The FA WSL is back

After the success of the Olympic tournament with 70k+ turning up at Wembley for GB v Brazil and 80 203 for the final Japan v USA. The FA WSL is back and hopefully we will see a positive effect on the attendances from now on.

Yesterday Everton won away at Doncaster closing the gap to 5 points with league leaders Arsenal having now played an extra game. On Sunday, Everton will host…Arsenal and could close the gap to 2 points. With Arsenal playing their final game at Birmingham in a month and a half, well anything could be possible then.

The other games to be played on Day 10 are Bristol v Liverpool with Bristol needing a win to carry on competing for the 2nd place that opens the door to the champions league. Doncaster v Chelsea with the belles trying to grab a few points to get away from the bottm place and Chelsea hopefully parading their new signing Adriana. Birmingham v Lincoln a game with a potential to be explisve with reference to last season ill tempered tie. Both side also need the points to stay in the champions league place race.

The conti-cup semi-final will take place in early  September with Bristol at home to Arsenal and Lincoln v Birmingham.

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