FA WSL 2 Winter Transfer window 2017

The transfer window opens on the 29th of December and closes on the 25th of January

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts

Possible deals


Doncaster Belles

In : Leandra Little, Rebecca Rayner, Rhiannon Roberts, Jessica Sigsworth, Sophie Walton, Kirsty Smith

Out : Christie Murray, Chloe Peplow ( end of -loan, Brighton)


Durham WFC

In :

Out :


Sheffield FC

In :

Out :


London Bees

In :  Danielle Lea ( AFC Fylde), Merrick Will ( Watford), Katie Wilkinson ( Aston Villa), Chelsea Jumratie, Taylor O’ Leary ( 2 years), Grace Taylor ( Millwall)

Out :  Jo Wilson, Sydney Hinchliffe ( Watford Ladies), Katherine Huggins ( Watford Ladies)


Aston Villa

In : Amy Goddard ( Bristol City – loan), Ellen Martin, Asmita Ale, Elizabeta Ejupi

Out : Katie Wilkinson ( London Bees), Hannah George


Millwall Lionesses

In :

Out : Grace Taylor ( London Bees)


Oxford United

In :

Out : Charlotte Deeley ( Abingdon United)


Watford Ladies

In : Samantha Hallsworth ( Swindon Town), Katherine Huggins ( London Bees), Sydney Hinchcliffe ( London Bees)

Out : Kylie McCarthy ( Lewes Ladies), Keith Boanas, Alberto Kurti, Merrick Will ( London Bees), Lilli Maple ( Crystal Palace), Sarah Jones ( Crystal Palace), Rinsola Babajide ( Liverpool)


Brighton Women

In : Chloe Peplow ( Doncaster Belles), Amanda Nilden ( AIK), Marie Hourihan ( Manchester City – loan), Bethan Roe

Out :


Spurs Ladies

In :

Out :


Short guide for England fans for the U-20 World Cup in Brittany

Here is a short guide for the England fans who intend to attend the U-20 WWC in Brittany next Summer.

FIFA and the FFF LOC have decided to organise the U-20 tournament in one specific region Brittany rather than spread it all over France which makes it much easier to travel around and more cost effective.

There are four cities involved in the tournament : Saint-Malo, Dinan-Lehon, Vannes and Concarneau, here is the map including the distance between the different cities.

Ville matchs

England U-20 road to the final

Group Stage ( Group B)

PRK v England Sun 05/08 16.30 CET Dinan-Lehon

Brazil v England Wed 08/08 13.30 CET Dinan-Lehon

England v Mexico Sun 12/08 13.30 CET Saint-Malo*

*note double header with France game stadium capacity is around 2 000, might get close to full capacity as it is a Sunday afternoon

Location advice : stay around the Saint-Malo/Dinard area for limited travel as Dinan is 33 km away from St-Malo. This is in the Northern area of Brittany

Knock-out stage

QF 1A v 2B Thu 16/08 19.30 CET Concarneau or

QF 1B v 2A Fri 17/08 16.00 CET Vannes

SF both played in Vannes Monday 20/08 16.00 CET and 19.30 CET

3rd place play-off and Final both played in Vannes Fri 24/08 16.00 CET and 19.30 CET

Location advice : move towards the South West of Britany around Vannes. Concarneau to Vannes is 103 km.

Concarneau has only local buses to Quimper no train going there directly.

The full schedule is as follows


Airports (all served by low-cost companies)

Dinard ( DNR) very close to Dinan-Lehon and Saint-Malo

Rennes (RNS) central Brittany

Nantes ( NTE) south Brittany

Trains website is https://www.oui.sncf/

TGV high speed trains from Paris will go to Saint-Malo / Rennes / Nantes

TER local regional trains

Ferries from England

Portsmouth to Saint-Malo

Plymouth to Saint-Malo

Ticketing info from the FIFA website

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup France 2018 matches will provide tickets per session. Indeed, two matches will be played per session (on a selected day). Henceforth your tickets will be valid for the entire session, valid for both matches.

Ticket Sales Phases

Visa, the preferred payment method of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup France 2018, is pleased to offer Visa cardholders exclusive access to purchase FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup match tickets from Wednesday 11 April until Tuesday 24 April, before tickets go on sale to the general public on Thursday 25 April 2018.

Visa Pre-Sale

Tickets to the tournament will be available exclusively to Visa cardholders from Wednesday 11 April until Tuesday 24 April. Visa cardholders will be able to purchase tickets through https://tickets.fu20wwc18.fr/uk (*). Visa will be the only payment method accepted during the pre-sale period.

General Public

Tickets available to all members of the public from Thursday 25 April. Fans can purchase tickets online via https://tickets.fu20wwc18.fr/uk (*). Visa is the preferred method of payment for FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup tickets.

England U-20 to play a warm-up tournament in France next June ?

The England women U-20 team have been invited to play a friendly tournament during the FIFA window in June in preparation for the U-20 World Cup that will be played later in France.


The FIFA U-20 World Cup will take place from the 5th to the 24th of August in Brittany, France. There are four cities selected (Vannes, Concarneau, Saint-Malo, Dinan/Lehon).  With the opening match, semi-finals and final to be played in Vannes.





The  U-20 World Cup draw will take place on the 8th of March in Rennes and the following teams will take part in the competition:

Hosts 1: France
UEFA 4: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, England
AFC: Korea DPR, Japan, China
CAF: 2***
OFC: 1 New Zealand

*three teams from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Haiti

** two teams from Paraguay, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia

*** Nigeria or South Africa, Cameroon or Ghana


England, Germany, France and a team to be named later are invited to take part in the warm-up tournament to be played in Southern France from the 4th to the 11th of June. It will be one of the last chance to test the players in a tournament format with three games in eight days.

update :  England will not take part in that tournament, USA, Haiti, Germany and France will be playing in that tournament


The Division 1 Feminine winter transfer window

Until the 31st of January, the French clubs can make some adjustments to their playing staff. Here is a reminder of the FFF regulations.


Players moving from one D1 club to another one

From this season, a new rule allows players who have played for a Division 1 team to play for another D1 team. Nevertheless, this rule only applies to players under pro contract ” contrat federal” who are loaned to other clubs. Article 22 of the regulations of the D1 and D2 championship.

Players movement until the 31st of January

Players can change club outside of the normal transfer window from the 16th of July 17 to the 31st of January 18. Each season the amateur players, can move a maximum of two times. For the players moving outside of the normal transfer window, the new club must obtain the agreement from the player’s previous club, except in special cases. Article 92 from the general regulations from the FFF.


D1 Feminine club can loan up to four players during one season. D1 and D2 clubs can only sign a maximum of three loaned players in the same season. Loan for players under pro contract are set for one season maxium, the agreement can can be extended. The loan can be organised only if the player is over 18 years old.  Article 1.5 from the Statut Federal de la joueuse.


Transfers already disclosed

Olympique Lyonnais

In : Amandine Henry ( Portland Thorns), Morgan Brian ( Chicago Red Stars)

Out : Mylaine Tarrieu ( FCGB- loan), Claire Lavogez (FC Fleury – loan), Andrea Norheim (Pitea FF ), Kenza Dali  ( Lille OSC – loan)


Montpellier HSC

In : Casey Murphy ( Rutgers University)

Out : Lindsey Thomas ( FC Girondins de Bordeaux – loan), Marine Haupais ( FC Fleury)



Out :  Laura Georges ( FC Bayern), Perle Morroni ( FC Barcelona), Shirley Cruz ( Jiangsu Suning )


FC Girondins de Bordeaux

In : Lindsey Thomas ( Montpellier HSC – loan), Mylaine Tarrieu ( OL -loan), Kathellen Sousa Feitoza (University of Central Florida)


ASJ Soyaux

In : Danielle Tolmais ( US St Malo)

Out : Élodie Nakkach (Dijon ,  Allison Blais (Dijon )


FC Fleury

In : Marine Haupais ( Montpellier HSC), Claire Lavogez ( OL – loan)



In : Laura Condon (University of Northwestern Ohio ), Joanna Viollaz ( Glasgow Rangers)

Out : Lea Massibot, Oceane Closet ( FC Vendenheim)


EA Guingamp

In :  Alison Peniguel (Lamballe FC)

Out : Luce Ndolo Ewele (Grenoble F38)


Olympique De Marseille

In : Sandrine Bretigny


The original article in French can be found here

The FA Women’s Cup Fourth Round draw:

The FA Women’s Cup fourth round draw was made live on the FA WSL instagram and there are many tasty ties.


There are three ties between FA WSL 1 teams with two of them should be really tight while Arsenal should beat Yeovil


Reading v Birmingham City

Yeovil Town v Arsenal

Everton v Bristol City


Holders Man City will be away future Tier 1 team Brighton and Hove, but with their current playing staff, it would need a huge performance for the Seagull to upset the Citizens. Liverpool and Watford played a pre-season friendly and the result should be very similar to that game. Chelsea are favourite to beat London Bees at the Hive but will remember being eliminated in probably the biggest FA WSL cup shock in history a couple of seasons ago.


Liverpool* v Watford

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City*

London Bees v Chelsea*


Sunderland will be favourite against Derby or Brighouse with a two or three divisions gap.


Sunderland* v Derby County or Brighouse Town


Two games between FA WSL 2 sides and two tight games expected as FA WSL2 is a very compact league where all teams can beat each other.


Durham v Sheffield FC

Tottenham Hotspur v Doncaster Rovers Belles


There is potential for three upsets in games between FA WSL2 and FA WPL teams as the gap between the middle range FA WSL 2 side and the FA WPL top side is minimal. Milwall v Coventry should be very interesting


Aston Villa* v Middlesbrough

Cardiff City v Oxford United*

Millwall* v Coventry United


A game that could be the FA WPL play-off final come May between two top FA WPL side with the ambition to get promoted to Tier 2 at the end of the season.


Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Athletic


Three ties with potenital upsets especially Plymouth v Leicester as the home team has managed to beat higher division teams four times in their cup run.


Keynsham Town v Lewes*

The New Saints v Chichester City*

Plymouth Argyle v Leicester City*


*denotes team playing at higher level in the pyramid




My reaction to the FA WSL 1 going full time professional teams only

So there it is, the FA have announced that the  FA WSL1 has now become the rich boys/girls club and therefore decided demote to FA WSL 2 all the part-time semi-professional teams.


Now, this is NOT the fist time that the FA has demoted a side on non sporting merit, they did it back in 2014 when the Doncaster Belles were sent to the newly formed FA WSL2 to make way for Manchester City and its big money investment. It has to be said, Manchester City have been very succesful since and set the standard for many clubs in term of investment and facilities, but it still does not make it right for the Belles to have been sent down.


As we all know when sporting merit disappear and a close league appear, something gets lost somewhere although it is hard to define and quantify how to call it. Some would call it the football spirit, others might call it sporting integrity.  With clubs being franchises since the FA WSL inception, you do wonder if the FA  has always wanted the FA WSL1 to become long-term a typical US style league.


Back in 2011, when the League started, the clubs were given a three years tenure and protection to start-up the league. Promotion was only introduced with the FA WSL2 creation in 2014. At the time, the promotion was introduced on sporting merit, pending the usual financial and marketing investment possible. Three seasons ago promotion from the FA WPL to the FA WSL was also introduced on sporting merit, also pending the usual financial and marketing criteria and this year will see the first relegation from FA WSL2 to the FA WPL. This is the usual and natural functionality in the football pyramid.


So far in the FA WSL history no promotion has been rejected by the FA, be it to the FA WSL1 or the FA WSL2. There were no problems on financial ground and rightly so. But this sudden change will therefore halt all chances of success story like the one from Yeovil Town Ladies. They were a combination team for many years and went up all the way to FA WSL1 on a small budget with important values like their fans bill of rights and success on the pitch based on beautiful quality attacking football.


Now for the FA to close the door for that kind of team or any semi-professional team or even amateur, because they are not rich enough and don’t have enough facilities is really a kick in the teeth to the football traditional values. To me this is such a sad news really. Gone is the idea that a team can go up the leagues through hard work and football results. It originally happened when the FA WSL started in 2011 and the closed League system was not well received by many fans as it was a clear break from the way the football pyramid had been built and organized.


Let me be clear on one point, I think there is nothing wrong with the FA trying to have a full-time professional FA WSL1, this is what is needed at medium or long-term. But there are multiple ways to achieve this and natural organic natural growth for the teams in WSL1 would have made more sense to me.


We are now talking about a minimum investment needed for all the WSL1 teams, fine, it does make sense. Then what happens, if teams run out of cash because they cannot sustain the life style? Will the FA put in place more rigorous controls than the ones that allowed Notts County Ladies to fold?  Introducing the single unique business model to FA WSL1  in which is women’s teams supported by a parent’s men club is a dangerous game, as history can give us countless examples of teams going under as soon as the men’s team money vanished.


I mean how many self sustainable women’s teams exist without the men’s team money ? Not many because they simply cannot go in the red every year and accumulate debts like the Sunderland men’s team can do. To close the door to those teams on the basis that they can’t find a rich owner or a rich parent club, is just wrong.

I was talking earlier about copying the close door US League style, but it was also mentioned among fans that the FA would also love the FA WSL to have the same brand recognition as the Premier League. What better way to have the big Premier League clubs in the FA WSL and therefore the constant  lobbying of Manchester United to join the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea in the FA WSL1.


Now that new FA WSL1 will be launched, the FA can say “sayonara” to the likes of  Yeovil and Sunderland,( unless they come up with a pro team business plan), “you can go to the FA WSL2 as you are not rich enough “and then can promote anyone with bigger pockets from the  FA WSL2 or even below providing  that they can come with the right financial package.


You do wonder how many teams will be able to buy-in their way into that new FA WSL1 and how will the left-out teams will be redistributed. At the moment, there are 10 teams per WSL Division. I would be delighted to see  at least 8 full-time teams with sufficient financial means. But as we have known for years,  a league with only 8 teams is rubbish for scheduling, but that’s a problem for another day. I am genuinely curious to see how many teams will be able to sustain the investment level required by the FA. I am quite amazed the FA are looking at up to 14 teams overall to go full time professional.

So as the FA introduces another change to women’s football, we can say bye-bye for sure to the romantic idea of teams going through the leagues on sporting merit and hello to the big money boys and girls teams at the highest level.  Let’s hope no elite team will collapse in the near future and those left behind also suffer no consequences from their demotion.

I put a twitter poll asking about the changes implementing by the FA and although it is an extremely small sample, which means statistically it does not really reflect the fans’ view overall, the results are quite clear

23% approval rate is quite low, 54% rejecting the idea and and 23% thinking it is not even a serious idea to do so.


Obviously the FA are looking at what can improve the England team and the overall women’s football level in the country and they know what they are doing with the Gameplan for growth, but sometimes you do wonder if they act on the best interest for the clubs.

FA WSL 1 Matchday 1 table v1.0

Here is the table after matchday 1 on the 22th Sep

Liverpool are the first leaders, Everton are in the relegation zone.

This is likely to change after Sunday’s game unless no one wins their game by more than 2-0.


1 Liverpool 3 pts +2

2 Arsenal 0 pt 0

3 Birmingham 0 pt 0

4 Bristol 0 pt 0

5 Chelsea 0 pt 0

6 Man City 0 pt 0

7 Reading 0 pt 0

8 Sunderland 0 pt 0

9 Yeovil 0 pt 0

10 Everton 0 pt -2