Bristol.

Arsenal had a surprise in store in the usual 4-3-3 with no Ludlow who must be back on the treatment table and Nobbs up front. The starting line-up was
Byrne, Scott Grant Flaherty Fahey, Chapman Houghton Little, Davison Nobbs Yankey. Only sub used was Beattie for Houghton. Arsenal took control of the game early and kept a tight grip on it for the whole 90 minutes. For the first goal, it looked to me there was a clear foul and a head injury but the referee said play on apparently. Well, we had no luck with the referee 2 weeks ago. This week is the opposite, not much you can do when those things happen. Overall a very solid performance, 3 important points.

I think tactically Bristol overcrowd some area on the pitch to win the ball back easily and pressure the opposition but yesterday there was none of this and Arsenal’s wingers were often playing one v one with one of the 3 Bristol defenders.  The 3-4-3 is really a double edged sword, if you are not compact enough or if the opposition has quality passing the defenders can end up in trouble. For example Gemma Davison had a lot of one on one v Jazz Matthews and Jessica Fishlock had to help to double up with her from her central midfield position which wasn’t ideal.


3 thoughts on “Bristol v Arsenal

  1. the first time this occured to me was last season’s uwcl final. potsdam 3-4-3 was exposed by lyon’s 4-3-3. and abily was the free player because schelin basically took care of the 3 defenders.. basically if you have a front three who really know how to play, your opponents won’t have any midfield advantage their 3-4-3 ought to give them..


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