The FA WPL promotion race to FA WSL 2 ep 5

Another week-end with cup games which means there was only one game overall that involved any team looking for promotion to FA WSL 2.


Northern Division

No change this week, five teams still in with a chance of winning the League and have a shot at promotion.

1.PNE 32 pts +44 pl 14

2.Forest 29 pts +16 pl 13

3. Stoke 26 pts + 20 pl 12

4. Blackburn 26 pts +15 pl 13

6. SC Albion 21 pts +13 pl 9


Southern Division

Charlton hammers West Ham 8-0 andd goes second overtaking Cardiff

  1. Brighton 44 pts +32 pl 18
  2. Charlton 36 pts +33 pl 16
  3. Cardiff* 34 pts + 31 pl 15
  4. Coventry 30 pts +36 pl 14
  5. Portsmouth 29 pts +20 pl 15

Brighton still top of League and looking good for the title as all the chasing teams with games in hand can reach a  maximum of 42 points from 18 games.

*Cardiff are not eligible for FA WSL promotion as they are a Welsh side.



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