FA WSL 2 Winter 2015 transfer window

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts

Everton Ladies :

In :   Danielle Turner 2 years, Ellie Stewart ( Liverpool Ladies), Danielle Lea ( Man City), Megan Alexander ( Liverpool), Danielle Young ( Man City), Jess King  (Trinity Western University Spartans )

Out :  Brooke Chaplen ( Sunderland Ladies) , Amy Kane, Rachel Brown- Finnis ( retirement), Alex Greenwood ( Notts County), Fern Whelan ( Notts County) , Nikita Parris ( Man City -loan), Jody Handley ( Doncaster Belles)

Doncaster Belles

In : Glenn Harris ( Manager), Lauren Cresswell, Bethany England, Reanne Thomas, Ashleigh Mills, Nicola Hobbs, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk, Kasia Lipka, Rhiannon Roberts, Lindsey Cunningham, Amber Lawrence ( Burton Albion), Sophie Barker ( Sheffield FC ), Emily Roberts ( Notts County – loan), Jody Handley ( Everton Ladies), Danielle Hill ( Durham Women)

Out : Gordon Staniforth ( Manager), Millie Bright ( Chelsea), Jessica Sigsworth ( Notts County), Victoria Williams ( Sunderland)

Reading Women

In : Kelly Chambers ( Manager), Fran Kirby, Charlie Estcourt ( Chelsea Dev), Kylie Davies ( Millwall), Emma Follis (Aston Villa), Rachel Rowe ( Swansea City), Molly Bartrip, Lauren Bruton, Melissa Fletcher, Bonnie Horwood, Kirsty McGee, Grace Moloney,Megan Ryan, Laura May Wakley, Helen Ward, Bianca Bragg,

Out : Jayne Ludlow (Manager), Ashleigh Goddard ( London Bees), Alexandra Keown ( Spurs Ladies), Leigh Nicol ( London Bees), Cheryl Williams ( London Bees), Eartha Pond

Aston Villa

In : Katie Wilkinson ( Birmingham City), Abbi Cottam (TNS), Hannah George ( Birmingham – loan), Lauren Haynes ( Bristol), Gwyn West ( Keynsham), Laura Cooper ( Derby County)

Out : Chloe Jones ( Aland United), Carly Davies, Emma Follis ( Reading)

Yeovil Town
In :  Annie Heatherson ( retirement), Corinne Yorston ( Bristol Academy), Alys Hinchliffe, Stephanie Williams ( Cardiff City), Ellie Isaac, Helen Bleazard, Nathalie Haigh

Out : Rachael Edwards ( retirement), Sarah Wiltshire ( Man City), Jemma Tewkesbury ( Southampton Saints) , Laura Bray, Katie Cook

Durham Women

In : Amelia Pereira ( Hartford Hawks), Becky Beech ( Hull City ), Jordan Atkinson, Vic Linsley, Emily Scott, Jemma Purfield, Beth Hepple, Ellie Christon, Jen Jennings, Caroline Dixon, Sarah Wilson, Anna Moorhouse, Julie Nelson ( Glasgow City), Helen Alderson  ( Sunderland), Rachel Lee ( Bradford City – dual signing)

Out : Rebecca Hanratty ( Middlesborough), Zoe Ness ( Mallbackens IF), Danielle Hill ( Doncaster Belles)

Watford Ladies

In : Cherie Rowlands ( London Bees), Lauren Davey ( assistant manager), Dawn Mallett ( Cambridge WFC), Anneka Nuttall ( London Bees), Yasmin Poole ( Lewes),  Ellie Mason ( Chelsea dev )

out : Lauren Davey ( retirement), Emma Beckett ( Amazon Grinstad ), Jo Wilson ( QPR)

Millwall Lionesses

In : Dan Mlinar ( manager), Naomi Cole 1 year, Sarah Quantrill 1 year, Lilli Maple 3 years, Lily Agg, Liz Berkeley ( Chelsea development),  Rinsola Babajide( Crystal Palace), Megan Goss (  London Bees ), Rosella Ayane ( Chelsea – Loan), Danielle Carlton ( Brighton), Ashley Hincks ( Gillingham)

Out : Kylie Davies ( Reading)

Oxford United

In : Kayleigh Hines, Demi Lambourde, Lauren Allison, Kathrine Nutman, Amy Chivers, Holly Pickett, Sahara Osborne-Ricketts, Gemma Simonds, Rosie Lane, Laura Nichol, Katie Stanley, Laura Low, Ella Franklin-Faiture, Hannah Cox, Lindsay Pinker, Helen King, Hannaliis Jaadla

Out : Louise Fellows ( London Bees) Jemma Connor-Iommi ( London Bees )

London Bees

In : Samantha Miller ( West Ham), Ashleigh Goddard ( Reading), Sophie Harris, Billie Brooks, Chontele Lawrence, Aoife Hurley, Paige Wakefield, Rebecca Anderson, Paula Howells, Amber Gaylor, Lucy Loomes, Sydney Hinchcliffe, Dean Selvey ( assistant manager), Jemma Connor-Iommi ( Oxford) , Louise Fellows (Oxford ), Leigh Nicol ( Reading), Cheryl Williams ( Reading Women), Charlotte Benson ( Fulham Foundation), Gemma Fraser ( Fulham Foundation), Jade Dempster

Out : Cherie Rowlands ( Watford ), Dawn Mallett ( Cambridge WFC), Anneka Nuttall ( Watford Ladies), Sophie Fogarty, Samantha Chapell, Amy Cooper, Emily Clements, Taylor O’ Leary, Danielle Oates, Charlotte Herson, Megan Goss ( Millwall Lionesses )


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