Birmingham City Ladies kit launch (part 1)

I went to St Andrews today for the BCLFC kit 2014 launch.
It took place next to the boardroom and the players modelling the kit were Karen Carney ( home), Kirsty Linnett ( away). and Mary Earps ( goalkeeper)

The kit provider has changed and the company doing the first team reserves and Center of Excellence is Sodinco. They have signed for 2 seasons. We were also advised that Hollywood Monster renew their partnership with BCLFC for the 4th year running. It is good to see that kind of loyalty towards a team like BCLFC.

The move to the Autotech stadium at Solihull was mentioned as a chance to do more in term of business and corporate / commercial opportunities.

Then came the kit unveiling with Karen Carney with the blue home kit, Kirsty Linnett with the white away kit and Mary Earps with the orange and very visible goalkeeper kit.

Players were interviewed on stage and here is a quick resume from Karen’s answers. Birmingham are realistics and they are not spending as much money as Chelsea, Arsenal or City. My own estimation from what I read everywhere is some teams probably have up to 2,3 or 4 times BCLFC budget. Obviously not official data is made available by the FA, so we can only guess but budget of 500,000 and 750,000 have been mentioned for some teams playing in red.

Regarding being realistic, Karen also say that throwing money at players might not been sustainable, saying that some budgets in France are from 3 to 5 millions euros, if I remember well what was written in France Football/l’equipe. She also menttioned that winning the Champions League was the big target as she had already won it with Arsenal. Back in 2006/07 when it was called UEFA women’s cup. Her other target was to stay fit and healthy, we all remember what happened at the Cyprus Cup last year when a canadian heavy tackle damaged her foot and she was out of the teamn for a long period prior to the euros.

Karen also mentioned that the team was seeing quality young players like Mary and Kirtsy coming through and team’s future was definitely bright. She said blues would go about their business quietly  and do their best in the League.

Blues replica shirts will be available in adult sizes costing £29.99 and juniors £24.99 from this Wednesday (26 February).

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