About me

I have been watching women’s football in England since 1998 when I was at University in Cambridge.

I will watch games at any level from county representative to senior international via WPL, WSL and reserves and COE football.

There is always somjo7tething interesting to learn or watch at a game at any level.

I am an Arsenal Ladies season ticket holder since 2006/07, I accept in advance all bias accusation towards Arsenal.

I also write for footofeminin in France and also dailycannon


18 thoughts on “About me

  1. Given your experience of the women’s game, would be great to hear your views of the decision by the FA to withdraw their brand and drastically reduce the funding of the now soon to be relegated FA WPL


  2. Great football blog along with others, you do so much for keeping everyone up to date with wsl news,, here’s a question news today that the general manager at london bees is leaveing as of sunday, annouced to players last night, said due to the chairman not sorting player contracts, and in general failing to deliver the promises made to the squad at the start..any goss on this


      1. Yes defo going only been there for few months, said goodbyes at training last night..very strange as 2 weeks and a bit from start of wsl…explained to girls that contracts were not forthcoming etc etc and chairman..


  3. Hi, do you have an email I can contact you at. I’m the Sports Editor of the Morning star and was like to discuss a possible work opportunity.


  4. I’m a big arsenal ladies fan too! What do you think of re-signing Sanderson? And are there any other players rumoured to be signing for us?


  5. Hi Sylvain – do you have a contact email or Facebook page? I’m the photographer for Notts County Ladies FC. I really do like your blog – it’s professional and easy to read. I’d love to supply you with pictures throughout the FA WSL for your blog and perhaps I could use some of your stats and other information on mine. I look forward to hearing from you. @drewsmithphoto – https://www.facebook.com/drew.smith.921230https://drewsmithphotography.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/rain-wind-and-happy-hat/


  6. Excellent blog. I’ve been writing a bit recently about women and football too. I support Everton ladies (although I wish we could not use ‘ladies’ in the title, especially as it means our abbreviation is Everton LFC….)


  7. Thank you for all the info on transfers for the new season! If you could write about one topic for the 2018/9 FAWSL, what would it be?


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