Team GB 49 players shortlist, what’s the big secret ?

Players have come out saying the list has been shortened to 49 players. I have asked the FA if they would publish it because it is interesting to know who has a chance and who hasn’t made it. Well only the final 18+4 players will be announced. For some reasons, it is not in the public interest to divulge who is in the shortlist.

As far as I know 5 players publicly said they were in : Jill Scott, Alex Scott and 3 players from Bristol Academy were named in the last game program : Chamberlain, Fishlock and Dykes. That’s about 44 to guess now lol.

The original very long list rumoured to be between 100 and 150 players actually had missed a couple of good players.

Let’s say if you have won the US League (WPS) last season, plus in the past the WPL, the League Cup the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup and being a regular in your side you are not a bad player and should be in the long list.

Also if you have been the most consistent center back for your team for the last 3 seasons and that team won a treble the previous season and you also have collected winners medals through the previous years in the League Cup, FA Cup, County Cup and even the UEFA Cup (without playing to be fair) well you are not a bad player either.

So those two players who have done it got t-shirt and are eligible did not even make the long list ? While some clearly inferior quality player made it, some questions should be ask really.

As we all know coaches will always prefer players who fit their system. So for example tall or slow or limited technical ability and passing skill players have been chosen at center back. Another example is fast players at center forward with not so much goalscoring skills.

We will probably have to guess who the other 44 players are. Guessing list to come later 😉


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